Is Linkedin For Lovers?

Try as I might, I can NOT understand the benefits of Linkedin.  I like all things social media and connectivity and blog promotion – joke mass posting, and platform building.  But, try and try again, I just don’t understand the purpose of Linkedin.



Image representing LinkedIn as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase: "Why can't you speak to me kindly, Linkedin?"


It’s a sad truth.  Linkedin and I just don’t get along.


I don’t like the whole, fill out your profile based on your jobs and past experiences, etc, etc.  I tried to make my profile ‘original’ sounding and I think it fails miserably based on the way Linkedin’s templates are set up.  I’ve asked my comedy connections on facebook and twitter, etc, just what in the hell Linkedin is useful for and my connections have said, “Jobs”.  Now, I could use one of those, so I keep the profile open.  Notice, I’ve said open and not necessarily ‘active’.


To me, my profile there is a bit stale.  But, yet, I have no desire to update it.  I rarely interact over there and I’m only ever, even reminded of linkedin when I get one of these…

"Oh, there you are. Almost forgot all about you..."


I don’t understand the groups.  I’ve searched on there for a job, once or twice, and had some interest once, only once.  These kind of results make me feel like it’s pointless, but yet I have an account because, well, everyone else has one.  I think of Linkedin the way I think about those plastic, photo-inserts in my wallet.  Sure, I have them, but I don’t ever use them, at least not for their intended purpose.  I may jam a receipt in there every now and again, but they certainly don’t contain photos!  I mean, my photos are on my phone!  Isn’t that the way it goes now?


Who uses these anymore? And this guy ain't using them holder-thingies for the right purpose neither!


So, I find that I’m using Linkedin for other things.  For me, it’s my DEAD HEADSHOT DEPOSITORY.  I have a headshot on there from like 1942, right before they started making them in color.  I don’t use that shot anymore, but I like it so much that I wanted it to live somewhere.  Somewhere respectable, some place safe, yet not often visited – you know a secluded internet space.  I’ve petitioned the Linkedin creators to change the Linkedin name from Linkedin to DDH for Dead Headshot Depository, but no one is listening.


Please look Sweet Mother in the eyes when you talk to her!


This leaves me feeling deflated.  I feel like I’m supposed to know what Linkedin is for.  I feel like I’m supposed to use it better.  I feel like I get called in for Social Media and Writerly type jobs, so it’s in my best interest to understand it better.  Yet, I can’t.  I just can’t bring myself to.  I feel like it’s a club that everyone else understands and although I’m on the mailing list, every time I show up at an event everyone looks at me like, “Why are you not speaking Mandarin and why are you wearing clothes?  Didn’t you know that Linked in is a pseudonym for Chinese-Speaking-Orgy-Party?”


No, I did not know that and dern it, I still don’t even after I’ve been told.  I’m thick headed about my aversion to Linkedin.


Yet, I realize people must be using it for something.


I think it’s an underground, online dating site.  It’s a way to use a pseudo, service without paying all those pesky fees.


I picture invitations going back and forth that sound something like this:

“Dear, 3rd Generation Connection.  I see you work for Powersoft.  I have a friend of a friend who works for Powersoft, which is how I came across your profile.  If you connect with me, I’m hoping we could shift your Soft-Power into something more durable, something more sexy.  Please accept my invitation if you feel so inclined.”


Then you check the box:


How do you know this person — ‘former colleague’.


It has to be some sort of ruse like that because I can’t figure out what in the hell is going on over there.  So, I suppose my best bet is to let my profile hang there, as is, like a wallflower on the outskirts of a cool party until I get to joyfully delete it like I did my old Myspace profile.  (You have no idea how much joy can be extracted from deleting your profile off of a platform you’ve lost the love for…or maybe you do.)


I don't want you back, Myspace, even with your new fancy-pants logo.


And in the meantime, it looks like I’ll have to develop a similar relationship with Pinterest.  The question is — will pinterest become my ‘pictures from high school’ depository or will it be something more?


Will I love it or will I leave it?



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Oh, and Linkedin, but I hardly ever visit…lol.



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Photo creds:  Myspace, wallet, killer linkedin logo designer/ illustrator

90 thoughts on “Is Linkedin For Lovers?

