Maybe the Most Ridiculous Thing I’ve Ever Made

Good morning, chickadees and dumpling-hats.  Yesterday, instead of doing my taxes and finishing the end of my book, I made something ridiculous.  It’s stupid.  It’s not even all that funny.  But, there IS something ridiculously scrumptious about it.  And in that, I delight.  People hate it, which means I may make some more.


This is what happens when you’re a goddermned comedian.  You have to make things that are stupid.  It’s like a compulsion.  The video is 1 minute long.  I highly recommend that you watch it and then question my sanity.  And, no, this is not what I mean when I talked about “Sweet Mother Live” – this was simply a procrastinating side-side project that I did yesterday instead of doing any real work.


If you want to see more videos like this, I will also question your sanity.  But, then, of course, I will probably make them.  I don’t know.  I’m not sure yet.  But, I will say that it feels good to make something so stupid and so bad that it ended up making me feel so good.  Strange, huh?  But, true.


Enjoy your one minute of PURE HELL.




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62 thoughts on “Maybe the Most Ridiculous Thing I’ve Ever Made

    1. why is sometimes fun to make something so bad… why is so bad so good sometimes? it’s like dirty sex… i feel like i want to make more of these to spite the world? is that wrong? that tighty whitey dance might’ve been a youtube hit… i’m just sayin’. lol.

  1. my kid watched this fav video with me and her response was “hmmm,,,ok” and then she walked away looking confused!!
    hahaha,,,great job you confused a teen!

    1. omg!!!! that made me laugh out loud. i LOVE confusing children, especially teenagers. it’s one of life’s greatest pleasures!!! lloooooolll. thank you, nikki!

  2. Amazing what distractions can do ;P What was even worse was the next video that I clicked on, some kind of weird asian pop video that I couldn’t stop watching!

    1. so, i’m linked by the magical gods of youtube to some crazy asian pop video… i oddly find that appropriate…too bad it wasn’t one of those japanese game shows where a bikini-clad woman pees down a slide…they exist…i’ve seen them!

      1. today I don’t know. actually most days I don’t know. I did something similar to this, but it was NOT funny, at all, I took old photos that mean nothing to anyone but me and used windows movie maker at like 3a.m. to set them to music. one was Rush’s “Free Will” and another was Edie Brickell’s “What I Am” – what I am is a freak for putting them on YouTube. insanity + ~~ : )

      2. those pix set to music videos are horribly addictive one. there’s a daniel radcliffe one that the gayest thing i have ever seen…i don’t mean that daniel is gay, i mean that it has to have been created by a gay man because it’s like odd dan radcliffe porn. it’s insane!! youtube makes us all slightly off, me thinks…

  3. OMG, you are a genius. I LOVED THIS and I really don’t know why. The critters were cute, the wobbly voice, the rhymes, all of it. Funny and entertaining. I have a very short attention span so this youtube video by you, SM, was perfecto. I’m still smiling and just may have to watch again. Call me crazy but I think you should make more of these thought-provoking, yet mindless 1-minute shorts. ;).

    1. briges, you and i may be in a club alone here. looooooolll. with that said and as ridiculous, stupid, and low quality that the video is…i confess, there’s something about it that i also like and i have NO idea why… strange, right….i may make more… who knows. i may be insane tho…also, who knows. lol. much love, becks

  4. Almost better than the actual video is the videos that youtube suggests you watch when you are done! The selection is all clips from video games and other ones with “feck” in the title.

  5. The second time I watched the video I was still chuckling from the first time. And now Sweet Mother I continue to sing “…He saved my friend in the boat that won’t float…the size of this turtle is tragic”…a half hour later!
    I need an antidote.

    1. it’s addictive, isn’t it? i think it’s subliminal messaging. now you will undoubtedly purchase a small, ceramic, boat…i’m just sayin’. it could happen…lol. xo, sm

    1. i think it has changed mine too, but in a – i may now have to live out of a dumpster sort of way…ok, not really, food scraps scare me, but – you know – i might have to make more. why, lawd, why?

