Sweet Mother’s Reggie Reader Profile #3

Today is Wifesy’s birthday and I’m super excited for it.  I have an entire day planned for her and I can’t reveal it just now because I fear she may read this blog whilst I make her breakfast in bed.  Yes, that’s what I plan to do.  We are nauseating like this when it comes to our love.  I’m even going to carve a rose out of a tomato.  Hopefully, it won’t look like a blood clot instead of a rose.  Chances are 50% blood clot, 50% rose.  I don’t have a breakfast tray as of yet, either.  So, I may have to give it all to her on a plate, which may get messy, but I don’t care if she gets egg yolk all over the bed.  I love her and today she can do as she goddamn well pleases.


Will it look like this? Doubtful.

I’ve written this post in advance and it’s going to be the first post that I try using the ‘publish on’ feature.  So, hopefully it actually does publish said post on April 20, 2012 and I didn’t inadvertently schedule it for April 20, 2020.  You’ll all be like, “Where’s Sweet Mother?” and I’ll be angrily working my way through Wifesy’s birthday itinerary while going, “I hit schedule on, schedule on – what the feck happened?!!”  If it doesn’t function, you’ll hear me screaming from the Hollywood Hills and beyond.  It will put a cyber-thorn in my side for the rest of my day.  Anyway, if you’re reading this and commenting all is well.  Thank God.


Today, it is my distinct pleasure to introduce a blogger who I actually know in the flesh.  I’ve actually laid my real eyes on him, more than once, and we’ve actually had conversations that didn’t happen over a computer.  They happened in PERSON.  I know, I know, how terribly proletarian of me.  But, I digress.  Here is the truth of the matter — I LOVE THIS GUY AND I LOVE HIS BLOG.  He’s new here and he doesn’t know anybody and I like introducing cool people at my party, so please welcome:




Brad is a comedian and a funny one.  He ran a great little show in Los Angeles that I had the pleasure of doing twice.  I even wrote a post about his show when this blog was brand new.  You can read that post here.  I actually met Brad years ago when I came into LA for a short trip and wanted to get some stage time.  Brad was kind enough to allow me on his show and I had a great time.  That must’ve happened close to ten years ago by now.  Cut to the present day, I move to Los Angeles and Brad was as nice to me recently as he was back then.  This is no small feat in the comedy business and in Los Angeles in particular where people tend to be less human and more resume.  Brad never treated me as such.  He was all human, all the time.  So unique is Brad that he actually rode nothing, but the bus in LA for years.  Riding the bus as a form of transport in LA and not losing your humanity is akin to being held in Sing-Sing’s solitary confinement and giving your jailer a flower upon release.  I don’t know how in the hell he did it.  Currently, Brad has relocated to his parent’s place.  He is working the road from there.  Brad has returned home to look after his dad.  I’m not sure he’d want me to tell you that, but I’m doing it because I think it shows how amazing Brad is and how selfless.  I’m not sure how many people around these here parts would do that, but I suppose they’re not Brad.  Brad is big hearted, hugely funny, and a little bit of a superhero.


He is after all… CAPTION AMERICA.


Caption America is Brad’s blog and that’s where you should go to follow him.  His blog is just hilarious.  Brad takes pics of LA and his travels and captions them, plain and simple.  I dare you to work your way through his blog posts without laughing.  It’s impossible.  I lost it repeatedly over:  the 7-11 pizza boxes and the capri pants and the Captain A hat.  You will too.  Take some time, whittle your way through the images and the humor, and then show Brad your love.  Trust me, I’m not making his day by doing this, I’m making yours.


Love and such,


Sweet Mother



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Photo creds:  tomato rose, featured muffins

49 thoughts on “Sweet Mother’s Reggie Reader Profile #3

  1. Carve a rose out of a tomato? Now that’s definitely young love. The only tomato carving my husband would get is the one squashed by my butt after dropping the juicy thing on the floor and slipping on it.

    1. it’s more that i like to make things as hard for myself as possible. lllooollll. the rose was a disaster, but the breakfast a score! now we’re hangin’ out for a bit and headed into to the city to start phase 2 of surprise day. maybe i should’ve been an event planner? looolll. xo, sm

  2. You know, I know you call her Wifsey, but what does she call you? I’m sitting here trying to come up with a snarky play on husband and it’s frustrating me to the point where I need to eat pork rinds. Wonder if those can be carved into a tomato as well. Anyway, happy birthday to Wifesy.

