Is It Summer or Joke Week That’s Causing My Lowest Views Yet?

Views are down, daddy, down.  It could be summer.  It could be that my viewers hate, “Joke Week.”  It could be that I’ve been mentally taxed with other things as of late.  But, like much of the blogging-esque type things I talk about on here, Joke Week was and is necessary FOR ME during this whole blogging process.  It’s given me a much needed break from my more long form blog writing, storytelling, format.  As a result, I’m chomping at the bit to get back to my longer posts, but at the same time I can update my content AND have time for dealing with other things like the recent lost of my brand new computer.  (Major bummer, let me tell you.)


It’s also switched my creative brain capacity, which is sort of like exercising the same muscles, but by using a different machine.  Sure, I think about my posts when they are longer, but when you are writing, you can simply just write.  When you’re thinking about a joke, it’s more like a puzzle.  You have to find the one piece of something that stands out to you.  For example, I scour news sources for joke week material.  Something will peak my interest.  Today it was an article about how Mitt Romney got into a verbal war with the Prime Minister of Britain over their “handling” of the Olympic games.  I thought that topic might be interesting.  But, as I read the article, what stood out to me was a small mention of Romney’s wife and the horse that she owns that will compete in the Olympic games.  My immediate thought was, “How can you be a peoples’ President when you so clearly come from a live of such privilege.”  That was my immediate thought.  So, I knew – for me – that’s where the funny would be.  If you’re more of a Romney-lover, your joke spark would come from somewhere else.  To me, it’s not about the politics.  It’s about the joke and the process of joke writing.


It’s similar to how I carved out my book proposal.  I did a ton of research and then the parts that stood out to me were often obscure, little, tidbits that shined (or screamed) at me through a sea of otherwise boring data.  That’s what I have to write about — the thing that screams at me.


I’m curious as to how the rest of you come up with your blog post ideas and your creative ideas.  Do you have a specific process or is it all completely random for you?  Please let me know in the comments section below, if and when you have the time.  As always, I’m grateful for your presence here.


And now, Part 6 of JOKE WEEK.  Only one more day to go!  Enjoy the jokes culled from today’s news and my brain.  You may love ‘em.  You may hate ‘em.  Either way, here they are.


Joke 1:


Mitt Romney’s wife has a horse competing in the dressage competition of the Olympic games.  Dressage is, of course, a “peoples’ sport” akin to the dramatic, inner city battles of high tea service and frugal butler choosing.



Surely, it’s just like basketball…


Joke 2:



Farmville, that annoying game on Facebook, is deep into financial losses this quarter.  The losses are so great that a Wall Street analyst remarked, “We haven’t seen a plunge this big on something imaginary since Virginia stopped believing in Santa Claus.”




Joke 3:


When spotted out with his wife, Fred Willard told reporters, “My wife’s got my back.”  I’m thinking that’s not the body part she needs to understand to take control of the situation.




Joke 4:


Apparently, the two stars of the Twilight saga were dating, but one of them cheated.  Isn’t there a werewolf somewhere who can pee all over this story, thus marking it as his, and making sure I never have to read about it again?


(Holy buzz-cawks.  I just used “thus” in a joke.)


Joke 5:


In recent news, Janet Jackson slapped Paris Jackson calling her a, “spoiled little bitch-cake.”  When asked to intervene the Suppernanny said, “No way.  This is some Whitney Houston / Bobby Brown sh*t.  I don’t want to get cut.  Now, get your paws off my mini-cooper.”



Mary Poppins wouldn’t take this sh*t. Neither will I.


Woo-hoo.  We’re at the tail end of Joke Week, here.  Thanks for sticking with me, while I tried something new.  One more day and then it’s back to regular programming on Saturday.  Much love and I hope all is well with you and yours, Mother.




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Joke Week:


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5



Photo creds:


ann’shorse, supernanny



69 thoughts on “Is It Summer or Joke Week That’s Causing My Lowest Views Yet?

  1. Good ones. I think everyone had a Fred Willard joke last week.

    Mine was: Fred Willard was actually just doing research for his next role in The Pee Wee Herman True Hollywood Story.

    1. i think this is my second or third fred willard and, of course, i had a pee wee one too. great minds, rob rubin, great minds… or should i say demented ones? lol. xo, sm

  2. These were the best yet. Farmville! If Farmville sinks, what will I feed my imaginary cows?
    Don’t be discouraged by page views. I’ve been hearing that from all different corners of the WordPress watercooler, and this sentence makes no sense. I guarantee if you write about Christian Grey and vaginal balls, your views will skyrocket. I see many people stumbling upon my blog searching mainly for that.