  1. LOL! I too can’t figure out LinkedIn, it’s never helped me. I have profile that is as stagnant as can be, but I just don’t care. Also don’t Facebook or Twitter. I let WordPress connect out to them, but I just don’t care enough to be involved in all that mess.


    Excellent post!

    1. I hear you, Gills. I so hear you. I think you have to use what you like/ get along with. 🙂 Period. The rest is just a waste of time. And man, there’s so much to waste your time on here – on these here interwebs. lol. love, love, love, you. xo, sm

  2. You really are YOU! Hurray!!!!!!! I found videos of you the other day using your email address. That happens if you use your name as your email address… but I wasn’t sure if your were The R.D. or just an R.D.
    Loved the bit about the Colombian mother and the frat boy brother. 🙂

    1. all true, sadly, pinky. all true. lol. i have to do a piece about my colombian side at one point too. there’s a lot there. i must do that piece. also, very sad about that teen suicide that i read on your blog. very sad. when will that end? you and i need to scream our sh*t from the rooftops until it ends! we really do. love you, mother.

      1. oh, so much telenovela, so much. never mind the fact that my mother shipped me off to colombia when i was 15 because i had a boyfriend she didn’t like. she was right, he was an a-hole. but, he was so pretty. oh, so pretty and i’ve always liked pretty things. lol. so, yeah, i get you FULLY i’ve lived in colombia and it’s like spain, but without the european sensibility, which believe me you and i, we’d miss that. the gayborhood in colombia is a bunch of guys meeting in la selva and then running from the gun shots. now, that’s no fun. yuck. besos, sm

  3. I don’t get LinkedIn or Pinterest. I have accounts on both that I have not used at all, yet I’m constantly getting emails that someone is following me on Pinterest, despite my complete lack of pinning things. I’d delete it, but I can’t be bothered.

    All said, I think the world is getting hyper-connected and the demand to be constantly in touch with everyone via these intense social media outlets is exhausting and a bit absurd. I’m 20 something and feel like I’m behind on the times half the time, although I do have some very tech-savvy friends who are like, “oh yeah, I’m using this new thing ____, you should check it out,” and it’s something I’ve never heard of that then makes headlines six months later.

    1. oh, i am so with you. exhausting, exhausting, exhausting. you have to find the couple of things you like and use those. if you have 700 thingies you’re a part of, chances are, you’re not doing quality anything on most of them. so with you on that. i like to know what the latest thing is, but i don’t always use it. depends how compatible it is with what i’m doing, i suppose. great comment, badfads. xo, sm

  4. LinkedIn is big in the IT world, which sadly I am still a part of instead of full-time blogging on a beach in Speedos.

    And given that it’s got a lot of IT folk, it is most certainly NOT a dating site. Have you seen some of the profile pictures?

    1. looooool. i have, i have. not everyone is putting their best photo-foot forward, eh? hiliarous, rob. yeah, i guess that’s the issue. i’m not IT. I mean I am IT, BUT IN THE ‘SHE’S SO IT’ sense and not information technology sense. lol. xo, sm

      1. That’s because when you work in IT, you have a perpetual, “I hate this f’ing place, but I make too much damn money to quit!” look on your face that naturally carries over to photographs.

  5. I think it’s the digital equivalent of “let’s see who can collect the most business cards.” I’ve never found it to be particularly helpful. But maybe it depends on the industry you’re in.

    I like the idea of calling it the Dead Headshot Repository, though.

    1. i’m so with you, new lady friend. yep, i think the industry is a big factor and i don’t think it works so well for the writer / comedian/ social networkers of the world. imho. anyhoo, i do plan to keep it alive for my dead headshots. lol.

  6. LinkedIn sucks. I’m a social media goddess and my page there is “stale” as hell too. Pinterest is fucking fabulous though, it’s the type of thing that you can truly make your own. I have a few Pinterest accounts (work, public-personal, and not-so-public-personal) and I use them for all sorts of things. It’s great. I pin playlists, upcoming events, etc. It’s rad, I think that you might like it…eventually.

