So, I’ve been thinking…LOTS.  And I’m thinking, maybe I should take this whole Sweet Mother thing LIVE.  That’s right.  I’m thinking about starting up a Sweet Mother Youtube channel.


On that channel, I’d cover a few different things, but mainly – Pets and Gays and Funny.  That would be it.  I want to do it because I know a TON of comedians who I’d like to do something with, here, in Los Angeles.  I’d like to expose my blog community to them.  I also think it will help to grow this blog’s audience and we could all use some more of that.  Plus, I just think it would be fun.


This is me, writing for dough in the edit bay today.


But, before I do anything, I like to think through the pros and cons of things.  So, let’s go over them, together, because I like you.




  • More views for Sweet Mother
  • Exposing my comedian friends to my blog audience and my blog audience to them
  • Expanding “the brand” – ugh, I just threw up in my mouth a little as I said that
  • It would be really fun, me thinks.
  • It would be low cost, but could eventually make some money.




  • I’d need a small skeleton crew.  I won’t do it without them – a director, an editor, etc.
  • It would be more work.  I wouldn’t launch without having a certain quantity of videos under my belt.
  • There would be some small, initial, start up costs – tape stock, editing time, etc.
  • The Youtube community can be a pile of douchebags.  Do I really want to open myself up to that?


So, there you go.  Those are the pros and cons off the top of my head today.  It wouldn’t change this blog much, minus expanding it a bit.  Much like you see a “Reggies” column once a week, here, you would also start to see a video once a week.


What do you all think?  Would you watch something like that?  Should I do it?


As always, I’m grateful for your comments.


Much love,


Sweet Mother



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