I’m Nuts for USA Soccer!

Okay, I don’t know what it is, but I often tend to LOVE things other people don’t like.  And, here, in America, Soccer is not everyone’s favorite past-time.  It is NOT the sport of our people.  However, I LOVE it anyway and I love to watch it.  I’m telling you the game grabs me by the lady-tits and swings me around.  I think it’s because soccer is fast and low scoring and nail biting and therefore, exhilarating.  Plus, everyone thinks we suck at it and it’s good to be the underdog sometimes.


To show you how passionate I get about soccer, I’ve dug up some of my old, live tweets, that happened while watching the US Men play their most recent world cup.  These are actual tweets from over a year ago that I did some searching to find.  They are from mostly the men’s match, but I did watch the women’s (and also love to watch them play) and a couple of tweets might be from their match as well.


It’s important to note, that Wifesy and I were staying up north with her parents to save some money at the time.  I forced everyone there to watch the games and the bloody marys were flowing by around 830am for each match.  And a last interesting tidbit:  Wifesy’s uncle, who I’m told never talks to anyone, the guy is both a sports nut and a red neck, he called me on the phone just to say, “Did you see that goal?”  So, you see, in some ways, sports are the great unifier.  And now without further adieu, my soccer viewing passion, as caught on twitter:



I think it’s clear from my timeline how that match ended.  Sigh.  But, today – OH, TODAY – is exciting and I’m most certainly hoping for a different outcome.  It’s Abby Wambach and Brandi Chastain’s team…I mean, THIS, is Brandi Feckin’ Chastain…



The girls are taking on Japan, AGAIN.  Japan is the very same team we lost to in penalty kicks on July 17th of last year for the World Cup title.


Today, at 1145am, my time, I will either try to watch them live – without having a deep vein thrombosis – or I will record them and enjoy them tonight with Wifesy.


SO, PLEASE, NO SPOILERS IN THE GODDERMNED COMMENTS SECTION.  And I’ll tweet some things.  And if they’re interesting, I’ll post them for you.  Thank you and you’re welcome.



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18 thoughts on “I’m Nuts for USA Soccer!

  1. I don’t generally enjoy watching sports much, but I do like watching soccer. I think you’re right, it’s just so fast-paced and exciting. Watching football (American football, that is) is like watching grass grow, in my mind.

    1. oh my god, i’m SOOOOOO in agreement, kathy. it’s like watching golf to me. i just don’t feckin’ get it. i even tried to watch the last Super Bowl and i was bored to tears. but, soccer, in this matches that ‘mean a lot’ it’s almost always good… watching the game now, 1-0 usa, so far… i am my own spoiler. lol. xo, sm

      1. During the Superbowl I’ll watch the commercials and eat the bean dip, but I’ll find other things to do during the football part. If other people will let me, I’ll totally change the channel and put on the Puppy Bowl. D’awww, puppies.

  2. I’m so not into watching sports, I’ll be glad when the Olympics are over. Did I say that out loud? But your post was funny and so were your tweets, moms.

  3. The only sports I’ve ever watched on TV is hockey, and only because it’s on, whether I want to watch it or not. It’s fun when you get really involved though, like you apparently do. I can’t say I’ve ever taken my pants off during a hockey game. Oh…wait a minute….hehehe 😉

  4. One of my roommates in grad school grew up with Abby Wambach and is still really close with her. She’s actually in London right now (she lives in the UK) so she’s been live facebooking the games. So much fun!

    As far as soccer, I became a fan last World Cup when I still lived in Korea. All the kids were MAD for soccer and I just couldn’t resist their enthusiasm.

    1. there’s some drama with her and brandi, too, right? i need to look into that… i’ve only watched the games and i try not to get too wrapped up in that. sounds like she might be a ‘drama queen’ as the game announcer said, ‘the coach once left her in her room, on purpose.’ now, that is cray!

  5. I hate Aussie rules football which makes me an instant pariah but I enjoy the soccer – less of gladiator and more of SKILL! Enjoy. 😀

  6. Love it! And I love to watch the girls play because they are so freaking tough. I love watching a girl take a fist to the face and then get up and play just as aggressively as she was before. Well now I just sound blood thirsty, but you get my general drift. Come to think of it, I also love football and hockey, so maybe I am actually blood thirsty. I’m going to go sing Kumbayah now to balance myself.

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