Thank You, Barack


You know, I’m not very political on this blog.  Mainly because I don’t find politics to be all that funny, but that’s just me.  There are some humorists who do politics extremely well.  I do not think I am one of them.  However, today I’m going to get a little political.  I’m also going to try and stay positive.


Here, we live in a country where North Carolina decides it’s going to effectively ban the rights of a particular group of people.  Here we live in a place where the 40,000 Twat-Moms have struck again harassing JC Penny for featuring a same-sex family in its catalog.  Really, twats?  Who in the hell protests a family?  Isn’t that sort of like protesting Mickey Mouse or candy or angels?  What a gaggle of non-thinking hormones you all are or at least the head penis from American “Family” Association that in reality leads 40,000 twats really needs to take some Midol.  Thank god none of you have your finger on the button or the entire middle east would be gone, all of communist Europe, and any place in America that’s actually cool like New York or San Francisco or Austin.  What a boring world that would be with nothing, but screaming Glenn Beck, Pat Robertson, and Fox News programming playing 24 hours a day because I can only assume – from your behavior – that’s what you’d want.


I’m remembering that sh*tty move a while back that a Michigan mayor made saying and I’m paraphrasing, “New York just approved gay marriage for a bunch of fags, time to throw away my I Love New York bag.”  Well, I’m gearing up to take a page from her book.  I’m ready to throw away my, “We’re all Americans, even though I usually don’t understand WHY you say such stupid shit” TOTE BAG.  Guess what crappy, bible thumping right wingers, I’m tired of you shoving your bible down my throat in what is supposed to be the LAND OF THE FECKIN’ FREE.  A country that was created in order to separate from the goddamned Church of England.  A country that was created with the separation of church and state at the very forefront of its founding beliefs.  I’m all for freedom of religion.  Believe what you want – in your own house, on your own time.


But, tell me what I can and can not do and you have a war on your hands.


Wait, I’m supposed to be positive.  I’m supposed to remain positive here.


There’s something about this tote that calms me.


Okay, so Barack has stated emphatically that he’s standing up for gay marriage.  Maybe he was forced out of the closet by Biden.  Maybe he did it to raise even more campaign money.  Regardless, I don’t care.  I’m just glad he did it.  I am proud of him.  I think it was ballsy.  Completely and utterly ballsy.  And excuse my commie-French, but he went the whole hog.  He did not say, “civil unions.”  He did not say, “separate, but equal.”  He said marriage.  He stood for equal.  Equal, period.


Here is a link to the video.


Now, I’m only going to say this once, but it needs to be said:




Why am I picking on another minority?  Because one of the major reasons why the amendment passed in North Carolina was due to the black vote.  Because the bible thumping, black minority has lost sight of where it came from.  Evangelical black preachers and church goers have lost sight of the fact that JEWS and other THINKING white people HELPED THEM to gain equality.  Something that should have been bestowed upon them in the first place.  Something that should be their natural birthright.  Very similar to the right to marry and the right to raise a family without unmitigated hatred being aimed at your kids right between their beautiful little eyeballs.  Hello?  Does this ring a Loving vs. Virginia sort of bell for anyone else besides me?  Because, yes, at one point in this beautiful country blacks and whites weren’t allowed to marry one another.  Mixed race couples had unmitigated hatred launched their way until a STATE WAS FECKIN’ SUED.  I’d like to sue North Carolina and West Virginia right off the map.  You see, there are some factions of the African-American community who believe that all people should be free, but that the freedom to marry is reserved for straights.  Some religious people believe that a book should dictate every single thing human beings do, even if some of those things completely and utterly violate common sense.  A lot of people do not want to see the truth for what it is.  For example, that the bible was a book written by humans.  You can say it came down from God.  You can say it came down from Rocky Balboa, if you wanted.  But, the truth is that is was and is a book written by humans.  Therefore, it’s up for interpretation.  Period.  So, if you’re going to follow a book why follow only that book?  Why not Harry Potter?  Why don’t we start a war between the muggles and the wizards and those mud-bloods, well, they don’t deserve any rights at all.  I mean, they’re mud-bloods.  Holy sh*t, you mean this discrimination thing never stops, even in fairy tale land?  No, it doesn’t, unless sensible people stand up.  Period.


