The 2nd Weirdest Thing I’ve Ever Made

This morning I heard the following words from my Wifesy, “Make sure you do something else today besides an animal video.”  Yes, in only a few short hours – approximately 48 – it has come to this.  I have made one more to add to the collection, my fine, peach-fuzz-covered, friends.  It is slightly better than the other one.  Though it is still sort of awful.  But, a fun sort of awful.  I think.  Anyway, I have to work on Monday at an actual job.  So, this will be the last video for a while, but it was a fun brain break while it lasted.  I’ll be back to writing something using actual words tomorrow.


As far as the video, it is also 1 minute long.  I believe it proves the theory that you can sing about anything – even a gentle mauling – and no one feels dirty.  Or maybe only slightly dirty, I’m not sure.  Anyway, this one is about tigers.  Enjoy.  And as always, I love hearing what you have to say about this artistic attempt at quasi-levity.


“Squeeeeeee!” – that’s the sound I make when thinking about animal parody videos.  Much love, Mother…




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18 thoughts on “The 2nd Weirdest Thing I’ve Ever Made

    1. cat ladies of the world, UNITE! okay, i’m more of a ‘dog lady’ which doesn’t sound good, but still… up with cats! up with pussies! okay, that last one… well, you know. thanks for watching it, seriously. much love, casey, much love. sm

  1. Sweet Mama, did you get into the ‘shrooms again? Well, whatever it is, I want some. Clearly you are feeling overly silly. This video reminded me of another animal short pic. Go to YouTube and search for ‘The Badger Song.’ It has animated badgers. Once it it’s in your head, you won’t get it out. LOL.

    1. way too many ‘shrooms for sure! you are the second person to mention that badger song for me…i’m gonna have to check it out…looool. much love, laurie, much love. have a great saturday. xo, sm

  2. Hilarious! This one … well, let me say this … I turned it on without headphones today since it’s just me at the moment and my dogs got up from where they were laying piled atop one another and came over to stand next to the couch where I’m laying and watched rapturously for the entire duration of the video. The moment it ended they both looked at me like “Hey! What happened”

    You’ve captured the Pitbull audience, Momma!

  3. you way cray, cray, but I love it very much. Still partial to the crazy-as*sed gerbil, though. I more of a dog woman too. You’re right that does sound weird. Keep ’em coming. :).

  4. Sweet Mother,
    Dudette, I know my taste for humour is on the Andy Kaufman side, so it won’t be a surprise that I love these so much, but THANK YOU for these Father’s Day gift to me…
    Le Clown

  5. I support your decision to make silly animal videos. Tell Wifesy that you do not apologize for art. It’s an absurd enough retort that you can get away with just about anything.

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