Sweet Mother’s Reggie Reader Profile #6

Well, well, well, my sweet readers.  The time has come to promote one of my absolute blogging favorites.  He has been quiet recently, but I believe what we are all experiencing – now, in blog-land – is simply the calm before the storm.


How to describe this man?  Truthfully, he was one of my first blogging buddies, in the best sense of such a nerdy statement.  He came to me through another spectacular man who I have come to adore.  However, what he did after visiting was awesome.  He reached out.  He made contact.  We chatted like – gasp – real people in a virtual world.  I came to like him quite quickly.  He is a Frenchy, he is FANTASTIC, but he would rather say MAGNIFICENT.  He is…





Yes, yes, Le Clown is the ONLY reggie, thus far, to warrant an entire goddermned slideshow.  This is how good his photos are.  What you are witnessing above is Le Clown’s familial experience at McBowel.  McBowel is how Le Clown stays regular.  It’s how he “drops the kids off at the pool,” so to speak.  I’m just happy to see a French Canadian at a McBowel without it involving a protest.


So, how does one fully describe Mr. Le Clown?  It is not easy.  I would say describing him is somewhat similar to catching a thunderbolt.  Nearly impossible and yet, electrifying.  This is how I find Mr. Le Clown’s blog.  It is a collage of creativity.  He creates short films, hilarious posts, serious posts, sweet posts, hilarious photo-posts, and pretty much everything in-between.


I’d say I’m fairly prolific as a blogger.  But, sometimes I am stunned by Le Clown’s output.  Yet, at the same time – and this is one of the things I’ve always loved about Le Clown – he puts his humanity and his family first.  When they / he need a break – he takes a break.  When he’s feeling productive like a bulldozer, no one can keep up with him.  I like to think of myself as a woman who is a leader of men.  (by men, I mean mankind, in that context…)  Perhaps, I have too primitive a view of myself or perhaps too grandiose, but I do know that if there were a tribal council forced upon me, often, I would get forced to lead it.  Some people are leaders by their own volition, some are forced there by the group.  For most of my life, I’ve been forced into that position by the group.  And I have taken it, mainly because there was no one around me who was either a) willing or b) a better option.  Every now and again – and it is rare – I meet a person who I would gladly hand over the conch shell to.  (Aren’t all tribal council leaders awarded a conch shell?)  Le Clown would be one such individual.  For when he is at the reins, even though I know the ride is going to be wild, I also feel safe.  Now that, THAT, is a worthwhile human being.  That is a blog worth reading.


If you don’t follow Le Clown already – after wondering which rock you’ve crawled out from under – I’ll gently inform you to do so NOW.  Here is his blog, here is his link Click it now.  The internet gods have warned me that his blog is re-loading and re-launching as of TOMORROW.  If you are not buckled in and on board, you’ll only have yourself to blame.  The beginning is nigh.  I look forward to it with a twinkle in my eye and a buzzing in my rear.


Come back to us, Le Clown, come back to us, my dear…for we, all of us, the lowly, the CARNIES…we miss you here.


Holy sh*t.  The fecker got me to rhyme.  It’s amazing what a Le Clown can do.  Experience the thrill for yourself.  You’ll thank me afterwards.  And you’re welcome.



Sweet Mother is updated daily, even when I don’t want to.  😉  If you’d like to follow this blog, you can do so by clicking the ‘follow’ button above.  As always, THANK YOU, for reading.



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44 thoughts on “Sweet Mother’s Reggie Reader Profile #6

    1. carnies unite! i think i’m going to call my wonderful audience SWEETMOS. is that too much? but, seriously, who doesn’t want to be a carnie? no one that’s who.

      1. Hmmmmm… I think I like sugar babies better (get it Sweet Mother =s Sugar Babies) … but then, I’m a sex blogger and horny, so who knows LOL

  1. And now I’m following YET ANOTHER amazing blog. Thank you? I think. Also, your standup routine? HILARIOUS. You even made my husband laugh from across the room while he was pretending not to listen. Congratulations!

    1. ssssshhhhhhh, that stand up sh*t is a national secret. but, seriously, glad you saw it and liked. 😉 momma loves you and is glad you’re here, kathy v. xox, sm

  2. I ADORE Le Clown, and I agree with everything you’ve said about him. I think some people try so hard to be one thing (funny, informative, inspirational) and he just does what he wants. If he feels like insulting you, he will. If he feels like being sentimental, he will. I like how authentic he is…it’s like reading stories from a friend.

    Great write up!

    1. wonderful commentary, j an t. and i couldn’t agree with you more. he’s probably one of the most authentic bloggers out there. i heart him. and youuuuu….i have a picture of lil old me coming your way that you can cart around…xoxo, sm

  3. Sweet Mother,
    I’m at the library laughing my ass off!! Le Clown is so magnificently funny. Le Clown hopes to be back tomorrow, but a little birdie (not the Twitter one, as he only talks in 140 characters, wanker) told me he might just be back Monday, as he’s working on his new blog, Black Box Warnings.

    Sweet Mother, I don’t say this often, but you’re a friend, and I love you, funny woman.

    Le Clown

    1. LE CLOOOOOOOWNY! oh, how momma has missed you. (typing to you from the edit bay of my new gig as we speak.) it was my utmost pleasure to write about you and i did it without even asking because, well, it was goddermned time. anyhoo, the feeling is mutual and we can’t wait to see your blogging-face around here soon. hope you and your boy and the rest of your family are safe and happy. and, of course, remember, you will always have a yankee-sister in arms by the name of ‘sweet mother’. xo, sm

  4. And for the record: Le Clown only “eats” McBowel when he is in dire need of an intestinal cleansing…
    Le Clown

  5. He is Great At Everything.
    Except dishes.
    Master of White Guy Dancing and Toddler Throwing. Expert in Bath-Taking and Montreal Driving.
    He is Boundless.

    1. just teasing, brig. with the ‘sweet worrier’ line. sorry, i was tired! lol. yes, definitely check out le clown. he’s pretty amaze-balls indeed. xo, sm

  6. Oh that slideshow! Awesome 🙂 but shouldn’t someone call the US version of the RSPCA? How many cute black squirrels must die before we take a stand against cruelty? j/k 😀

  7. Le Clown is my mortal enemy. Make that frenemy. Oh, hell…we have a brilliant time bantering back and forth online – him being short, sweet and pithy, while I just vomit words all over the place until I suspect he’s laughing in that bitterly cold place he calls home. Or is it maison? I still refuse to be called a Carnie and I, again, suggest that “bottom bitch” would be a less offensive name for Le Clown’s fans. Welcome back to that circus we call BLOG.

    1. Cristy,
      And to think I almost missed your comment. I’m curious… How much time in a day do you take for writing your interminable blogs, and comments? You have no kids, no partner? No job? No life?
      Le Clown

  8. That last picture is a true testament to McBowels fare. I would rather starve than ingest anything from there. That being said, and the fact that there was an obvious case of animal cruelty displayed in those slides, I think Le Clown will be a definite add on to my favorite bloggers list.

    1. Mike,
      Thank you. And thank you for following Black Box Warnings too. As for McBowel, its only purpose is to get that shit out when everything else fails.
      Le Clown

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