First a note:  Happy Mother’s day to all, from your favorite CHILDLESS MOMMY BLOGGER, ME!  Second, I know a lot of you have given me some great awards and I have not, as of yet, had time to respond to them, but I promise I will in some way.  So, thank you and know that a “fun with awards” type post is on the way.


Now on to the important stuff.  Today I would like to introduce this week’s reggie.  I call her, “the blogger who I would most like to have drinks with.”  (There are a lot of you who fall into that category, but this girl is way high up on that list…)  Maybe it’s the title of her blog that makes me feel particularly boozy when I think of her or maybe it’s just her darned hilarious commentary.  Every time this blogger stops by my blog, it’s a joy and she leaves a gem.  I’m not sure where she lives.  I don’t know her real name.  (Though I assume it includes the word Jen…or maybe Tonic.)  However, I can assure you that if I find out I will head to her house and have copious amounts of wine with the lady, my treat.  Or at the very least, I’d let her cart my picture around the city of her choosing.  See below for more on that.  Her writing is funny, when she makes a connection with you it’s authentic and real, she talks about music, and she even makes videos.  The only complaint I ever have about her is that I wish she posted MORE frequently (because I love the broad), but I can only assume she has a life and sh*t and maybe even a job.  Anyway, if you don’t know her, you should get to know her, right away, like it’s an emergency.  She’s that good.  And if these beautiful “reggie” pics don’t convince you that she’s a keeper, then I will provide even further evidence below.  Without further adieu… introducing the G-force in this little corner of the blogging world:





As you can see, Jen really put her all into creating these reggie pics by taking over the stool softening aisle of a local Walgreens.  She endured looks, she endured taunts that included insensitive commentary like:  “What’s the matter, you eat too many breaded meats?”  She’s a dedicated blogger.  I love her music posts.  I love her posts on her blog teammates – 1 and 2.  And her written stuff, OH, it’s so funny.  For example, Jen found a dating site where you can make fun suggestions of stuff to do with your date.  In that piece she included the following pasttime to enjoy with a lucky, male candidate:


“We can…dress your penis in a tiny stovepipe hat and make it impersonate Lincoln by giving the Gettysburg address.”


She talks about the horror of team meetings in the workplace here and in “A Dog’s Life” she discusses the wisdom a dog can give you.  It’s good stuff.  Really good stuff.  All of it, truly, either captures your interest or makes you laugh.  On top of all that, Jen makes you want to be her friend.  I know I do.  I think of her as completely AMAZE-BALLS, which is my higest compliment.  So, do the right thing this Mother’s day (after you call your mom that is) and FOLLOW JEN AND TONIC.


Read a few posts of hers and you’ll be drunk on the fact that another talented soul exists in the universe.


Thank you and you’re welcome.


Much love, happiness, and humor,


Sweet Mother



Sweet Mother is updated daily.  If you’d like to follow this blog, you can do so by clicking the follow button at the top of the page.  If you’d like to become a reggie, reading and commenting on this blog is a good start.


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