Ugh, I went off the positive track again.  Let’s get back on.


Here’s the thing.  Sometimes the government MUST legislate in order to protect a minority against the tyranny of the majority.  This is the way it has always been, here, in America.  This is the way groups have always gained their rights, here, in America.


I have no doubt that equal rights are coming.  I have no doubt.  The time is now because I don’t have another lifetime to live with Wifesy.  I only have this one, right here.


I am not a political person.  I am not a political comedian.  But, I am for treating others as you would like to be treated.  It’s funny, that statement almost sounds biblical.  Maybe because it is.



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93 thoughts on “Thank You, Barack

    1. :o!!!! FIRST!!!!!….sorry very immature but I never get to your posts until after 1000 other people have been and gone!

      Celebratory smooshes for all!!!

    2. i think so too. the nc thing annoyed the bejesus out of me tho. it’s too much. too much. but, i’m calm now. the post helped. 😉 xo, rinkungfu, xo. sm

  1. Kudos to you. I really wanted to say that I do think the African American community ought to be especially sympathetic in this case. They dont have to like it, but they should understand full well what people who are persecuted go through because they are “different”. The whole Bible thing is a farce. You can’t pick and choose what you want to follow and what you dont. If they really believe that the Bible is the reason then they better stop eating shrimp cocktail.

    1. and don’t forget we women should all be kept together in a tent somewhere when it’s our time of the month. i mean, she-sus. pick and choose is right. you know, it’s always said, it’s not ALL black people, but these black evangelicals need to get on the proper and just side of this and they are NOT. love you, rob. and loved your piece on this too. xoxo, sm

    2. Great point! Something else a little strange is that none of them pick and choose from the new testament. Clearly the first and most famous ‘christian’ is a little too liberal for their tastes. God I’m glad I’m an atheist.

  2. I’m all for gay marriage. If two people love eachother and want to take care of eachother until the end of time, let them! The world would be a happier place if being gay wasn’t treated as wrong, or unnatural, or illegal. If you’re straight, why do you care what other people do? They’re not out to get you. Pure love, the love that God wants us to have for everyone, knows no bounds of gender, race, or color.

    Thank you for writing this post, I’m sure many people will be talking about this!


  3. A few years back, I was very proud of Iowa, where I went to high school, when they voted to allow gay marriage. Then California, my home state, went and outlawed it.

    Then I retraced my steps for the few days prior to see if I’d stepped through a wormhole and ended up in Bizarro World and everything was backwards. Then I cried because I didn’t want to have to learn to walk on my hands. I have weak wrists.

    1. ando, that’s ande, but spanish, i wrote back to your comment yesterday and the cybergods have made it vanish. i’m so with you. i can’t walk on my hands nor pump water and if anyone asks me to do those things we’re going backwards for sure. same is true about the gay issue. it’s time to be in the PRESENT. well said my friend. xo, sm

    1. SERIOUSLY. there was a bee in my bonnet yesterday, that’s for sure. who am i kidding, i do not own a bonnet, but i do have a baseball cap or two. lool. anyway, love you. playing comment catchup today. xo, sm

  4. “But, tell me what I can and can not do and you have a war on your hands.” my sentiments too…
    sweet mom its an amazing post i loved the way you added the Harry Potter example of how discrimination doesn’t end even in fiction..
    and you are so right …time is now, no one as another lifetime to live..

    loved it Sweet Mom!!

  5. If you could see me, you would see me bowing to you. Wonderful post, wonderful message, wonderful heart. I agree–what Obama did was ballsy, and I am proud to have a president that would make this bold move. But the fact that it has to be considered a bold move is in itself sad.

    1. sad, indeed. but, it IS an issue, whether we want it to be or not, so i am very glad he did so. it almost erased nc and i mean ALMOST, as it did not entirely. xo, sm

  6. I think he was so brave to say that. I admire him even more now!

    I know this is a personal question, but are you and Wifesy married? Getting married? Want to get married?

