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As the title indicates, I have something new on the horizon. This blog got me a job. Well, better said – this blog got me a GIG. If all goes well, I’ll be writing a monthly column at a wonderful site called, It’s Conceivable Now – itsconceivablenow.com.


The series will be an original “Letters to My Gayby” piece once per month.


The site is great.  Its tagline is “the path to parenting isn’t always straight”. Indeed! So, you can see why it’s right up my alley. Basically, itsconceivablenow.com is a website for gay and lesbian parenting, but what is so GREAT about the site is that they still seem to have a sense of humor! Parenting (and the clusterf*ck nightmare that is IVF/Adoption/Surrogacy-gayby-making) is something that would wipe the smile off of even Gallagher’s face. (If you’re from abroad, Gallagher is an American touring comedian who smashes things like watermelons in your face, while you wear what he calls, “a comedy condom” and what everybody else calls “a rain slicker”. And yes, you pay for this honor.)


So, if you’re feeling extremely generous today and if you wouldn’t mind heading over to that site to comment or facebook “like” – it would help me on the path that will one day lead to feeding my gayby with an income ramshackled together through writing. That would be my dream, anyway. I’m including a highlighted link here and I’ve linked to it twice above because I’m excessive.




Did everyone see that okay? (Big smile.) Anyway, I REALLY from the bottom of my heart want to thank the wordpress community of writers that I have cyber-met here. You help me everyday whether you know that or not.


I’m also really big on – you gave me your time, I’ll give you mine. So, if there’s anything you want me to look at or read, only mention or link to it in the comments and I’ll head right over there to give it a pair of eyes. That is only fair and it is the least I can do when you spend a little bit of your precious time on me.


Forever gratefully indebted, like one of those poor chaps who wants more gruel in Oliver Twist (and actually gets a bowl for once),




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