    1. yes, but your vaginal balls/ christian grey material is BEYOND brilliant. lol. it just is. i think of it often, which is maybe too much, but i do. anyhooch, i’m – thankfully – too busy to let any of it get to me. much love, sm

  3. I don’t know about the general SweetMother population, but for me, summer = three kids at home and no extra time. Looking forward to fall, when I hope the creativity will flow. I can’t find a witty comment anywhere in the recesses of my crumbling mind, so much so, that I’m not sure I should even post this comment. =/

      1. Awwwww, thanks SM. I’m still here but only posting once a week. I think I’ll keep that schedule for the rest of my life (or until I change my mind or get bored) because I’d like to leave coming up with original, daily, awesome content to the pros, aka you. =)

  4. I too was troubled when I saw that my readership was down – and I think that summer takes people out of their routines and out on vacations, caring for children and distracted. I decided to let it go – for I began this blog for my own reasons – the need to separate from the land of full time work, test my skills, and see if I really had anything to say. You have a terrific blog, and the readers will return. Don’t worry – what you’re posting is wonderful!

    1. mim, if only my own mother had spoken to me this way, i might’ve saved on half of my therapy bill! suffice it to say, thank you. i will take those words of encouragement to heart. xo, sm

  5. It’s definitely summer — not joke week! I wish I could plan out a bunch of posts in advance, but my brain and muse don’t work that way. The closest I get to that are my “Poetic Archaeology” posts. Otherwise, I mainly rely on an “A-ha!” moment for ideas.

    Long-term bloggers tell me numbers will pick up again in September. I think we should hold them to that promise! 🙂

    1. yep, i think that will happen in sept too. i TOO wish i could plan and post posts way out in advance. sometimes i feel like i can do it and other times, I only have that day’s post in me. it’s strange, but true. xo, sm

    1. SM,
      Oh. And I love you. You know I do…. I myself am looking forward to your regular programming. Just sayin’… with love.
      Le Clown

      1. this new profile pic both terrifies me and makes me feel tingly. is that wrong? reg programming back tomorrow… i’m just sayin’. xoxo, sm

  6. #3-5 are my faves today, SM. I’m actually experiencing an uptick in hits, but I’m not sure why because I’m posting less frequently than I was before. The summer seems to be an odd time in Blog World. But you know I’m still hitting you everyday. Figuratively, that is. I’ll leave the rest for Wifesy. 😉

    1. ok, i love the below or above depending where wp decides to put this comment between you and le clown. think of it this way, weebs, he says your post is brills here and people from here undoubtedly go there to read it. if he says it there, you won’t get new peeps because, well, those people are already there. am i getting too philosophical about this comment thread? probably…

  7. Number #4 is my favorite! I’m doing okay, stat-wise but I think everyone’s got a case of the summer blahs and people aren’t checking in/reading blogs as much when the weather’s nice. I like your musings and look forward to reading those again. And I’ll try not to make any overly-long comments, I promise. :).

    1. i swear i’m looking at my stats less, but man, it sort of sucks…anyhoo, glad you like the change of pace. i think you’re in the minority, but i did need a long post break and the joke thing worked for me…so, there’s that. you know, this whole, doing this free thing for me thing… lol. xoxo, sm

  8. Momma, I’m afraid the short joke format leaves me cold. I like plot development. A good back story is like forplay and gets me all hot and ready for a gem of a punchline. And then if there is a couple of good line in a single piece of writing it leaves me weak and breathless.

    Short form jokes are like a quickie on the backseat of a car. Awkward and unsatisfying.

    I must admit it is probably also related to the fact that I’m on anti-deps. My funny bone has taken a hiatus so things that would have had me laughing barely get me to crack a smile now. Most frustrating.

    Either way. I have been reading your jokes so my views are still there, bit I am waiting with bated breath for regular programming to return.

  9. I literally LOLed at today’s jokes. 🙂 For me, I get a spark in my brain, like say a sentence, that makes me chuckle and I build on it. It’s like an obsession almost. I can’t think of anything else until I write it out on paper or type it up.

    1. i’m with you on that fishes. i will say tho, if i don’t immediately write it down, the idea is gone. i have a ‘post ideas’ post it on my phone. seriously, i do. glad you liked today’s jokes. back to regular programming tomorrow. much love, sm

  10. My creative process sounds a lot like yours. I gather all the research and info I want to use and copy and past it on to one page … in no particular order. I include all my links. I also make a folder for any images I have gathered. If I’ve taken a bunch of photographs I choose which ones I want to use and put them in the folder. Then I start at the top of the page and write. If I use a piece of info from below I delete it. When I am done I see what is left at the bottom of the page and if I want to use it I figure out where it fits and if not I get rid of it. The last thing I do is put the pic where I want them.
    It starts out one big mess, but I like it when it comes together. 🙂

    1. that actually sounds not too far from what i do, mich. tho i think you are more organized than i with folders and such. i usually just have an insane amt of photos on my desktop and every once in a while, i go through and delete them…

  11. I haven’t been at this long enough to weigh in on why numbers are down. Certainly the last revamp of the website has not helped new find anything new to read, plus reading can be physically exhausting, especially in the sweltering heat in the U.S.

