WordPress Blog Awards Payment Time


It was only 3 short months ago that I received my first blogger award ever.  It was from this wonderful blogger – Allison.  I remember how it felt then.  I felt noticed for my WRITING, which is exactly why I came here to WordPress.


Since then I had the honor of becoming “freshly pressed,” which is similar to being in a parade and having confetti thrown at you, but you have to answer each piece of confetti and say “thank you.”  So, it’s wonderful and exhausting all at once.


After that, I felt like I really gained an audience.  So, I like these awards because I think they give a writer confidence in that lonely beginning period and they help to keep you motivated.  That being said, though, my life has gone completely crazy – in such a good way – since starting this blog.  Keeping up with my one-a-day posts has been a great deal of (rewarding) work.  I’m really happy with the outcome so far.  The only loser in this situation has been my awards.  I’m very thankful (and grateful) to the people who have given them, but I’ve also been lax about doing my awesome-award duties.  I suppose, after a while, there’s something about these awards that feels a little like being trampled while exiting a Great White concert.  It’s a rush, but sh*t you barely make it out alive.  That doesn’t mean I’m not grateful.  Because I am!  I love you all and I love these awards, so keep ‘em coming, if you like.  I just may have to answer them all in one felt swoop, as I am doing so now.


So, here are the wonderful people who have given me these gorgeous awards, in no particular order…weebles, carrie, lilmiss, j85, urbannight, cauldrons, luwi, alundeberg, and gillian colbert.  (Also, if I missed you and you gave me a darned award, let me know and i’ll link to your buns in a future post.)


Now, I know I’m supposed to display them all in my sidebar, but the idea of finding them all and uploading them individually gave me heartburn.  So, instead I created this word cloud on wordle with all of the people who nominated me and the awards they nominated me for:


You’ll see one dirty word in there.  That’s because Weebles said to me, “I know you already have an xx of awards already…”  and I included that dirty word as an award.  Tell me if you can guess what it is in the comments section below.


I’ve decided we should also add one more award to the fire and I’d like to give that award to all of you, right now.  I call it the:




For short, I call it the, “UNCHECK ME.  UNCHECK ME OR ELSE.” Award.


Here’s what it looks like:

Feel free to use this anywhere you like, but definitely staple it to your forehead when commenting.


Lastly, it seems that a lot of these awards come with stipulations.  You have to nominate other people.  For that, I say check my comments section and follow anyone there.  They are all cool.  Or hit my growing ‘reggies’ section.  I nominate all of them as well.  The other thing you usually have to do is say 7 things about yourself.  So, I’m going to end this post with that.


7 Things You Wouldn’t Know About Me:


1.  This blog has led to TWO, that’s right, TWO writing jobs for me.  I’ve talked about the first one here, I’ll talk about the second one soon.


2.  We’re having our little house (lodge) painted right now, so I’ve banished myself to a Starbucks to post and write.  Little does Starbucks know, but they’ve become the co-work space for those who don’t want to pay for office space.  Lol.  I love you Starbucks.  Please watch this video in their honor.  It got the Starbucks employee who created it – fired!


3.  I like to answer ALL of my comments.  That’s right, all of them.  I have unanswered comments, here – on this post, and it’s bugging the shit out of me.  The good news is that as travellady said, “It was just nerves…” because my agent really likes my book proposal.  Now, I have to finish the feckin’ thing.


4.  BOTH my brother and I are gay.  We have conservative parents.  I hold us up as an example that this sexuality sh*t must have some kind of genetic component because, well, we love our parents and wouldn’t do this to them if we didn’t firmly believe that this kind of stuff is pretty immutable.  That being said, I am VERY proud of my brother and myself.  We live our lives as we are, authentically, and I think that’s pretty cool.


5.  I karaoke in Spanish.  I tend to do songs from either Ricky Martin or Marc Anthony.  It usually causes a stir because no one expects it from someone who looks like me.  I also sing like a squirrel and dance around like a person with an electrical charge surging through their body.  I promise you, it’s a show-stopper, every time.


6.  I have never owned a car.


7.  I have an enormous big toe.  I swear it.  It’s huge.  In college, they used to call me, “b.t.”.  My mother says it’s because “our forefathers used to climb trees with their bare feet to get the coconuts and that’s why we have these wide feet and big toes.”  I love that she says that because she turned our weirdness into an awesome story.  I think every parent should do that for their kids – turn their insecurities into amazingness.


That’s it for today, my lovelies.  I hope you are all well and thriving.


Much love,


Sweet Mother



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66 thoughts on “WordPress Blog Awards Payment Time

  1. I have spent the last couple weeks with thousands of comments in my Inbox because I forgot to uncheck that box you refer to which was created by the Devil. In addition to clogging the intestinal system of my Inbox, it alerted me to the fact that there are bloggers out there who get a whole hot mess of holy crap comments. Like you. But you deserve them.

    1. looool. that box thingy WAS created by the devil. i don’t know why in the feck wordpress thought that was a good idea. i have dismantled the one on this page, i believe. so, it shouldn’t happen from my blog anymore. i hope and pray! much love, boomer, much love. sm

  2. Awesome. It is overwhelming and yet I feel very appreciated, versus having a sippy cup thrown at my forehead in the middle of the night while a toddler yells, “MORE!” I am sure no one on WordPress would do that.

  3. So, I checked out Le Clown’s post yesterday and watched the clips of you and loved them so much that I went to YouTube to watch more. Now I love reading your posts in your voice. Congrats on the awards. What you said about getting awards right when you first start blogging is so true! The first time I got one, you would’ve thought I’d won the lottery. It really does give such a boost to one’s confidence. Love ya, moms!

