Sweet Mother Live?

So, I’ve been thinking…LOTS.  And I’m thinking, maybe I should take this whole Sweet Mother thing LIVE.  That’s right.  I’m thinking about starting up a Sweet Mother Youtube channel.


On that channel, I’d cover a few different things, but mainly – Pets and Gays and Funny.  That would be it.  I want to do it because I know a TON of comedians who I’d like to do something with, here, in Los Angeles.  I’d like to expose my blog community to them.  I also think it will help to grow this blog’s audience and we could all use some more of that.  Plus, I just think it would be fun.


This is me, writing for dough in the edit bay today.


But, before I do anything, I like to think through the pros and cons of things.  So, let’s go over them, together, because I like you.




  • More views for Sweet Mother
  • Exposing my comedian friends to my blog audience and my blog audience to them
  • Expanding “the brand” – ugh, I just threw up in my mouth a little as I said that
  • It would be really fun, me thinks.
  • It would be low cost, but could eventually make some money.




  • I’d need a small skeleton crew.  I won’t do it without them – a director, an editor, etc.
  • It would be more work.  I wouldn’t launch without having a certain quantity of videos under my belt.
  • There would be some small, initial, start up costs – tape stock, editing time, etc.
  • The Youtube community can be a pile of douchebags.  Do I really want to open myself up to that?


So, there you go.  Those are the pros and cons off the top of my head today.  It wouldn’t change this blog much, minus expanding it a bit.  Much like you see a “Reggies” column once a week, here, you would also start to see a video once a week.


What do you all think?  Would you watch something like that?  Should I do it?


As always, I’m grateful for your comments.


Much love,


Sweet Mother



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55 thoughts on “Sweet Mother Live?

  1. I’d be curious enough to watch and would stay if it suited my funny bone, which I’m confident it would.

    Maybe you need to consider kickstarter for funding??

    1. i was thinking just that, gills. re: kickstarter. i only think i’d have to raise a couple thousand to get it started. i have a director/ editor friend and if she says yes, i think i’d go for it, but i won’t do it without a crew and i have yet to talk to her about it. there’s something about it that feels right, but i’m at a point where i don’t want to do it unless it’s good and worth it, ya know? i’m working a freelance writing gig all this week, so my blog is suffering. hmmm, i’ll probably be able to give it the clearest amount of thought next week when i’m dooooooone. and give your blog some love. i’m missing it!!!! xoxo, sm

      1. Missing you too, Momma! Go with your gut, those things are usually right 😉

        Much love!

  2. Holy feck, I would watch the sh*t out of that. Sorry for the profanity. I’ve had two sips of wine.

    If any youtuber gave you a hard time, I would beat the living crap out of them. I would make video to send to you and force you to deal with how you would nicely reject my crap. Seriously, it would be awesome. I say go fer it.

    1. hmmmmm, maybe i could skype video in some of my fave bloggers? that would be feckin’ awesome. but, you’ve kept yourself so anonymous, how would we continue that? i would be okay with you doing your entire cameo / interview in a nixon mask, i’m just saying. it could be awesome… no, but seriously, the youtube community is the BIGGEST bunch of wanking douchebags you’ve ever seen, so i’d expect it. and hate it. so much so that i’m even thinking about paying this hilarious gay friend of mine to moderate it – the comment section. that might be hilarious… just ideas right now, but they’ve been percolating for a while now…so, it’s a strong maybe… love you, 7, love you. sm

      1. I would be so on board with that. I don’t have a Nixon mask, but I do have a Gryffindor robe and tie meant for a 7-year-old that I will gladly wear along with sunglasses. I can be Harriet Potter. Or something not so lame.

  3. Hey, SM, I’d watch your video, but I’m hesitant solely on one point you mentioned: The Youtube community can be a pile of douchebags. Do I really want to open myself up to that?. That IS opening up yourself to alot of that. I’d click on your video, of course but have you seen some of the comments there? Eww. Do what your gut tells you. Now, for some shameless plug, please meander over to my blog — you and Crubin above can relate. I’m not too proud to beg and seriously, it’s a scene over there sometimes, man. The very best to you whatever you decide and MUCH, MUCH success. xxoo.

    1. brigs, i just read your blogged and LOVED. it’s hilarious that post. you have to do more… as if you don’t have enough to do. but, you know what i mean, i wanted more! anyway, i SOOOO hear you on the pile of douchebags. and believe me – they are there, they are plentiful, and they will leave beyond sh*tty things. if i’m really going to do it, i’d have to not really answer nor pay attention to the comments. seriously. and i’m not sure that would be easy… so it is DEFINITELY a consideration. that is what i LOVE so much about wordpress – it’s a community of real and pretty awesome people. not just a community of anonymous douchebags trying to take each other down. i really like how -here- a lot of the people try to build each other up and that’s what i’m about… so, believe you, me, i hear you and it’s a concern. that said and as an a-hole avenger (ha, ha!) there’s part of me that goes, ‘well, that’s your goddermned place in the world to combat the a-holes simply by being there… and creating there…,etc.’ but, who knows. maybe, there’s not enough yoga in the world for me to handle it. nudge, nudge, wink, wink. xo, sm

      1. Thanks so much, SM. I think you’ve got to have a really thick skin and I’m so sensitive I couldn’t deal, but you most likely could. Maybe I should do more yoga? I’m in Goddess Squat right now after just coming out of Eagle Garundasana. ;).

