The Number One Reason Gays MUST Be Allowed to Marry in Pictures

I’ve heard a lot of reasons why gay people shouldn’t be allowed to get married.  I have heard a lot of reasons why gays should not be allowed to have  kids.  I’ve heard that once you allow a man to marry a man, next up is man marries a goat.  Some say promoting gay families will recruit children.  (Even though I was “recruited” by a straight woman.  A post on that at a later time.)  Some think a loving gay family will turn others gay like it’s a makeover of some sort.  And then, of course, I’ve heard that it will somehow kill the straight marriage.  I think the problem with all of these arguments is that they are NOT STRONG ENOUGH.  If you really want to stop gay marriage, if you really want to stop sweet kids like Zach Wahls from having homes then you need a better argument.  Today, I’m going to give the other side a little beef for their fight because, frankly, their arguments are getting boring.


You know how in a court of law, visual aids can be damning testimony?  Well, I put forth the following evidence.  If you don’t allow loving adults to nurture a little human, well, then, this happens:








I rest my case.  But, seriously, HOW CUTE!!! I felt my ovaries tingle a little bit as I uploaded.  But, I mean, that’s to be expected.  I am a Sweet Mother, after all.  Thank you for enjoying today’s quickie post.  Now, get out there and enjoy the sun or the rain or the night.  Happy Sunday.


Much love,





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53 thoughts on “The Number One Reason Gays MUST Be Allowed to Marry in Pictures

  1. You raise some good points for the anti-gay marriage/children side, but I’m concerned it may meet some resistance with its conflicts with the “self-hatred agenda” and “shaming” ideas that are so, so important to them.

    1. well, let’s set the record straight then. I LOVE MYSELF. COMPLETELY. at times, maybe even a little too much. lol. there, now the right can come and find this blog and protest it. now THAT would be a dream come true. 😉 much love, sm

  2. Love it! I have a student who wrote her persuasive essay on why gay marriage should not be allowed. Some of her arguments included the goats, the population going down, the ruin of traditional marriage, and that God says we should hate them. I spent a lot of time with her to help her clarify her arguments– she needed, as you say, something a tad bit more compelling. So I asked her if she ever had seen people getting married to goats or had ever heard of such a thing. She said no. Then I told her that the global population is almost at 7 billion people. Did she think that the population was being hurt? And look around at all of the kids in her class– where did they come from? What about the reason people get divorced? She told me the reasons why they divorce and none of them had to do with gay marriage. Then I asked if hatred was something Jesus would do. Is he really known for scorning other people or showing compassion? Finally she said, “I should provide better reasons.” Her arguments were still weak, but at least they weren’t totally stupid.

    1. wow. wow. and wow. that must’ve been VERY difficult to deal with. i will say this tho. i find that young kids mainly regurgitate what their parents think and it is the beauty of higher learning AND life experience that enables us to think for ourselves. it seems to me that you may have put a chink in the armor of that poor thing’s bigotry and that can be seen as nothing, but a good thing. teachers, like yourself, they are so undervalued and that is a dermn shame. seriously, thank you for sharing this story, al. i think it’s a very important one. much love, mother

      1. Thank you for the kind sentiments. It’s challenging because I want my students to think through their logic without feeling like I’m talking down about their beliefs. My students had to present their work to the class, and many wrote about why gay marriage should be legal. She received a lot of questions from them that demanded that she clearly articulate why her personal beliefs should limit the lives of others. Everyone was polite and respectful, but it was clear that she hadn’t fully considered that aspect of it. It was a rather nerve-wracking presentation day– I was afraid they might rip her to shreds. Because, as you stated, she’s getting a lot of her information from home, and I don’t think she’s aware that one of the girls she does group projects with and gets along with is gay. Lots of irony in English class!

  3. Love the pictures! It is fascinating to me that in a free country a selected class is being told they cannot be free to share the same rights. Time to change the majority don’t you think?

    1. cuz, so well said as per usual. it is all very silly if you ask me, but it did allow me to post ridiculous pictures of dogs at the very least. lol. when are you coming out this way? much love, sm

      1. I should come soon! I left my job and trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up….tough to figure out at 46……

    2. HOLY FECKIN’ SHIT!!!!! THAT’S AMAZING. you worked too long and too hard there. and you are NEVER too old to re-invent yourself. maybe we should all meet in portland…i’d love to go there and wifesy has some vet friends there now too…okay, i’ll fb you to take our family sh*t off this feed. looollll. xo, sm

  4. While I am not gay, my nephew, whom I adore, is. Both my nephew and his fiancé are well-adjusted (as much as anyone can be in today’s world); family-oriented, hard-working people. My nephew is a singer-songwriter, and his fiancé is a photographer. They are both close to their (straight) families, and have many friends (straight and gay) who are all caring and supportive people.

    Gay marriages are legal in Canada – and on June 2nd, my nephew is marrying the love of his life, and I couldn’t love or be more proud of them both.

    I just wanted to say this, because it’s one of the reasons that I follow this wonderful blog. Have a wonderful day! ~ Julie xoxox

      1. It really really does, Winn. Not sure I would want to hang out with that poodle, don’t think it would share its cake

  5. Yeah, right, so this is not going to be eloquent (good thing I told you this upfront – I bet you couldn’t have told otherwise 😉 ). I’m over it. The entire discussion – it’s soooo 90s (or maybe rather 2001?) 😉

    Please someone get us a new topic we can all get our panties in a wad over.