    1. alright, if you’re recommending it, then i’m going to give pinterest a shot. sometimes i feel like i can’t keep up though. i used to write the most awesome jokes on my twitter and fb feeds and now with blogging, i just can’t find the time…tho, maybe i need to again, don’t know. anyhow, i’m definitely going to look into it now that you’ve said so. seriously. xo, sm

  7. I have a Linked In account too, but I do nothing with it. I think I have a whole 2 connections. I do, however, like to get weekly emails on the discussions going on in the writing groups I joined. Some good stuff about publishing, etc. in those. But I am a troll. I don’t participate.

    Just followed your Twitter 1.
    Twiitter 1 and Twitter 2–is that kind of like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum?

    1. i used to follow some of the writers groups on there too, but honestly, they lost my interest after a while. as for the twitter 2 – it’s a fake-ish twitter feed that i used to write pop culture/ newsy jokes on. the jokes were usually pretty strong and FUUUUUN to write, it got me some notice at one point and kept me sharp for writing packets like chelsea lately, but honestly, once i started blogging, it’s hard to find the time to do that too. so, it’s mainly now just blog update links, but if you hit the ‘favorites’ column, which i think you can do, you can see some of the old jokes…they’re kind of fun. may have to get back to them at one point, once i clone myself. xo, sm

  8. hahaha… ” I mean, my photos are on my phone! Isn’t that the way it goes now?”…. so true 😀

    i work as a writer…all my colleagues n bosses are on Linkedin, but m still not on Linkedin…because i couldn’t get the format… in fact it took me ages to get Facebook account…only place i interact is gmail, my blackberry messenger and Blog..

    Hey is that you? Sweet Mother that is a nice picture..

    1. ’tis me, little miss. 🙂 i know, i mean there is not enough time in the day for all this sh*t, seriously. so, my linkedin is going to just sit there…lol. but, at least i never lose that picture. he, he. – sm

  9. You don’t like LinkedIn, fine, why don’t we destroy it? Just for fun… let’s start with a rumour:

    LinkedIn is actually a pedophile network for creepy Danish men (I chose Danish on purpose so it couldn’t be construed as racist- HA).
    They exchange creepy C&A commercials and episodes of toddlers and tiaras!
    If you’re on LinkedIn we know what you’re looking for…

    1. lloooool, pinky, you’re such a cray-cray, funny, feck and i mean that as my highest form of praise. hate linkedin, hate it. i tried to like it, but it never liked me. so, feck it.

      1. i think there’s only about 4-6, we may be less interesting. but, hopefully there are a defiant few (with me at the helm) trying to change all that. hmmmmm, i smell a companion post coming on. stay tuned.

  10. To me, Linkedin is kind of like your loser cousin. You always forget about him till he sends you pictures of his dogs dressed up as the Justice League. And you tend to feel bad about ignoring him, so you fill him in on what’s going on about once a year because everyone else tells you he’s neglected. That, and he’s always telling you about people who have their shit together better than you do. Asshole…

    1. i am sooooo with you on all of these points, ande – it’s the loser cousin with the better job. i mean what an a-hole and how in the hell did such an a-hole get a better job? looooool. 🙂 sweet mother

  11. I have deleted and signed up again for Linkedin twice. I still don’t get. From what I see in these comments, you are not alone 😉

  12. Hahaha! Every time I read one of your posts I find myself laughing out loud and nodding! I must look like a total idiot! (Thank you for making me look crazy 🙂 )

    I totally feel the same way about Linkedin, and I have a profile out there that is stagnant too. Whenever I get an invite I always ponder if I should accept it, since I’ll never do anything with it! I don’t get what it is for and frankly, don’t get why I even joined.


    P.S. I’m not hitting on you, but that pic is gorgeous!

    1. thank you and hitting on or no hitting on, momma always likes any and all comments about her actual face! lol. so, thank you for saying so. i can’t take linkedin, can’t take it! don’t know what to do with it! i want a refund! oh, yeah, i didn’t pay for it. sigh. lol. always nice to see you here, lesbi, always nice. xo, mother

  13. Holy shit, I just spent a half hour watching your stand up on youtube. Your awesomeness knows no bounds. The Comic Strip Live set had me in tears. Legless Joe, hahaha. I also subscribed on Facebook, although they shouldn’t be allowed to tell you that you have enough friends. Fuckin’ Zuckerberg!

