20 thoughts on “Spam Email Response Day

  1. “I sincerely recommend you get a salesperson with more self confidence. I’ve never bought anything after saying, ‘Hold on, let me stop laughing. Great, now I will by that blouse.'” HILARIOUS.

  2. Awww Kiana was just trying to be friendly LOL

    Why do you get to have such awesome spam mails while I only get Viagra and Single Christians’ ads? 😦

    1. Those are all real too. I get so many that it was easy to filter through to the better ones. I skipped the viagra and the nigerians looking for “help” w their bank accounts ! Lol. Thanks for reading, ria !

      Sent from my HTC Inspire™ 4G on AT&T

    1. Sadly that’s all based on real spam sitting in my inbox ! At least I have a use for it now. Lol. Thanks for reading it, robin. I really appreciate it and I like your socks. 🙂

      Sent from my HTC Inspire™ 4G on AT&T

  3. You have delivered a necessary public service. Can we configure the spaminators with a device that delivers 20,000 volts to the spammer who manages to make it through our spam filters? Go ahead, make my day…

  4. Love this…great smiley start to my Friday. I’ve been trolling my search engine terms for blog material. My favs so far? “tom cruise crazy face” and “a million tan babies.”

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