    1. kendra, i heart you. seriously. and thank you. if i end up doing it, i’ll take all the support i can get and yours and the backing of your phenom site would be awesome. much love, sm

  4. Do it. Do it. Did you catch my NY accent? DB’s – fuggetta bout em! How was that? Too much GodFather?
    Always have an exit strategy. Always believe in yourself. You got this thing.

    1. honie, you rawk. seriously. i also like, ‘always have an exit strategy.’ cause if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, plain and simple. dbs be gone, for sure. much love, sm

  5. I’d definitely tune in, but you raise good concerns. It has to feel right for you. The bashers over there are a whole other country—nothing like the positive community I see in my blogging and followings.

    Follow your heart and/or gut. 🙂

    1. i so hear you and appreciate what you’re saying, jm. they are a whole other country, indeed. a whole other planet, really. but, i have this wealth of knowledge about it right now that feels like a shame not to use on the one hand and a is it something i should bother with, on the other. so, that means i’m on the fence with my foot slightly in one of the yards, which means my lady-area is in a perilous position. why does it always have to be like that when i make a decision. sigh. lol. xo, sm

  6. I’ve actually been contemplating doing that myself over at my blog for like satirical political ads. But like you say, there’s the whole rigamarole of getting people to work with you and stuff. I suppose I COULD just go down to one of the colleges around here (UNC, Duke, or NCState) and kidnap a bunch of Freshman and tell them it’s a fraternity prank and make them help me. But, it would be pretty hard to update the site from jail.

    More power to you if you pull it off.

    1. it would be WORK. that is for sure, rob. that’s why i’d have to have a small crew. i wouldn’t do it without them. and you nailed it. i blog for just that reason. it’s just me and my fingers typing and i don’t need anyone else to get it done. so, i just don’t know. but, things seem to be leading me that way since i’ve arrived here in la-la land. i suppose i’ll just keep pushing forward and see if something shoves me over the edge… you, on the other hand, should do it – as if you don’t have enough to do. but, something simple with your kids might be really hilarious. i nearly fell off my chair the other day when you said your kid ran in to say, ‘guess what colors my testicles are…’ there’s gotta be something in there and everyone can relate to kid stuff… just a thought. welp, time will tell if i do this thing or not. but, right now the idea really intrigues me. much love, sm

  7. I think my main concern for you is the cost aspect, but if you feel strongly that it could lead to revenue then the word “expense” turns into “investment.” If it were me and there were expenses involved, I’d figure out a business plan before jumping in…what do I expect? Time commitment? $$$ commitment? How do I define success? What, exactly, am I trying to achieve? In other words, a road map to follow.

    1. chads, first off, momma misses you. secondly, momma misses your blog. thirdly, where in the hell are my mexican’t pics? christy has beaten you to the reggie chase and i think she even gave birth to a condo. now, as for your comment — you are 100% right. a biz plan is ALWAYS the right move. i have what i would say is more of a biz strategy right now, but it’s loose. i think the hardest thing is you have to make it to ‘partner’ level on youtube to really start making money and that is NOT easy. it requires and enormous amt of views and subscribers. that would be the biggest hurdle. after that, it’s kind of cake. the advantage that i have right now is that i know a sh*tload about how it works, thus the edit bay picture above. nudge, nudge, wink, wink. but, believe me, your comment is MAJOR food for thought. much love, sm

      1. Must get to Casa Bonita to give you the proper reggie pics and the food there is so nasty I keep putting it off. But I’d do just about anything for you (including blowing refried beans out my ass), so I promise to get there soon.

        I still post once a week but I think WP screwed everything up with the follower gig. Have you noticed a decrease in your views? If so, I think I know why.

        I have FULL FAITH that you know what you’re doing and that you will be a youtube MEGA star. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.

        xoxoxo and lots more where that came from….

  8. Don’t ever think of turning something down that could be exciting and life-changing and, as you said, a lot of fun. If you can do it, go for it. The naysayers and blog attackers will be there anyway; they’re too stupid to have anything else to do of their own. Just ignore them. Or use them once a week or every other week to do a show just on them, the dumbheads!

    1. you are SO right, they will be there anyway and ALWAYS. the vampires feed off the hate. so, you have to ignore and soldier on. i believe i can do that. key word is believe. in practice it might be more difficult. i am definitely leaning towards doing this. if i can get a ‘team’ in place, i will. a lot of it rides on that. so, we will see. thank you for the awesome comment, para. it means a lot. much love, mother


    Stop. Breathe.