    1. Agreed! Why don’t we do a Joseph Fritzl? Kidnap her and keep her in the basement? Between the two of us it should be easy if we make sure her wifesy is at work.

      1. glad you liked the stand up, bill. i worked at that game for so long that it is so nice to hear when someone appreciates it. and yes, zuckerburg is douchey. and i’ll stay in both of your basements, as long as i can come up on weekends, can blog from down there, and you feed me alcohol. i’m so there. lol.

  14. I’ve gotten a couple of invites to join Linkedin and I feel the same way I do when someone asks me to help them water a cow or milk a turnip on FarmVille–overjoyed. And then I forget to do anything about it and watch TV.

    1. again, again, laughed out loud with your awesome comment. every time. you get me every time. ‘i see you’ – like one of the blue creatures in avatar, better said, ‘i get you’ and i love it. god, you kill me. (and so did your photo) – moms

  15. -cringe- I LInkedIn. And before you throw me out into the cold let me say that I am trying to wean myself off the addiction! But when I was a total social media n00b and couldn’t see the point of ‘blogs’ LinkedIn did give me some valuable information on how and why I should blog as part of a ‘marketing plan’. Still don’t have anything to market but I now love blogging and that has lead me here in a roundabout way so…it’s not all bad!

    Do I get to stay Mum? Pleeeeeeeease! I promise I’ll be good from now on….

    1. YOU never get judged on here, ac/ andrea, understand that. if linkedin brought you to the blogging world then this is a very good thing. i thought it would give me similar useful advice, but alas – NADA. anyway, i for one am glad your here, even if you WASTE some of your valuable mins on linkedin! i’m just teasing you. mum loves you regardless. 😉 sm

      1. It’s 1:20 here, I’m having my last brandy of the evening and smoking my last 5 cig’s… I have this theory that cig’s block arteries and alcohol unblocks them, so I play with the doses….

      2. loooool. oh man, we have to go for some drinks in chueca…one day, one day. i’m trying to get wifesy to go on a spain trip. we just keep feckin’ moving. it’s so annoying.

  16. Sweetmother is saying none of you are getting judged, but when you’re gone, in private, we go all telenovela on you.
    We divide you into regular sirvientas and sirvientas who are daughters of the owner of the big company-unless you’re a villain, we have a whole other category for that!

    1. take your pill. the big, pink one, now wash it down. there we go. there we go. i’d take a bullet for the feckers on here. okay, maybe not a bullet-bullet, more like a nerf bullet, but i’d still allow myself to be hit! momma is the great protector of the ridiculous. i only judge those who deserve it – like limbaugh, ann coulter, and those a**holes on ‘basketball wives’. there, i’ve said it.

  17. Oh my, phew I was so sure I was alone. I totally dont get it either…or even remotely like it. I made an account, tried to figure out what to do, then realised I don’t have a job and I am still in school so I logged out. Now I can’t even remember my password (dumb I know)

    1. you are not alone. i’m sure i have dead passwords everywhere…like the locusts after god unleashes his fury or some other such nonsense. ignoring it was probably the smartest thing you could’ve done…imho. xo, sm

  18. I’ve never signed up for it. It’s just one more social media thing I wouldn’t be good at. 🙂

    Right now, I’m devoting my social networking to blogging. No character limits like Twitter. At least in the blogs I read, more meaningful/fun/interesting content than FB updates. A better sense of interaction when people comment on posts. Yep. Blogging. Best way for me to go, at least for now.

    I keep saying I’ll Tweet if I ever get an agent who makes me do it. But I won’t do it willingly! And hopefully they won’t make me link in or do something with pins. There’s another one I totally don’t get! 🙂

    1. you TRULY, truly have to do what you like and what works for you, me thinks. it all gets really overwhelming sometimes, that’s for sure. it’s hard to keep up! and an agent will make you tweet, hate to tell you that reality, but they will! xo

  19. I just recently got rid of my Linkedin for the same reason. When it comes to Facebook if you’re full on friends just start a fan page you can link everything up there and never worry about having too many people follow you. Plus, it gives you the ability to make your profile only for all of the people you actual know.