    1. yeah, i think the heat is a big thing. reading is sort of a toasty by the fire sort of winter thing in a lot of ways. books (remember those?) are for pool side…loool. xo, sm

  12. I know nothing about the art of the joke, as my husband often reminds me, if I’m the only one laughing, it isn’t funny. 🙂 trying to beat the heat 😦 sadly not many readers hangin round here either. 😦

  13. My numbers are actually way up right now, because one of my posts ranked third in last week’s Finding The Funny ( But my readership isn’t anything like yours — yesterday I blew all my previous records out of the water with 243 hits in one day, so take it as you will. I think people just aren’t into sitting around reading blogs when the weather is fine and the kids are home from school. As for the creative process … am I supposed to have one of those? Mostly I just spew out whatever I’m thinking about on a given day, and then try to work that into a readable post. I should probably work on that. Hmm.

    1. Also, if people want to be super-mega-awesome and drive EVEN MORE traffic to me, you could click that link and then click on #25, “Rage Fairies”. The more clicks I get, the more likely I am to win, and who knows? Maybe next week I’ll blow this week’s record out of the water! (SHAMELESS PLUG)

      1. wait. i clicked on link 3. that was the ‘ode to breasts’ piece that i read and loved. what’s link 25? and yeah, sure i’ll click on it. what in the hell is that site? it looks pretty cool…. xo, sm

    2. and, i might add, sometimes i only have 243 views too. that’s around my regular summer numbers, in fact. there’s some kind of rumor out there that i have ridiculously high numbers. i don’t. they fluctuate. i try to tweak according to that, but it doesn’t always work… xo, sm

      1. That 243 might not be accurate, either. On a normal day I check your site at least 97 times to see if you’ve posted anything new.

  14. If you are doing joke week for YOU, then you shouldn’t be worried about your blog views. When I get really stuck for a blog post idea, I look around online or sometimes even borrow ideas from my friends blogs. 🙂

    1. ok, jack-hole. here’s my smart alecky response – yep, i’m doing joke week for ME, but that doesn’t mean i don’t want anyone to read it. i also do comedy for ME, but that doesn’t mean i like shows with only 4 people in the audience. do i do it regardless of the size of the audience – sure – BUT, EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER LIKES WHEN THERE ARE VIEWS. as always, i love you. momma

  15. I’m going to go with summer on this one.
    And I’m kind of like Fish Out Of Water in that I get a spark and I build on it. The key for me is that I have to write it down right away or I’m doomed, because things don’t stay in my head for long. I might remember that I had a clever idea and even what that clever idea was, but all of the cleverness dries up and blows away if I don’t commit it to paper or keyboard immediately. And I have to open my mind up to a spark or decide to have a good idea so that I recognize it as such. Otherwise I might step right over it and continue to do laundry.

    1. i’m with you, if i don’t write it down or make a note of it somehow, it is GONE. and that’s the worst feeling when the idea goes. more than once i’ve had a joke or story idea, didn’t write it down, and spent the rest of the evening trying to remember the feckin’ thing. i carry a notebook – everywhere. it’s a leftover thing from my hard core stand up days, but it really works…

  16. Summertime and the living is easy…really darlin’ it is hot outside and everyone is playing. Add to this it is a hot political season and tragedy is overtaking the news, I think people might be in the doldrums.

    It isn’t you, I loved your joke week! I read and chucked, giggled even. Just didn’t have it in my to comment.

    Where ideas come from? Depends really since my blog is all over the place in terms of what I write about. Life, Marriage, Society, Politics….really depends on what I am thinking about in at the time. Unlike you though I do not put myself under pressure to write every day.

  17. I write about caregiving, faith, and family, and since I’m no longer a caregiver, so some of my blogs come from memories. Others come from everyday situations I run across. But when my muse doesn’t come through or I don’t feel like coming up with a gut-wrencher, I do a top ten list. That always seems to pull in a few new readers.I wouldn’t worry too much. I’m sure your readers will return from their sabbatical, regardless of why they took it.

  18. Hahaha! I love these jokes!
    (I’ve been MIA with other things getting in the way of my blogging and reading. What’s with that?!)
    My post inspiration is all random. And my recent post is a little out of the ordinary with my blog theme. Sorta. Eh, I made it work. Now to go back and read the rest of your jokes

  19. My stats have WAY dipped too. I kind of think that, right now, if you’re not talking about the Olympics, you’re not going to get as many hits. However, I have loved Joke Week!

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