    Seriously. If ANY halfways responsible, loving, financially indepent and intelligent person wants to go ahead and promote monogamy in this day and age and wants to bring a child into this world (or at least raise it) that is at least a halfways decent human being – well then by all means let them knock themselves out?!

    They can’t f%@§ it up any more than the next person and any more than so many streight people have been doing for – well I guess forever.

    Sorry, mother, I’m not gay and so maybe I can’t relate to all of the pain and suffering you all have to go through to be “awarded” something that is already yours as a birthright: Love, Happyness, Marriage, a Family.

    To me, I just don’t understand why there should be any discussion at all – that’s all.

    Hugs, K.

      1. Immensly!
        Also it’s such a waste of time and engery – it’s like saying “I don’t believe in gravity.” – It really doesn’t matter if you do or you don’t it still exists and so does love of every shape, form and colour. Nothing you will do will prevent that (nevermind why you would want to stop it in the first place). The only thing you are achieving is preventing them from celebrating and living their love openly.
        And as far as that goes, well I seem to remember a time were people were aghast at the thought of women voting or working, of black people attending university (or even being free) – and I could go on and on. Didn’t stop all of that from happening either – because it was unnatural for it not to be happening (not the other way around!).
        You’d think people would at least learn from history, right?!

        Ah well – enough of the sensless sunday rant 😉

  6. Imagine if gays lavished that kind of attention kids. My goodness, children that are loved and cherished. Perish the thought. 😛

    Love the animal pics. So freaking adorable. I love the birthday pup. He is so grinning.

  7. I have to say that I’ve never heard the “next up is a man wanting to marry a goat” – that is ridiculous! I think people should be able to love whoever they want to and good for them for wanting to get married! Anyone should be able to marry!

    Love the puppy pics! Adorable! 🙂

    1. i so agree, emi. and that goat argument is not only real it’s pervasive with these right wing nutjobs. not all right wingers, but the extremists. they are out of their minds…anyhoo, the dog pics sort of make everything alright. lol.

  8. SM, I am DYING looking at the first photo. That’s probably the cutest thing I have ever seen! Might I share the photo (and link & give you credit) with followers of my new little blog?

    As for the post, I always enjoy your thoughts! Keep it up.


  9. Wait, people don’t want the gays to get married??? All this time I thought they were saying they didnt want happy people to get married because it would ruin their unhappy marriages, their unhappy kids, and their ability to make others unhappy.

  10. Like on of the commenters above said, that poodle in the first picture looks so incredibly smug that I can’t stop laughing. 🙂

  11. As the mother of one daughter and five furkids I can soooooo relate to those pics!

    On a serious note Mum, I just can’t understand the logic of an argument that says gay couples shouldn’t raise children because they will somehow turn them into gay adults. Does this mean that all the gay people in history were born to couples who were /secretly/ gay themselves? If that is so then the real statistics for gayness in the populations must now be at least 50/50!

    And if /that/ is true then heteros like myself are part of a minority who are tolerated by the kindness and generosity of people like you and wifesy. Thank you both for being good people 🙂

    1. ah, i could thank you for being such ‘good people’ too, sweet, ac. you rawk, which is my new yorker way of saying rock. anyway, you have five furkids!!!!!! five dawgs? ok, dogs. where in the hell do you keep them? do you have an enormous yard? do tell. momma loves you, ac. loves you. xo, mum

      1. lol – no, no! Only 1 dog and 4 cats. I’m on an acre and a half but even that wouldn’t be enough for 5 dogs 😉

        And you rawk too

  12. I know this is supposed to be about cute dogs and everything (JUST kidding!), but what I’m really wondering is if I saw a number on your blog correctly. It said you had, like 5,700 followers. But then it disappeared. Am I hallucinating? Are you famous? Do I get a Producer’s credit in the movie?

    1. nope, it’s more like 786. i’d like 5,000 but that’s not the dealio. i have my wp tied to my fb so it adds in my fb numbers and there i’m maxed out with 5000+ so that’s the number you’re seeing…xoxoxo, sm

  13. Once again, your blog reels me in with your humor. Then you talk about gaybies and babies. Then the pics of puppies and dogs got me hooked even more. Babies and puppies. A puppy dressed as a baby?!? What are you selling? I’ll take a couple, thanks. xo

    1. seriously, the farthest…ha, ha, that’s not a word – the extremist (lol) that wifesy and i go with dogsy is we put a cute hanky around her neck. that’s it. but, we always let her walk with her legs and her paws. she’s likes them after all. lol. xoxox, love you, gills. sm

  14. I think the world is still in closed mind mode when it comes to gays and marriage but I do think it has improved and I hope the acceptance level only raises as time goes on. Love is love is love no matter what the combination. Your blog is informative and entertaining as always lol. 😀

  15. I am straight, and I have to say, I’ve never yet figured out how same-sex marriage could in any way affect my marriage. It just doesn’t make any sense. But the dogs? Simultaneously adorable and terrifying.

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