  4. Excellent post. Mostly because you put my name on your award image next to the word “beautiful” and not “assload.” Because my family would probably do just the opposite. And they’d probably be right in their choice.

    Now, please, please post a photo of your big toe. While singing Karaoke in German, because, you know, it’s such a soft pretty language…

      1. Ha ha, you have enough to worry about! Well, I do a lot of this for my work, I coach people with with their body language in negotiations and sit and study everyone as an observer for corporations. The written word is an extension of body language. It is amazing what you learn after years of training! xo

      1. I did consider that, but then all the nerd-isms in my head started fighting. Sweet Mother was fighting with Battlestar Galactica’s Starbuck: “Feck you!” “No, frack you!” And then Mal from Firefly was taking bets on which gorram white girl would throw the first punch. So I just used an asterisk and let them all figure it out on their own.

      2. kathy v, lauren is correct on this issue. it is feckton, now, forever, and always. thank you both for implanting that in my brain…because now, i fear, it will never leave! xoxo, sm

  5. All I can say is I am glad the the stupid comments email thing wasn’t happening when I commented on your freshly pressed post! That would have been an assload of emails…
    Congrats on the awards, you are most deserving. You put a smile on my face every morning before work so I hereby award you the… just kidding 🙂

      1. That was back in the day to opt in. Guess which bunny opted in? To this day I have no idea why… I tell you what, Mother did a great job on answering. For every action there was a reaction and it arrived in my mail box too!!!

        Knocking off two birds here: great post as usual SM 😉

    1. briges, i fecked that one up, major. soooo, here’s a what i’m a gonna do. i’m gonna add you to my blogroll AND include you in a post. so sorry about that. much love, sm

      1. Why, thank you SM. No worries — your posts always make me smile, hence my award to you for bringing in some sunshine. ;). Take care.

  6. Ha ha love the a$$loads of awards you’ve gotten so far and especially your way of passing fame and glory (or at least more hits in the stats department) 🙂

    Good for you SM – well and good for me because I love hearing your writing voice around these parts and positive recognition will mean you’ll stick around a while longer (at least that’s how it works for me) 🙂

    Hugs, K.

  7. I also loved your response to awards, I also tend to ignore them till I do them together (am an epic failure at responding). The one thing I did do though is set up a Page for Awards rather than put them on my sidebar, now I just add them there after the obligatory post.

    You deserve all the recognition you receive, your voice is fresh and marvelous. I always look forward to you in my in-box.

    1. i know, i have a separate awards page too. i’m going to put that word cloud in the sidebar with a link to this post and forever consider myself “caught up” so to speak in awards land. looooollll. much love, sm

  8. You have never owned a car????? -thinks- Hmm… perhaps I should have just politely looked away and not expressed surprise at that one. After all, Mum is a lovely person. I’m sure there’s a perfectly good reason for such sacrilege….-unthinks-

  9. You are a better blogger than I. I have stopped responding to awards. Partly because I do not like attention, but mostly because I have lost too many among the comments I would feel bad passing on one and not another. Imagine the agony they would feel, why did she skip my but pass on theirs? So I now must pass on them all.

    1. it was a manhattan thing…never truly needed one and whenever i went out of town i just rented. now i drive one like it’s the indy 500. lol. much love, meeka, much love. sm

    2. you are most probably following the better plan, me thinks. the way better plan. ay yay yay. much love, never, much love. i don’t know why i’m repeating things today like a geisha girl, but i am. 😉

  10. I want to bestow upon you the Spanish karaoke award. I call it the El Señor esta todas partes, which means the Lord is everywhere and is the only phrase I remember from Spanish 101 because I couldn’t believe my prof wrote it on the board and said “There you go, guys.” Great, thanks professor la strango?

    1. omg or jesus christo. el strango, indeedo. you seriously always give good comment as this one made me chuckle out loud. you is righteous, 7, in any language. sigue crushendolo. that was spanglish and it means, ‘continue crushing it’. xoxo, sm

  11. ASSLOAD!!! The dirty word was assload. 🙂 I would love to see you do kareoke! I’m very similar. When I’m at a concert for a band I really like, I throw aside all pretensions of modesty and dance like a holy roller having a seizure. My singing isn’t much better.

  12. Congrats on all the awards! Especially that “Assload” one. I might have to steal some of your shortcuts to responding to the awards as I have a couple to acknowledge right now too.

  13. You’re a hoot. I’m new to your blog, and it’s probably one of the few that I come back to read. I’m a writer and with putting out books, I don’t have much time to blog, or to read blogs. YOUR’S . . . the exception.


  14. The “uncheck box” reminder is now on a sticky note next to the other sticky notes on the edge of my screen that say, “don’t forget to tag your posts” and “pick up Motrin and Corona” Gracias!

    1. waaaaahhhhhhh, haaaaa. yikes. so sorry, jolyn, but the people who i forget about often get more. so, i promise, i will mention you in another post AND add you to my blogroll. hopefully that makes up for it. 😉 much love, mother

  15. The awrads thing confuses me I know they’re out there somewhere but is there like somewhere on wordpress they’re kept or it’s just stuff people make up and hand out? Anyway congrats on all of them!!!

    I love the story your mum made up, Beth has a double crown and a widows peak (MANY bad hair days in her future poor thing) BUT they are combined in such a way that her hair naturally grows into a mohawk, biological proof that while her father and I may be fairly mundane she is destined from birth to be an awesome rockin’ chick!

    1. loooolll, i love that rinkungfu. an organic mohawk, who knew. you are awesome and yes, these awards are mostly made up, me thinks. but, real people give them to you and i like that about it. much love, sm

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