    1. have one of those! and i HATE IT. one of the things i think i’m good at is ‘engagement’ — you know, chatting back and forth with friends and fans…but, i can’t message people on there, individually. and that sucks to me in regards to gaining work and really building relationships. my facebook acct is vibrant. my facebook page feels almost as stagnant as my linkedin…

      1. That, doesn’t have to be the case. I just messaged your Page so you can see how the message system works and I shared the link to your page from my own. If you want to see what a fully set up page looks like take a look at mine or any one else who uses them regularly. I can understand the need to build relationships and networking that is more viable than a simple “like”. However, since I think I’m beginning to sound like a Facebook salesperson, I’ll say that I hope your Page will become more active but if not I understand.

      2. hmmm, it may be that i can not add people that i hated. for me, i’m new to los angeles, but yet maxed out in facebook friends on my original acct. so, i can’t add anyone i meet or want to stay in touch with. i have to HOPE they like my page. you know what i mean? the only alternative is starting a second fb acct… as far as i can tell. am i wrong?

      3. After I got my Page set up, the first thing I did was share the link on my profile with a message that said something a kin to ” Hey people! I made a page. Go like it because I attempting a world record for largest FB orgy don’t want to loose you in the shuffle.” After that, about once a week I would go through and unfriend anyone who had added the page that I didn’t want on the profile and I would re-post the message about the page. In the end I didn’t loose anyone who wasn’t paying any attention in the first place. I will say that I have 2 Facebook profiles besides my Page but that is because one is for family and one is for friends. Unfortunately for me, they don’t mix at all. 😦
        Your page has a unique link like any other page and so if you gave your page info out to people instead of your profile it would grow. Also, if you have a manager or anyone who helps you out that is on Facebook, you can make them an administrator on your Page. They would have no access to your personal account but they could help you with updates and tweaks to your page if that’s just not your thing. They also could not take you off of your page so your privileges would be safe. I help manage the page for Luna Vatra (the doggie model) and several others on Facebook, that’s how I know about those features.

  20. LinkedIn always kind of reminds me of in that they are both websites that have clearly superior alternatives and seem to exist as freak anamolies.

  21. I agree with you. Another social network? Really? It’s like Google +… ANOTHER social network? All my stuff’s on Facebook already. And on my website… Why fill in another stupid portfolio just to have some online presence, eh? But for me, it’s a necessary evil. As a freelance translator, and thanks to the LinkedIn plug-in for Outlook, I add everyone I’ve ever worked with on LinkedIn, and that includes CEOs of big companies and loads of fancy-sounding names and job titles. So for prospective clients, it’s very common that they look up your LinkedIn profile, and it helps loads to show people who you have worked for. So I try to make the most of it, because obviously, it’s already there, and you have to embrace everything on the web or you’re left behind… But if it disappeared tomorrow, I’d be as happy as anyone… One less thing to worry about in terms of online marketing!

    1. i know, i know, i know, i mean google+?! i could do a whole ‘nother post on it. i have a google+ acct, but what now…how does it help me? i suppose these are the same questions, i’m trying to answer with linkedin… if there’s a benefit to it for me, then i’d use it…but, i’m not sure there is. the business component though, you’re not the only one who’s saying that…so, maybe i need to stick with it…i’m just so not sure yet.

  22. Linkedin brings me readers! Isn’t that what we bloggers want? I check once in a while to see if I can add new ‘contacts’, as every new contact is a possible reader… I have quite a few readers from that side! Well apart from that it seems completely useless to me too-

    1. funnily enough, this is one of my most read posts recently and where are thos people coming from….LINKEDIN!!!! lol. i have it set up to grab my tweets, so it automatically posted this and i believe it has gained me some eyes. i don’t know, i don’t know, i don’t know… i think i need to learn how to use it better, perhaps.