    1. me too. and not a personal question at all. yes, we are married in massachusetts, which means feck all because we live in CALIFORNIA!!! loolll. but, yeah, we want something federal. i mean the tax deduction alone would be well worth it. the rules are just not the same. and if you’re spending a life with someone, you should at least be allowed the same tax deductions. i mean, that’s a money issue and something i would think republicans could understand… xo, sm

      1. this might sound silly by it makes my heart sing knowing you are married… awww ♥ {i’m a cheese ball}
        and I completely understand, and agree with you.. but who will ever know what goes on in those republicans heads? …

  7. Reblogged this on veggiewitch and commented:
    Sweetmother, I love you, and I am jumping on my couch in support of everything you’ve said in this post. I 100% agree! I’m also crying tears of joy, frustration and hope. People will come back to their senses. They have to! Love you like a crazy!
    Veggiewitch ♥

    1. veggie, i love you right back. yes, i am an optimist and i DO believe this is coming. people will come to their senses if i have to wave smelling salts under their very noses! lol. much love and thank you for the re-blog, mother

  8. I live in NC and I was one of those campaigning against the amendment. The funniest thing I saw was a map that showed where the most educated people in NC live compared to a map where the most votes were against. Yup…you guessed it…the counties with the most educated people (also where the major colleges are) were the ones where the majority voted against the amendment. Thought I would share!

    1. oh, so true, and thank you for campaigning against it, jumble. i saw that map. rob rubin – he has commented above, did an excellent piece on it, as he’s from nc too, that’s where i saw the map. check it out if you get the time. anyway, so sad that education has become a leftist thing in this country. so silly. really, so silly. okay, that’s all for now. much love, jumble, xo, sm

  9. You know where I stand. I live in NC, (hanging my head down in shame.) Did you see the black NC preachers sermon that was shared in my comments below my letter to NC parents? You might now have. I ran it three days in a row and you commented on one and I can’t remember if it was the one with the link.

    I am in love with this preacher, (based solely on this one thing I have heard him say.) I am going to put two links. He is amazing and he is for equal rights for all Americans. He is only about 25 minutes from me and I might just go visit his church.

    Here is the comment with the link…
    Sid Dunnebacke on May 8, 2012 at 8:53 am said: Edit
    It’s a bit late, but this is worth listening to. I think you’ll appreciate it, Abbie. I stole it from Neil deGrasse Tyson (the astrophysics guy).

    Reply ↓

    All that makes you…
    on May 8, 2012 at 9:54 am said: Edit
    Oh, thank you! I may just listen to him all day in my earbuds! I could totally go to his church. I could find a church that makes sense to ME? Crap. No more golfing on Sunday mornings. Loved it!

    1. What an amazing man! I’m Australian. I don’t get to vote in the US but if I could I would vote for this man.

      lol – I’d vote for Obama as well. I think half of the rest of the world would too.

      Integrity is not a swear word!

    2. ok, this is so SO cool. i think i commented on another post and not the one with this link because i would’ve stopped and listened to this. is he baptist? regardless, there needs to be more of him. can we clone him? lol. the thing that upsets me is that these guys that lead these megachurces — for example, joel osteen (white) and td jakes (black) they are BOTH against gay marriage, yet at the same time they want to portray this image of inclusivity. it’s bullshit. and i’m calling ’em on it. especially, td jakes. yes, i’m holding the black guy to a higher standard because i expect more from him. he goes on an on about how the african-american can NOT forget where they came from, yet at the same time he wants to deny the rights of another minority group. it does not hold water with me. but, THANK YOU for posting this, makes, it was fantastic and so well said. no one can tell it like a black preacher sometimes. no one. loool. much love, sweet mother

