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Good morning all.  So, I’m sipping my coffee and waiting to drop Wifesy off at work as I write.  Today’s post will take us off the beaten path a bit.  (I promise, I’ll still end with a joke.)  As some of you know, I moonlight at another blog writing gig.  I write for a wonderful, little, publication produced by some very dynamic thinkers in Brooklyn called, It’s Conceivable Now.  The site is a hub for gay and lesbian parenting.  Want to know how much IVF costs?  Look no further than ICN.  Want to understand surrogacy?  ICN has got it covered.  Want some funny parenting advice from a childless Mommy blogger?  Look no further, because I write for them once a month.  (lol)  I love the site.  I think it’s a quality thing of great importance.  Their tag line is:  “The Path to Parenting Isn’t Always Straight.”  Indeed, indeed.


I never want to leave my readers hanging, so there is an original piece for today, it’s just living over there…at ICN.  The post is on whether or not your child should learn a second language.  So, to use a French word…without further adieu, here it is:




If you have a moment today, please head over there to leave a comment.  I’d be very grateful.  They are a great site and I want them to receive traffic, not to mention I want some readers for my humor bit!  The piece is an original and it’s even short.  Under 900 words.


I am going to spend the rest of my day slaving over my book.  Chiseling away the fat and beefing up the good stuff.  Whenever I do this, I end up sweating and I need to take breaks.  These are very frequent, blood pressure-lowering breaks.  My breaks will be spent reading YOUR blogs.  So, if you have a particular post you’d like me to read, don’t be shy about leaving a link to it in the comments section.


As always, I’m really grateful for my friends and readers here.  Thank you, darling thangs.  Sweet Mother is always humbled by her community and never fear, if you refuse to go anywhere other than wordpress, regular programming will resume tomorrow.


In the meantime, click on my ICN Gayby piece above, leave your work in the comments section here for me to read, and enjoy these PHOTOGRAPHIC MOMENTS OF HILARIOUS TRUTHS as my parting gift to you:


Enough said.


This is how I feel right before I do my taxes...


Much love,

Sweet Mother



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Photo credits:  Cat and Gay marriage Photo

61 thoughts on “Blog Detour Day

  1. I’m all for children growing up bilingual. I h e a great book on raising bilingual children if
    you are interested. Great article and I definitely agree with you – passing on the gift of language to our children gives them a great advantage.

      1. Book Title: Raising Bilingual-Biliterate Children in Monolingual Cultures
        Book Author: Stephen J. Caldas

        It’s written in a way that is very easy to read. It’s the author’s personal story or raising his three children to be bilingual (French/English) in an English speaking country.

      1. see, you’re a french scholar. that sounds dangerously close to those bienot, benes? benets? those donut things they sell in new orleans. i used to always call them jon benet ramseys. is that wrong?

  2. Amazing! I was thinking not more than an hour ago about people who make fun of others that struggle with English. I absolutely have never and will never do that, because I know that no matter how bad their English is, it is better than any attempt I would make at speaking their language. One more thing, you’d better go and give my Sweet Face a little love. She is feeling neglected by you. All joy. HF

    1. i’ve been meaning to read that!! going now. xo, sm

      and i’m so with you on the english tip. if your english is good enough that i can understand it, i’ll work through it with you because that is ALWAYS better than how i speak another language!

    1. thank you, brig! i am really grateful for that. but, i MUST admit to you that i’m really, really, and truly behind on these awards even though i greatly, greatly appreciate it. so, thank you and i will do my best to honor it, though i may fail miserably. and i will check out the link. xo, sm

    1. so with you on that…and i read it! my benefits section – the scientific one, of course – is based on that! all the best, liz, and thank you for reading. sm

  3. The benefit of knowing a small second language is that when you meat native speakers of that language, you can be party to some interesting observations about yourself.

    I am a true bilingual, which means that I learnt two languages growing up. Swedish and English. Since my English is nearly flawless, I can blend into the surroundings here in England. And when I meet Swedes they think that since their language is so small, and since they’re in England, nobody knows what they’re saying.

    Big mistake. 🙂

    1. looolll. HUGE mistake. i feel that way with spanish sometimes. though i’m conversational and not fluent. it’s great when mexican guys are talking about my bum, though. i always address them directly in spanish, when they do that. and they always pee themselves with shock. it’s fun. loolll, good to see you here, colin. hugs, sm

  4. I love every one of your reasons for learning a 2nd language (the scientific and the non-scientific ones)! I would love for you to visit my blog – I write about my life, my dad (who has Alzheimer’s), and whatever else I feel like on any given day. In other words, there is no cohesive theme to it. 🙂

    One post that I am sure you will be able to relate to is from a couple of years ago:

    1. hello chyrstal, thank you for commenting. i will definitely check your blog out. thank you for leaving this here! and i’m glad you liked the piece. all the best, mother

  5. I love the way you put things- your ICN post was wonderful! For something completely different, Mr. Rabbit gets a workout is the newest thing on

  6. Second languages are wonderful. I had to learn one to speak to my son, who had a Mexican nanny for the firs seven years of his life. I haven’t written about second languages, but do write about parenting. Maybe you’ll like this, it’s kind of a book review…sort of…

    1. very cool, jm, swinging over to check it out now. and that’s crazy about your nanny, as i had a cuban nanny when i was a kid too. my mother says i would speak a mix of english and spanish to her. that as a small child i would say things like, ‘mommy can you take my camisa off’. interesting, huh? xo, sm

    1. done and done. i don’t know about looking like cynthia, but she’s talented and a love, so i’ll take it! lol. cool, thanks for the reading material. you know i love a laugh. xoxo, sm

  7. I would love my kids to learn another language, their school is trying to teach Japanese but it is hard to get teachers to come out to the sticks! I did a post last weekend about a interview I had seen that might be interesting to you. Not what I normally post about, but it was something I thought all parents should have told to them (drummed into them?).

    Will be heading over to look at your article now 🙂 Good luck with the book slaving!

    1. august, i concur. i was happy to have found your cyber-joint via kourtney and i’m very glad you found mine. looking forward to reading more and thank you for stopping by here. sm

  8. Oh…the cat picture!?! I’ve got a cat sitting on my lap right now and she’s bouncing up and down coz I’m laughing so much. Ok, going over to read your moonlighting post 😀

    1. thanks for the sweet, sweet, comment, gb. i will definitely get to your blog. thank you for including the link here. and i hope you keep coming back to sm for more. much love, sweet mo

  9. Great post over there. 🙂 I like the chalkboard too. It’s a very minor, inconvenient detail for certain people. Haha!

    I don’t have a specific post picked out, so you can go wander around my entire blog if you want 😀

  10. Great post on ICN, I’ve left my mark there as well 🙂 As Swedish speaking Colin mentioned, it’s a huge mistake to presume people around don’t understand. Finnish is an even smaller language …. yet…

  11. It’s late I know (my laptop is broked 😦 ) but I’ve just blogged about children pushing boundries…it’s no where near as funny as you’re writing but it would be nice to know you’ve read it and maybe it’s lowered your blood pressure a point or two :D.

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