  23. SM,
    As a social media strategist who’s even cuter than Amber Mac, I can tell you LinkedIn is one huge monster. Probably the hardest one to optimize, but quite rewarding if you do it well…
    Knock if you need a few tips.
    Your friend,
    Le Clown

    1. i’m knocking, i’m knockin! if you can tell me how to use it to gain ANY employment interest, i’m so into hearing about it. I want a writer or community manager type job. Not sure if they call it that there, but some kind of job where I’m responsible for writing the tweets and producing the facebook content for a product or a site and ‘engaging’ with that product’s audicence/ consumers. i’m pretty good at that end of things and have a decent knowledge of seo, my specialty of course is writing strong, CREATIVE, copy. now, how the hell can i make my linkedin look better for me in that regard? i just don’t know. i don’t know… helpsy clownsy? i know you’re busy, but whenever you have time…

      1. He’s right, y’know. I use LinkedIn and I get calls for jobs. But I am kind of awesome…
        And Clown might be cuter than Amber Mac, but I make more sense when speaking.

      2. ok, i just added you both on linkedin. i really like your profiles. i was up for a community manager position – like you both have done – a while ago, i wanted it and didn’t get it. i need to figure out what i have done that i can creatively relay in a way that would be more suited for something like that… i’m going to send eric an email, as if you two don’t have enough to do. but, i can barter this — in a cool way, i promise you… me

  24. I’m guessing it must be of use to some. Doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of Facebook I suppose, but it appears to be a way in which to showcase resumes without all the comments on a wall and things of that nature. I don’t see it as any different from all the other ways that people connect, without any embarrassing videos people seem to post — all willy-nilly — on other platforms. I agree with clown — it is a monster and can be rewarding, but hey that’s just my humble opinion.

    1. is it a monster in terms of really connective and a great tool to land a job? or is it a monster in terms of a huge gigantic, difficult, nut to crack? i’m not sure how you both mean it. i’m assuming in the – if used correctly fashion it can get you a lot of x, y, z…i’m usually pretty strong at using this kind of stuff, but with that one, i fall short. i think it’s going to be easier for me to adopt pinterest from what i’ve seen…time will tell. xo, sm

  25. LinkedIn scares me and that’s probably why I stay away. I feel it’s always one of the first results that populates whenever you Google someone’s name. I’m much more comfortable with having my identity confused with that of the 78 year old porn star that conveniently has the same name as me, then someone actually finding my “professional” profile, which isn’t very professional at all.

    For the record, I only Google myself but then again who doesn’t?

    1. lol, i love that there’s a porn star with the same name as you…nuts! i hear you. it scares me too. but, yet, i let it hang there in oblivion. not sure what else to do with it. at all!

  26. Pinterest is wonderful…a time suck, but such a pretty time suck.
    LinkedIn is useful, but you get what you put in. It’s ugly, there’s lots of super straight, tie-wearing, middle management, in-the-box thinking people there, so it’s not for funsies. It can find you a job though. You can now message on your Facebook page, so long as you have Time line, but the “fan” has to make the first move (you can’t start a convo, but you can reply if they contact you).
    This comment isn’t nearly as amusing as your post. No funny to be found.
    p.s. If I can find work on LinkedIn, then YOU can definitely find work.

    1. i just added both of you there, so i can stalk your profiles…and ‘steal’ – oops, that’s not the right word, use both of yours as samples…to re-create mine. and i’m with you on the pinterest tip. i signed up and i’m going to start using it. i think it’s kind of cool…as if i don’t have enough to do… ugh. 🙂 lol. me

  27. LinkedIn is something most professionals use. It’s a networking tool. You can have up to three degrees of separation (Kevin Bacon anyone?) For example. if you’re a recruiter looking for a position, if you have connections you can contact the hiring manager rather than cold calling. It’s not a social network like Facebook or Twitter or anything, though it does have similar features (profile, status updates, groups, etc.)

    I’ve used it to job search in the past, and have found it fairly helpful.

    But it’s not necessary. 🙂

  28. There are too many social media type things these days, I can’t even keep up! I’m not even sure what a pintrest (sp?) is, and I have a tumblr but am not sure I’m doing the right thing with that either. Deleting my myspace filled me with such a feeling of inner peace and calm- that is, until I realized I needed a facebook account to keep up with my fellow UCLA theater colleagues. Oy gevalt!

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