      1. I was contemplating taking my three young sons to his church Sunday but I thought of all the crazies and decided I may wait until things cool down and go alone. I watched it with one of my 12 year-olds and he was mesmerized. I grew up going to a southern baptist (in Michigan because they all moved there with auto industry 60 years ago) and it was fantastic explaining to my son why people were, “interrupting” the preacher! I honestly have an even funnier story I will never be able to tell about a male teacher at the elementary school my youngest attends, happening onto my blog. I don’t know how it happened but I think he now thinks I am “on the down low” as in I am gay instead of me telling him not to tell anyone about my blog so I don’t get lynched in the school parking lot. I just decided to not set him straight on that. He is also a waiter at our country club at night and this is just too much fun for me. I don’t think I will tell my husband but I have told a few girlfriends and they think it’s great. Best to make these southerners realize there can be “gay people” everywhere, including in marriages.

  10. “ou see, there are some factions of the African-American community who believe that all people should be free, but that the freedom to marry is reserved for straights. ”

    And that right there is the best put example of stupidity. Talk about tunnel vision 😦

    I always find it so sad how common sense is the least common of the senses

    1. “i find it so sad when common sense is the least common of the senses.” — oh, summer, that was gorgeous. absolutely gorgeous. thank you for leaving it here. xo, sm

  11. I recently moved to NC and thought it would be an improvement over ID. Guess I was wrong. What’s it gonna take to cure America of its ignorant stupidity?

    1. jeri, i don’t know. i really don’t know. all i can say is that we have – historically – ALWAYS moved towards increased rights for americans. but, i think we have always done so WITH a fight. witness the suffrage movement or the civil rights movement. so, this is going to be a fight regardless. i don’t mind the fight, as long as it comes. much love, mother

  12. I typed and deleted several versions of a comment before deciding it doesn’t matter what I think. I too posted on this topic today from my own point of view. Just so people who read my blog would know that even though I am only a member of the awesome women people group, gas bags and douche bags do NOT speak for me.
    The only person who speaks for me is me and I don’t even do it that well sometimes. Surprisingly my post prompted the most “likes” from the bot people with fake blogs. You know the ones that have no posts and hate speech on their gravitars. I even got a little gold star 200th “like” notification. Yip-efin-eee! Nice post Sweet Mother.

    1. “gas bags and douche bags do not speak for me” — looool, honie. loved it. i so hear you. i’m glad you wrote about it too. the more people who write about it and talk about it, the better. it is ignorance, plain and simple. i DO think that the most people who are against this do not know a single gay person. i gently got into it with a woman on wordpress who wrote about how she’s ‘against gay marriage’. i asked her if she knows any gay people. she said, ‘i have one cousin who is bisexual’. it was a male cousin. that sounds to me like a young, male cousin who is questioning and terrified to come out. that is not the same as knowing a sane, stable, married, gay, couple. it’s just not. once you know one, it’s hard to go, ‘those people are so different…’cause we’re not, really.’ much love, mother

  13. I just don’t get what the feck is up with people wanting government out of everything except a woman’s vagina and people’s personal relationships. Affordable health care for everyone?!? NoOOoOOoooOOOoooOOOO!!!! Government denying people the right to marry whom they love? Feck yes!! Let’s get right in that with a big roll of bureaucratic red tape! Woo-hoo!!!

    1. ha, ha, 7, i was waiting for you to comment on this. i swear if we lived near each other we’d have coffee or drinks together because i understand you. completely. perhaps, we share a brain! much love, mother

  14. I have always supported marriage for all, because why should anyone be happier than anyone else?

    I said that so you would smile.

    It took the first Black President of the United States of America to say clearly and he recognizes the rights and equality of all Citizens of the United States of America under the Law. This was historic and sad at the same time. We should not have to have a President make this sort of historic statement, but we do.

    I am proud of President Obama. He spoke at risk to his 2nd term, he spoke anyway.

    Yesterday I was ashamed of my nation because of the outcome in North Carolina, by the end of the day POTUS redeemed us but only by a very little bit.

