Names That Jay-Z and Beyonce Threw Out Before Choosing Blue Ivy


1.  Blue Lagoon


2.  Blue Crystal Meth


3.  Blue Monday


4.  Red Dragon


5.  Green-Eyed Little Monster  (Jay-Z: “No, too Lady Gaga.”)


6.  Pink Pasty


7.  Black Baby


8.  White Wedding


9.  Aqua Girl


10.  Jen-Teal


11.  Not That Pink


12.  Grey Garden


13.  Lavender Eye Mask


14.  Grecian Formula


15.  Cherry Italian Ice


16.  Orangina


I can’t stop.  Did I miss any?


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16 thoughts on “Names That Jay-Z and Beyonce Threw Out Before Choosing Blue Ivy

    1. lol. that’s definitely a good addition. or are you telling me what YOU like along with a nice glass of pinot noir? lol. jk, jk. I should’ve also added, “Blue Moss” – it was a given to Blue Ivy, but we do not always see the forest for the trees…especially when it is painted blue…i could go on, but we all have things to do!

  1. Love the names you came up with!

    The funny thing is — I’m so out of touch with pop culture — that when I was expecting my youngest 8 years ago, one of the girls I was coaching at the time said, “Whatever you do, if it’s a girl, don’t name her Beyonce!” and I said, not having the slightest clue who Beyonce was, “Why on earth would I do that?”

    Since then, I’ve felt this weird name connection with Beyonce.

    And I named my daughter Laurel.

      1. I read Stephen King until maybe Cujo — then I reached my creeped-out limit and haven’t read him since. I never named a child after him.

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