Sweet Mother’s Reggie Reader Profile #7

Alright, confession time.  As if you didn’t know this already, I’m here to tell you again — I know it will be no surprise but — Sweet Mother is a bit of a cheerleader.  Yes, yes.  It’s a fact I don’t always admit, but I do have this side of myself where if I like you, I want to see you succeed.  Now, of course, there’s the converse where if I don’t like you, I try to imagine different ways you could “accidentally” walk your face into a cheese grater, but I suppose those dueling realities make up the reasons why I chose comedy as a career.


Now, let’s get back to the cheerleader part.  We all need a little support.  Period.  No one is immune from such a need.  And I’m not introducing this new Reggie with any kind of a “just help the guy out…” kind of speech.  He doesn’t need it.  He’s a smart guy.  He could walk away from blogging tomorrow and I’m not sure it would effect his life much.  But, I will say this:  Very rarely do I read a blog and wish there were more of it.  Very rarely do I read good writing and go, “Man, this guy needs to produce more.  Because what he has produced is good.  Imagine if he really committed to the feckin‘ thing.”


Well, that’s how I feel about today’s Reggie, Sean Murphy.  He is the creator of the fantastic, start-of-a-blog called:




This is Sean’s hand with a picture of that stuff you have to take before a colonoscopy…we can both assure you, it will result in a VERY, “clean house.”


Now, Sean is a human that I know in the flesh, not just in cyberworld.  In fact, a few odd years ago we lived around the corner from one another in the historic Lower East Side of Manhattan.  Sean may or may not know this – but, he’s a cool dude.  He’s a smart dude.  For one, he taught LSAT classes without ever being a lawyer, which is sort of like teaching brain surgery without every having a go at a brain.  Yet, he succeeded.  I would often see Sean either around the corner at the deli or at the local park.  I remember two such bump-intos with Sean.  During one at the park, Sean was gearing up for a run or a workout just as I was.  However, Sean was managing to pull off a 1970’s look that could’ve given Bjorn Borg a run for his money, complete with headband and all.  He looked cool.  It made me smile.  The second time, I saw Sean in the corner deli.  He was wearing an Obama pin.  This was really early on, before even Hilary was out of the race.  Sean asked me who I was going to vote for and at the time, I said, “Hilary.”  Sean squinted his eyes and gave me a look that said, “You’re voting with your vag.”  He was right.  He went on to say, “This guy is it.  He’s going to be the pres.  I’m telling you.”  He was right again.  So, Sean is definitely a smart guy.  He’s also a funny comic.  What I didn’t know…was that he can also write.


I mean, how cool was this guy?!


Sean has one of the best “about” pages I’ve seen as of late.  His “about” page sets up what he’d like to do on his blog, perfectly AND he’s funny about it.  Sean talks about how he’s always been “a collector of ideas.”  (Something I can REALLY relate to.)  He’s always written them down on napkins and shoved them somewhere, deep into a drawer without doing anything about them.  What Sean hopes to do with his blog is this, in his words:


“I’m looking to make my writing a bit more Octomom-esque.  Make something, love it for a short time, and then get busy making the next batch of things to love briefly.”


Hilarious.  And at the same time, good writing advice for us all.  Don’t get so attached.  Just create and then set it free by hitting, “publish.”


I loved Sean’s piece on “Prop 8 Club” where he fleshes out the idea that maybe straight celebrities are using gay marriage as a smokescreen to NOT get married at all.  I also loved Sean’s thought process around whether or not his daughter will become a “Yankee Fan.


It’s good stuff.  It’s well written.  It’s funny and insightful.  The only thing I wish and I truly wish for this — is that Sean would write more of it.  I think that’s the problem with blogging, I think a lot of truly gifted people give up on it before it really ever gets a chance to get going.


So, let’s save a Blogger today.  We all know how good and inspiring it feels to get comments, gain followers, and pick up views.  It makes you write again.  So, follow Sean by CLICKING THIS LINK HERE.  Let him know I sent you and maybe, just maybe, he’ll write some more for us.


