Tried to post today…

But, Wifesy had other plans. She ate all this flan. I hate flan, but I love Wifesy. Back tomorrow with regular programming…Xo, SM


20 thoughts on “Tried to post today…

  1. I need to try to make flan. I made bell pepper risotto and steak tonight, but flan sounds delicious. I could also share bread and pie type recipes with which to distract Wifesy in the future, since my baking seems highly effective at distracting N.

  2. You say you hate flan but there are two spoons. Hmmm…Did you sacrifice yourself to make her happy or was she cheating on you with another flan lover!!??

      1. the waitress brought two spoons with little concern as to my anti-flan bias. wifesy force-fed me the flan and i promptly spit it into a napkin. she loves it, i hate it. ying and yang and yuck. xo, sm

  3. You mean there’s none left for Mee ????!!!!!
    Hope Wifesy feels better soon. 🙂

  4. LOLOL!! You guys are the opposite of me and Mr. Weebles. I love flan, Mr. Weebles HATES it. Next time you’re in NYC we could totally double date, and Wifesy and I can enjoy our flan while you and Mr. Weebles mock us in disgust.

  5. I grew up on flan, and custard, and steamed pudding. How you could snub your nose at this delectable treat is beyond me. But to each his own.I still love your blog and will harbor no resentment at your flan hating.

    1. i am with you. i will never, ever, understand it. wifesy thinks it’s the carmel-burned, yogurt texture, nectar of the gods, but i adamantly disagree. 😉 sm

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