42 thoughts on “This is all I can post today.

    1. the shizwow begins! this morning. too crashed out to do assemblage last night. but, just wrote a post…now off to tackle ikea. uuuugh. love u, carrie. can’t wait till i’m settled and can visit your wonderful blog home again. xo, sm

    1. ha ha. i’ve lived in both – bumfeck and cosmopolitan-feck and i guess they’re all fecked in different ways. loooll. looking forward to reading your blog again, contrary, i’ve missed ya. sm

    1. one entertainment center – check. one bookshelf – check. to be put together by me, shortly. waaaaahhhh. and it’s too early for wine. or whine. ya know? xo, sm

  1. Ikea is always a good idea until you get home with the boxes. Please tell me you ate the Swedish meatballs!

    1. you are so right, sweet fish. fun until assemblage, which happens now. i don’t know how in the hell i missed the balls…oh, yeah, i do…looolll. xo, sm

  2. IKEA? *sob*
    And kids, that was the last we heard of sweetmother. She and wifesy trundled their trolley full of flatpack furniture off into the sunset, vowing to return. We knew it was a lie, for once the IKEA god has you, there is no escape….

    1. ooooooooogh, how true, metan, how true. but, never fear! i am here. and i will accomplish this boxed task before me through liquor therapy and hope. much love, mother

  3. Ahhhhh the dreaded Ikea! My partner and I made a pact when we went there that should we have kids we would NEVER bring them with us if we had to go. The annoying thing about our visit was having to pay over Β£100 pounds to get our bookcases delivered because they were two inches too long for his car and we hadn’t bought any rope to tie the boot down with!

    Hope the move is going well and you and wifesy are soon settled!

    1. oooooooooh, my god, that really sux. luckily we got it all in the car. but, i did contemplate twine at one moment, and then wifesy realized we could jam the front part up by the dashboard. thank god for her brains. thank god for my beauty. looolll! xo, sm

  4. Lots of luck with the move and thanks for posting a shortie πŸ™‚ Was getting a tad worried when there was no Sweet Mum in my inbox!

    As for da big box…allen keys me dear, allen keys πŸ™‚

  5. I’m a past master at all things Ikea. Don’t move…I’ll hop on the next flight and see you in about 12 hours…. (now where did I put my passport and sun cream?)

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