    1. no hubby here, it’s vag central. she calls me her wife or by my actual name. looolll. i only really call her wifesy on this blog. funny thing is when i started it she goes, ‘i don’t know about wifesy…’ and i said something to the effect of, ‘shhhh, it’s my blog and that’s what you’re getting called.’ she’s left it alone ever since. looool. xo, sm

  3. Thanks for this post! I love waking up and reading about myself. What a great way to start the day! 🙂
    Seriously, I think the world of you as well and I appreciate all the nice things you said. I don’t mind you mentioned I relocated to my parent’s place to take care of my dad. In fact, if you had just said I relocated to my parent’s without saying to take care of my dad I would have been upset. People would think, “What a miserable failure at life this guy is!” They’d be right but that is not why I moved back with the folks. I was totally fine being a miserable failure in Los Angeles on my own. On the bus.
    I’m now in Nebraska indefinitely. My dad has ALS. Commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. I think Lou Gehrig may of had it. It’s a mothef**ker of a disease. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Moving home and taking care of my dad is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life but I still keep my sense of humor because that’s how I was raised. To keep a sense of humor in the face of life’s hardships. My dad has almost completely lost the ability to feed himself and walk but he definitely still has his humor intact. He was moving from his wheelchair to the toilet one night with the help of my mom and I. He moves very, very, very slowly. Can’t lift his legs much at all so he just shuffles his feet. In the middle of his shuffle he says, “Tim Conway” in reference to Conway’s brilliant old man character on the Carol Burnett Show. Made me laugh and shows his heart. He is the real superhero to me.
    Thanks again Sweet Mo! And happy birthday to the wifesy!

    1. i love any man that makes a tim conway reference. i sensed this relationship between you and your dad. i honestly think it’s an amazing thing you’re doing. i’ve never been more proud of my own dad then when he took care of his ailing mom (my grandma, obviously). i think you should write about this somewhere…i know, as if you don’t have enough to do…but, it IS beautifully human, brad and i think a lot of people can relate. i’m also glad you didn’t mind me mentioning it. 🙂 okay, off to do the rest of the birfday biznatch. xoxo, mother

      1. I may write about it some more at some point. Right now while I’m all up in it I lack the proper motivation and clarity to do it right though. I little here and there feels good however. Just this short reply to your post felt pretty cathartic though. Thanks Sweet Mo!

    1. yaaayyyyy, wifesy birffday. and the dog’s. dear god, i have my hands full. breakfast in bed a success. wifesy’s in bed reading the blog. she’s reading double dating on cl right now and getting annoyed. loooolll. and that’s the update. now off to phase 2… xoxox, glad you liked it, sara. xoxo, sm

  4. Happy Birthday Wifesy! I’d like a photo of the tomato rose, please.

    I was already following Brad soooo I’m all cutting edge and shit; but I think I Brad and I found each other through your Reggie profile of me so SM ultimately brought us together.

    Brad, God Bless you and your family and thanks so much for making me cry at work, preciate it.

    1. unphotographable! a disaster! it looked like a wound! but, thankfully the pancakes and poached eggs turned out and brekkie in bed was a success. now off to phase 2 of birfday. glad you like brad. he’s a peach of a human! xoxo, sm

  5. Thank you for such a wonderful read. I have known Brad since 1987 . I have to agree he is one of the most wonderful, funny, caring and brightest guys that I know. He would do anything for anyone and never expect something in return.

  6. Sounds like the Birthday is a hit. How nice Happy Birthday Wifesy! (did I spell that right?) any way Celebrate as much as you can.

    Thanks for the new blog I will go check out now. :+) Your a giver you are.

    1. i try, starla, i try. not always easy, but momma tries. thanks for reading, you totally spelled wifesy correctly, and for checking out brad’s blog. xo, sm

  7. Sweet Mother of God, Wifesy better love that blood clot because I love you for even trying to turn a tomato into a rose. I’ll definitely check out Brad’s blog, mostly because I have a penchant for bus riders. Have a lovely birthday celebration with Wifesy and I’ll see you (metaphorically speaking) tomorrow because I’m baaaaaaaack!

    1. yyyyyyaaaaaayyyyy, so glad you’re back. i’m a little touch and go these days, since we’re moving may 2. so there’s a lot of packing and interviews and NONSENSE. when really all i WANT to deal with is the nonsense of this blog!!! lol. need to catch up on yours, cristy, too. xo, sm

      1. ommmmmmmggggg, but i laughed out loud at widesy. unfortunately, i’m the only widesy one around here. she’s a toothpick. oh, loved. when god gives you happy accidents, just call ’em comedy….lol. xoxo, mum

  8. How did the tomato rose work out? I can’t imagine anyone being able to accomplish that, but that’s probably because if I tried to give my husband an actual rose, it would likely resemble a blood clot by the time I left the flower shop such is my ability to care for plants.

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