With love,


Sweet Mother



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Photo credit:  Borg

27 thoughts on “Sweet Mother’s Reggie Reader Profile #7

  1. Awesome! The Octomom line is amazing. I am definitely following! I was brandy new to blogging last Feb, and had no idea what I was doing. It took MONTHS before anyone was really following my blog. Even if you have a great voice and style, the big thing for most folks in gaining a following seems to be reading/commenting on other blogs.

    1. i’m SO with you. and i did the same thing in the beginning and still at least try to do the same now. i have always thought seany needed to interact more…seany, seany are you listening? lol. xo, sm

    2. Thanks Go Jules Go, glad you liked it and are following! Good to know I’m not the only one struggling in the beginning to find followers. Will definitely heed your advice and start interacting more. And now I have a new site to check out and do so at! See you at Go Guilty Pleasures soon!

  2. I loved his most recent post. I’ll be following along with him, as well. Is this the Sweet Mother bump? Like the Colbert bump, only for blogging? It’s just that it makes it sound like you’re preggers.

    1. yep, it’s my ‘bump’ though you’re right, sounds preggers. maybe i should say the sweet mother ‘hump’? as long as wifesy doesn’t object i think we’re okay…looool. he’s a funny writer, sean. i hope he posts more. xo, sm

      1. I don’t know, the Sweet Mother Hump makes it sound like you’re either a horny puppy or Quasimodo. I’m not coming up with anything better, though — everything I think of either sounds inane or inordinately sexual.

  3. As a gifted person I can totally vouch for the fact that Blogging is one of those pain in the ass kind of things that often makes me want to quit from a lack of readership. Case in point, my blog was getting an avg of 400 views a day until this weekend when it dropped to about 100. What happened? Google Image Search no longer had my picture of Ron Jeremy on page 1 when someone searches for the hairy porn star. So all along while I thought my audience was picking up, they were really just looking for a fast hairy naked man with a very large manhood. If that’s not enough to make you quit, I don’t know what will. But alas, I continue trudging along.

    Hopefully Sean will do the same. I will check him out.

    1. you MUST keep slogging along. i hear you. the views game is difficult, if not ridiculous! lol. everyday i fight with my stats board. everyday. ugh. but, yeah, sean is a good guy and a good writer. i hope he stays with us for a while… xo, sm

  4. AH! That IS a killer about page. Also, I can’t help but notice that he and I have the same blog template. I think this may be the beginning of a beautiful one night stand.


    1. there’s something about that same-blog-template-ness…i saw a girl with mine who got freshly pressed and i felt weird about it like we wore the same dress to the oscars….insanity! lol. you’ll like sean. i promise. xo, sm

  5. His blog looks great—I will now be following him as well. You do good things for people, SM. You’re a good soul and only wonderful things should happen to you. Same goes for Wifesy.

    1. oh, weebs. you just made my heart smile. and now my vag just grew from saying, ‘heart smile.’ but, you did. you really did. thank you, friend.

  6. Rah Rah Ree! Kick em in the knee! Rah Rah Rass! Kick em in the other knee! Love the you’re a cheerleader. I read Sean’s post. Excellent As for my blog, most days I just wonder if people are following the advice “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” For some reason….I just keep blogging along.

  7. Love that you’re a cheerleader and rarely don’t like what you recommend. I do miss your sassy feedback on my pages, but alas… when you become so big and famous. I was sure I’d have you crying over the dog post. I knew Harper would have been a big ball of mess… but he’s gone for the summer. Seems I ignored your advice way back mom, and got all attached to my fellow blog peeps. Never ignore your mother!

    1. not, big and famous at all! me wishes! but, i had been working a wonderful, but all consuming writer/ freelance job over the last three weeks. so, keeping up with my own blog was about all i could handle. but, never fear! things have slowed and i will be revisiting your gloriousness! specifically the dog post, as i need a good cry! ah, and i was wondering what happened to harper…off for the summer, eh. he’s a smart lad that one. 😉 and believe me, second mom, i get attached on here too. i truly do. xoxo, sm

  8. Thanks everyone for all the love today. I was flat-lining a bit on my site, I know, but glad to hear that you appreciate the posts and have started following! Definitely a nudge I needed. So once again, Sweet Mother, thank you!

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