    1. i am so with you and everything you’ve said above, val. sad that it’s historic, but historic it is. i’m so with you. i was disappointed and then proud, but there is still a ways to go. much love, mother

    1. that sucks, cerebral. you should be free to live wherever you like and to be free, period. i also have a friend – american – who lives in britain because her partner is british and she can not come here to live and work. however, britain completely recognizes their union there and she has been granted a full green card. that saddens me because i know she would live here if she could. stay strong and much love, mother

  15. Twenty-five years from now, our kids will look at this time and wonder how we, their parents’ generation, could possibly have tolerated such blatant injustice. And I for one want to be able to look into my son’s eyes and say, “I didn’t.”

    1. That was exactly my point in my letter! Ha ha! How can these mothers of small children and holding signs on the side of the road AGAINST marriage equality not realize they really don’t know if their kids are straight or gay. How will they look them in the eyes in 20 years? How will they tell them that their relationship is less valuable than their “straight” sibling?

    2. and kathy, you should be very proud that you will be able to do so. gays will not make it anywhere in this without straight allies. we just won’t. so, thank you and i’m so glad that you’re raising a son to be tolerant. i think it’s one of the best things a human can do. much love, mother

      1. I’m trying to do more than that. You tolerate a bad smell, or an annoying coworker. I want my son to appreciate and enjoy diversity. I want him to be comfortable with who he is, and with who other people are as well. I want him to LIKE being around people who are not necessarily just like him. Setting tolerance as the standard is too low a bar, in my opinion.

      2. huge, huge, smile on my face after reading that. you are so right and so great, kathy. it’s huge what you are doing. huge and wonderful. thank you for clarifying that as you are right and you said it so well. much love, mother

  16. You should get angry more often Mum. You are a living example of the fact that gays are just like everyone else, only funnier. So when Sweet Mother roars a lot of people listen. -huge hugs-

  17. I love that you wrote ‘So, if you’re going to follow a book why follow only that book? Why not Harry Potter?’ When I was a young sunday school attendee in the early 80’s I asked a similar question, but I told them a better story to follow would be the Hobbit. No surprise that I wasn’t popular there, and didn’t last too much longer.

    As a non-US reader I don’t know much about how your politicians work but from way over here it appears that they are all heavily influenced by their church. If a pollie here mentions their religious affiliation they are immediately treated with suspicion. We don’t want to hear about it and they had better not show its influence over them.

    People should be allowed to be and do whatever they want as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else, that includes not forcing others to conform. If being married makes you happy why should you be forced not to be? I was surprised to hear your president actually commit to the word ‘marriage’. It might harm him in the polls, but he will be long remembered by all of you as the first one to clearly state which side he is on. Not a bad thing to be remembered for 🙂

    1. i think he took a very STRONG position by saying ‘marriage’. he did not say unions, he did not say separate, but equal, he said marriage. and from the highest office in our land, that really is something. there’s a fight in britain, i believe, to change it all from civil unions to marriage, which people are fighting. however, in britain, it is much more fair than here, right now. their civil unions are completely, legally, equivalent to marriage. here, right now, it is a state by state thing. typically that’s the way it goes until it is forced into the supreme courts and they declare something unconstitutional, the president refuses to enforce something (as he did with the defense of marriage act), and eventally the tide changes and the gov’t writes and amendment, making it pretty permanent. so, hopefully that will happen. though, i think this will be a harder fight than the civil rights fight because of the biblical argument, unfortunately. as for how religious americans are, it goes like this — in the highly populated cities – people tend to be more secular and more tolerant of religions while at the same time throwing a suspicious glance at it. the further you go out of a city the more religious it gets, often, though not always. in rural areas, in the south, people drink religion as a food source. period. and as an american, i see nothing wrong with that if it gets them through the day and helps them become good people. however, religion has no place in government, in my opinion, and that’s what these anti-gay legislations do – they put religion right smack dab in the middle of government. therein lies the problem. much love, sm

  18. Lovely as usual! I had the oddest conversation with a neighbor tonight that I thought was very liberal. She cried when Al Gore didn’t win the Presidency so certainly she would be pro gay marriage, right? She actually said, I don’t even understand why gays would want to get married.” I want to go egg her house now. Why are people so stupid? If only there were more Sweet Mothers in the world.

