Not on the list…


This one just bc its cool…ok I’m gonna stop for now before wifesy kills me…more tomorrow….


14 thoughts on “Not on the list…

  1. Awesome! In a twist, my 21 year old niece, just came out to the family! I’m very proud that everyone treated it like it was no big deal! Her grandmother … now this is funny ..

    Neice: Grandma, I’m gay

    GM: Uh-huh. That’s nice. When are you going back to college?

    LOL! Happy gay pride, Momma & Wifesy!

      1. I am relieved he is gay. That is one less sexy man to make my husband jealous and get me into trouble. “Oh, hunny, relax. He’s gay. No, I am not thinking about his rock-hard abs. I am thinking about his giant rainbow flag.”

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