  6. Hilarious, momma! I applaud your courage in posting something so outlandish. Not good .. not bad, but definitely comment worthy!


    1. ohhhh, so well put, gills. it’s definitely not good. but, yet, there’s something…i don’t know, inviting maybe, about it…like you have to watch. like a car crash, but where no one gets hurt. strange, but true. it makes me want to make another. like i don’t have enough to do. bizarre. love you, gills, love you! sm

      1. Exactly … I had to watch and couldn’t stop despite alternately cringing and laughing!

        Love you!!

  7. It’s so awful that it’s pure, sheer genius. It could be an internet meme. I love the part about the boat that don’t float. Don’t feel bad, I once recreated a scene from Big Bang Theory – word for word – in cartoon form on It proved that actors apparently do have a talent. At least what you made what original.

    1. oh, it’s so bad that i sort of love it. i made another one today…i’m not kidding! it’s also bad, but yet – oddly – slightly better. but, in a horribly bad way… i don’t know, ridiculous things make me laugh sometimes… and i guess my brain needs a break. i’m just horsing around really.

  8. It’s so awful that it’s pure, sheer genius. It could be an internet meme. I love the part about the boat that don’t float. Don’t feel bad, I once recreated a scene from Big Bang Theory – word for word – in cartoon form on It proved that actors apparently do have a talent. At least what you made was original.

    1. There is many auto tuning plugins, some of them are free 😉 and I don’t think Momma used auto tune because the modulation quality was not good (maybe she didn’t listen to a reference tone) but anyway we loved her work soo much! Didn’t we?

      1. i am such a BAD researcher before i do things. this sounds like ca-ca-pooey because i sang into an app on my phone and then played that for the computer to record. which is the technical equivalent of buying a bootleg of a movie videotaped off the movie screen through a mesh pocket in someone’s coat. i made another one today and made it slightly more technically decent, but it’s still bad…and that’s why i like it. come back tomorrow for more retardo-silliness. momma can’t help herself!

    2. it’s my rebecca black/ stupid feckin animal video parody. it’s awful and yet delicious like robitussin that you can get drunk off of… and yes, i’m making more.

  9. Sweet Mother,
    I LOOOOVVVVEEEE YOUUUUU!!!! This is so freakin’ amazing! Call me nuts, I loved it. You’re awesome. It’s fucking hilarious.
    Le Clown

    1. it sort of made me laugh. and sort of made me horrified. and that’s what i sort of love about it. everyone has the same reaction…sort of a ‘whhattt?’ and then a, ‘nooooooo.’ and there’s something about the reaction that make me laugh. what’s wrong with me?

  10. lmao – ‘but oh no the boat it don’t float’! This gerbil is singing my life 😀 You’re nuts Mum but in such a good way.

    1. feck you! looooooollll. i only say feck you to those i love, wendos. i dismiss all others. 😉 you made me laugh out loud with that, seriously. i guess my feckin’ brain needs a break. so, it’s feckin’ stupid animals for me, for right now. watch out…there may be another tomorrow…. xoxoxo, sm

  11. I want a magical lizard. I would make it a whole wardrobe of Merlin hats and even a little Merlin beard and then he’d be a bearded …. I can’t finish this joke…it’s too pathetic. But your little video is sweet and funny.

  12. This is now my favorite earworm, very handily replacing the Badger Song (badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger mush-room mush-room snaake! ohh- it’s a snake…) (well, I guess it’s not -entirely- gone. Well done on ya! I may not be your newest or oldest fan, but I’m your newest older-than-most fan.

    Maggie says you’re in a bad June mood, eh? Come play at Garden Lass, and if that doesn’t improve your June gloomies, I’ll send you a cookie.

  13. It was like T-Pain meets Jack Hannah. I fecking loved this.

    Also, I watched this in a coffee shop and the guy at the table next to me gave me the dirtiest look.

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