The Olympics of Blogging

Many Olympic athletes have overcome adversity and stereotypes to achieve their goals.  Think about Jesse Owens, the American Olympian who raced in Berlin, 1936, while Hitler looked on with an I-just-ate-a-lemon sourpuss as a black man beat his precious Aryan race again and again.


Similarly, in the world of blogging, the Brits have been called both “proper” and “less fun than watching paint dry.”  But, one man has decided to defy all of that.  He is Dave Walker and he feels that one should embrace their boredom and NOT try to shed it like some, “jingoist, overly bubbly, American tourist-tragedy.”  Well, Mr. Walker has done just that.  He has also singlehandedly taken home the gold for the, “DULLEST BLOG IN THE WORLD.”


Don’t yell at me.  That’s what he calls it and I think you can see why…



After winning the gold, our reporter Slappy McStacky, caught up with Mr. Walker.  He had this to say about his achievement, “People don’t realize how difficult it is to come up with post titles like Opening the Cupboard, or Tidying the Doormat, or Arranging a Sugar Cube, and that’s why my opponents lose again and again.”



Then, of course, there’s the story of 1988 Olympian, Jim Abbott, a baseball pitcher who was born without a hand.  Did Jim ever let anything stop him?  No.  He played baseball.  He played baseball well, even with only one hand.


As luck would have it, Steven Bean Levy was born in the same town where Jim Abbott lived.  Pushing the fate envelope even further, Jim decided to coach the little league team the very same year Steve became eligible to play.


Olympian Abbot said of young Steve and his abilities, “He was the worst baseball player I had ever seen and the boy had two hands.  You would think, from the way he played, that he was born with no hands.  Truth is, he was always catching the ball with his face.  But, I was his coach.  So, I was determined to tell him he could do great things, just not on the baseball diamond.”


It was after that momentous pep talk that young Stevie went home to create  Yes, that’s right,


Hats of Meat is the world’s largest collections of photographs of HATS-OF-FECKIN’-MEAT.  You would think that Steve would win the gold, hands down, in the sport known as, STRANGEST WEBSITE MADE BY A PERSON WITH FULL MENTAL CAPABILITIES.


But, not true.  Steve would take home the silver.



The gold would go to yet another Brit who triumphed easily in the Strangest Website Made By A Person With Full Mental Capabilities category with his contribution of:




(Yes, this exists.  You are, indeed, welcome!)



All of the above are truly Olympians of Blogging and Websiting (which is not really a word) affairs.  They inspire us all with their Herculean efforts and sacrifices put forth in the name of the internet and for the disintegration of one’s grey matter.


However, the most uplifting site for any blogger out there, is today’s last featured Olympian in the Olympics of Blogging.  It is the gold medal winning website for the sport known as, “MOST OFTEN SCREAMED BY A BLOGGER WHEN THEY CAN’T COME UP WITH A CREATIVE POST IDEA” decathlon for the arts.  We’ve all played that sport, but only a few of us have excelled.  Simply hit the blue button and have all your blogging emotions played out by Mr. John McEnroe Vader.  Link below for your enjoyment.






Do you blog, Fecker? You bet I do.


Sweet Mother is updated daily.  Even when she feels like being ridiculous.  If you’d like to follow this blog, simply click the “follow” button at the top of the page.



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Today’s featured Olympians and photo creds:

The No Website

Celebrity Mattresses

Hats ‘o Meat

Dullest Blog

Fencing Mask




31 thoughts on “The Olympics of Blogging

    1. i can’t take it. they are all such ‘winners’ in my book. i only wish i had thought of them myself. which brings me to another post idea i might have to try tomorrow… hmmmmmmmmmmm….xoxo, sm

  1. hahaha…this was so funny sweet mom 🙂
    and 156 comments on “closing a window”…man! now i know what was missing in my blog…
    i write deep stuff and i get just 4 or comments
    tomorrow i will blog about “talking to my dog from across the hall” 😉

  2. This is awesome!! I’m truly laughing out loud (and yes, I could write about what my dogs look like while I do that but I’m not about to compete)…

  3. Ah, Sweet Mother. I pushed the button.
    Alas, all it gave me was a meat hat…

    AT least my dogs are happy. I guess I could blog about that.
    Kisses xoxo

    PS VERY excited because i got to leave a comment directly under Le Clown’s!

  4. I’m jealous of hats of meat, and I’m more than a tad disturbed to have actually recognized Mickey Rourke in his mattress attire. I couldn’t help myself and put an imaginary hat of meat on his meaty head. Somewhere, vegetarians are cringing.

  5. So that’s where I’ve been going wrong — I try to write funny or deep. But I have felt that NOOOOO thing after hitting the publish buttons more than a few times. I wonder if Ga-Ga frequents the meat-hat site.

  6. OK, that’s it. I will not push any more buttons on your site! None. Nada. Never. Nope. Not even if you promised that Johnny Depp really would pop out and kiss me, I wouldn’t do it. Well, Johnny Depp…maybe. Possibly. All right, probably! I hate you! But I loved this post!

  7. The amount of savant genius that goes into creating a celebrity mattress blog is baffling. I’d say that I wish I could’ve thought of such a thing myself, but then I’d probably be unable to dress myself or tell the difference between paperclips and wind.

  8. Now this is what you call self-control…
    I’ts 00:45, I’m tired as feck (even though I’ve been laughing out loud at this post), but I’m still going to leave it until the morning before pushing that bu……

    Ah, gotcha! You thought I’d pushed it, didn’t you ?
    Nope, not me. I’m stronger than that (I hope).

  9. You know what I liked best about the meat hats? They’re all biodegradable! Of course you might have to bury them kind of deep to avoid the smell but at least you wouldn’t have to worry about filling up your cupboard with all of last year’s fashions. 😀

  10. Those meat hats gave me the unmistakable urge to wash my hair. Twice. I’ve actually seen the Celebrities Who Look Like Mattresses blog and I thought “oh that’s a clever post.” Then I realized it was an entire blog and I thought “how the heyill do you keep that going?”

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