    1. try explaining it to her. seriously. that gays are pretty much just like everyone else. you may not change her mind, but you may make her question her beliefs and in the long run, that’s a good thing. much love, mother

      1. I did. I rationally and logically debunked every one of her notions. She just dug her heels in. Humans are odd creatures, but we’ll just keep going on fighting the good fight anyway. And I promise not to egg her house. 🙂

  19. Its only a matter of time before these rights will be granted, I’m certain of it. Let’s be proud of the states who voted the right way. The rest will catch up within the next twenty years I’m sure.

  20. “I am not a political person. I am not a political comedian. But, I am for treating others as you would like to be treated. ”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    I can’t wait for the day when what people SAY they believe, and what people actually DO to prove they believe those things, actually match.

  21. I was surprised by the announcement, but really happy. During California’s Prop 8 debate I had all sorts of weird discussions, as a straight person, with other straights. One woman voted for it, but then felt guilty. Maybe she should have voted against it, because “…if more of them were married, there would be less AIDs…” OMG. I told her my hairdresser’s story, related below…she was being thoughtful to the best of her ability, which wasn’t very much. The tragic thing is, not only are some people filled with hate, but many many more are filled with utter total ignorance. They honestly don’t know any better.
    I think Obama may have helped himself here rather than hurt. I mean, now he’s a Kenyan, secret-Muslim, pro-gay marriage guy, right? Does that even make any sense? I’m not sure he’ll lose any votes over this, and a bit of ballsiness serves him well, I think.
    BTW, I became in favor of gay marriage by observing the relationship between my hairdresser and his then-partner, who later became his husband. I could see they had the same *thing* together my husband and I have, and that was it. A separate designation would not do. I was converted by seeing. Once seen, I could not un-see.

    1. “once seen, i could not un-see.” oh, martha, what a wonderful statement. “once seen, i could not un-see”. that should be a tattoo somewhere. i mean it. so true, so true. thank you for leaving this wonderful comment here. i do agree with you that most of the time it’s ignorance. much love, sm

  22. “I am not a political person. I am not a political comedian. But, I am for treating others as you would like to be treated. It’s funny, that statement almost sounds biblical. Maybe because it is.”

    Could not agree more!

  23. I took my (then) 7 year old son to President Obama’s inauguration. The day after he won the election, hotel rooms were about all SOLD OUT! I paid through the nose but said to my husband “I will never regret this money spent.” It was my goal to show my oldest son a historic moment in US history as well as showing him how a massive number of people really believe in this man and his ideals for our country. I have had many many many reasons to be proud of the President, except for the gay marriage issue. He just did not believe in it then but I respected the difference of opinion as I have many in my family who don’t believe in it either.

    However, with his evolved view of gay marriage, I have now another reason to be proud that I voted for the President and went to the inauguration. It’s a real risk to come out a say that BEFORE an election. I’m sure it will rile the conservatives and motivate them to come out and vote in droves, but I hope they will respect that he had the decency to state his position before the election – whether or not Biden jumped the gun and forced his hand. Can you imagine if he wins this election, says the same thing that he’s said for years about how he’s conflicted in it but yet still believes in man+woman marriage, only to reverse himself AFTER winning the election?? People would accuse him of fraud and trying to win center Republicans and independents.

    Here’s a recent exchange that my (now) 10 year old son said to me:

    “Mom, a couple kids told me that Brad (*not real name) has two moms”. This was said in a neutral yet inquisitive tone in the same manner as he would say about some child with divorced parents – both situations that are different from our own family and what he knows.

    “Really? What would you say if you asked Brad and he said ‘no, I don’t have two moms’?”

    “Ok, that’s cool.”

    “And, what would you say if Brad said ‘yes, I have two moms’?”

    “Ok, that’s cool. Let’s play.”


    1. this is so, SO awesome, winn. such a great story and i LOVED reading it here. you are going to raise amazing adults, but i seem to feel that i knew this about you already. 😉 oxox, sm

      1. Though she is pretty great in her own field; comedy just doesn’t get you the kind of lasting reputation that organizing civil rights marches does.

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