    Yes, please, that would be lovely.

    1. kathy, you are the bee’s knees. i don’t even know if bees actually have knees, but i know that they are awesome like bars of gold. and that’s what you are, a goddermed valuable bar of gold in my comments section. thankyouforbeingsuperawesomehilariousyou. momma loves, sm

    1. kat, you are right. initial costs are a factor. period. but, i DO think i have something to say. clearly. lol… it’s like i can’t shut up sometimes. anyway, thank you for saying that. it’s important for me to hear. much love, sm

    1. smak, you are wacktacular. that is my highest compliment and i’m not just saying that because i’ve read your blog. 😉 i’m saying it because i’m disrobing…nope, okay, anyway, i’m saying it because you’re HI-larious. rock out with your c*ck out. yes, i said that. momma

  10. What Kathy V. said. I didn’t realize that the YouTube community was so awful, I guess I don’t pay much attention. I certainly wouldn’t want you to be exposed to a raving pack of douchebags, but man, I would love to see you do more stuff on video (that sounds a lot naughtier than I meant it to).

    1. they are a bag of d*cks that has been thrown into an enormous sea of d*cks. seriously. it’s unreal. BUT, the potential there right now is huge. however, pretty soon, the way i see it going – no one will be able to break through and hit the levels of the big guys. so, if i don’t do it soon, i won’t do it. and if i don’t have a crew, i won’t do it. but, i have some really cool ideas for some funny sh*t. and i think it would be a blast. but, it does mean exposing me or someone i pay to douchebaggery and who wants that. unless there’s a way i can make it funny, which i might be able to… anyway, it’s fun discussing this with everyone here. seriously. this blog community should be my manager. looolll. much love, weebs, much love. and i’ll be at your blog soon. be working like cray-cray. much love, sm

  11. I’d definitely watch it. And if you’re hesitant to deal with youtube culture and it’s pitfalls, and having to wear a mask for the anonymity, what about a podcast?

    1. podcasts are great, but they’re not really my thing, except for marc maron’s. for me, it’s writing or video. but, i don’t want to direct or edit the videos…just write them and perform in them…so, we’ll see. youtube culture DOES blow though. so, i’d have to find a funny way to deal with that. how’s the blogging going for you, sean? how are you finding it? sm

      1. Yeah, I’m just catching on to the world of podcasts and of course Marc Maron is the only one I really listen to. He’s great. Maybe tackle the intern/editor position with one felt swoop with a UCLA/USC student? Or even UCB west? I know the message boards for UCB always have a lot of people on them just looking “to do and help.” Either way I’m confident you’ll decide to handle the youtube douchers with tact and humor. I’m really enjoying the blogging, just trying to take in the process of it and figure out how to find that balance of getting it done and not pushing off other things.

    1. cool pic, wendos. and i owe you an email. i have thoughts on what you wrote and i will respond. been working a lot the past few weeks. and thank you for saying you’d watch… i’ll probably know over the course of the next few weeks whether or not i’m really doing this… so, we’ll see. much love, sm

    1. meeks, you de bomb. street slang – for you’re great. oh, wtf, i know you didn’t need a translation, i just need my asthma inhaler. looool. much love, sm

  12. My mind just blew up from happiness.

    Starts a kickstarter campaign. I will absolutely donate money because whatever you put out will be worth every penny and then some.

  13. Douches be damned! Dooooooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt!!!!! Have you seen My Drunk Kitchen? Google it. Funny stuff. One of my youtube faves. Of course if there was SML that would be my faviest of all my youtube faves.

  14. If I lived closer I would volunteer to edit for you. Have you considered doing it on Vimeo instead?

  15. YES! Do it! …Okay, immediate reaction aside, I will say I’ve learned this much from the past year of blogging, where I’ve done a few of videos:

    PRO – It could be a really good format for you, and could get you a lot more exposure with a broader audience.

    CON – (In my experience…) A lot of readers/bloggers don’t take the time to play videos when they see them posted. They really are interested in this scene for the writing and the dialogue with fellow bloggers.

    But bottom line – if you want to do it, GO FOR IT! You’ll totally rock. And I’ll totally watch.

  16. I’m torn, SM. I love you and your voice and I’d love to actually see you and hear your voice. I’ve no doubt you’d be hysterical, but you’re right about the you tube crowd. They’re a different animal. Maybe I’m not hip enough, but is that the next step for successful bloggers? Maybe I’m just out of the loop.

    Have you ever thought about submitting to NPR? I’m looking into it. I just wrote a new blog that’s going to be published today that I think they might like. It’s about the time I insulted Alan Alda in a major way at a gala in his honor. Of course, doing a you tube channel would give you he opportunity to practice “reading” your blogs a la David Sedaris and get feedback. I’m on the fence, but I’ll support you in whatever you do, my friend.

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