My Thoughts on Getting Freshly Pressed a Second Time

So, I received an email early in the week saying, “Congrats, You’ve been freshly pressed!”  The email said my post would go up on the homepage in the next “day or two.”  It was indeed “two” days.  My post went up (I believe…because all the days of this week are currently blending together) on Tuesday at about 3pm, by Wednesday at 3pm, it was on page 2.


the fp’d email…


I’m only giving out this information in a post because most of you that read this blog are part of the wordpress community and have either been Freshly Pressed yourselves or are looking to be.


I believe my piece was “pressed” for a couple of reasons:


** It was universal and had a universal appeal.  It was about the Olympics and the amputee, Olympian, Oscar Pistorius.


** It was somewhat provocative in a way that asked for debate.  In other words, I was asking some questions.  Those questions were – was it fair that Oscar was allowed to compete?  And along those lines, would it be fair to allow a trans-athlete to compete?  Say, a woman born a man, who transitions into a woman, would it be fair to let her compete with other women?  It inspired a lot of debate.



Now, this is not the first time I’ve been “Freshly Pressed” and I say that gratefully.  I’m always happy when wordpress throws my piece on to the homepage because regardless it will be boon in traffic.  But, since I’ve now been “pressed” twice, let’s talk numbers:


Here are the numbers for my first piece that was pressed, called, “Did My Post Suck Today” and this is only on the very first day it was viewed:


15, 927 views


That’s the actual number for the day.


When my second piece was pressed, “How Oscar Pistorius Makes You Feel Inadequate,” here are the numbers for the first day:




A huge difference, huh?


So, why the difference?  I think there are a couple of reasons.  “Did My Post Suck Today” was HUGELY universal.  It was even far more universal than the Oscar Pistorius piece.  It applied to every blogger out there in the wordpress community.  I do not remember what it was tagged under, but the Oscar piece was tagged under “gay,” probably due to my trans-athlete reference.  I’m betting that may have discouraged some people from reading it.  Did My Post Suck was also really funny and the Oscar piece while playful, still had a more serious tone.  It’s also about when wordpress puts your piece up and for how long.  As I recall the first FP’d piece went up and stayed up on the homepage for several days before moving to the second page.  It was also in the “number one” spot for a while.  Meaning, it was the first fp’d piece you saw when you clicked on freshly pressed.


Basically, there are a lot of different factors that come into play when your piece gets “freshly pressed.”  Regardless, it’s always a boost in traffic.  My numbers for the summer before the Oscar piece were in the 250 views range and the 1,000+ views day definitely helped.  Plus, it helps in getting followers/ subscribers.  Now, keeping them is a whole other matter entirely, but at least it helps you get people to press that illusive “follow” button.


I also believe wordpress has started a new “mailer” called, “The Best of X-Month’s Freshly Pressed.”  (The Best of July, Best of August, etc.)  I’m curious if anyone has read that wordpress post/ mailer or if anyone has been included in it, as that may also help in terms of viewership.


I know a bunch of my stellar blogger-followers out there have also been Freshly Pressed once or more than once.  If you have been, what’s your experience of it?  And if you haven’t been, do you want to be?  I think there are some very good reasons not to want the “freshly pressed” feature for your blog, as well.  Let me know your thoughts.


Anyway, this is all a learning process and I MUST say that I 100% believe wordpress is the place for writers.  Tumblr seems to have a “tumblr radar” (their version of “freshly pressed”) and I can’t, for the life of me, figure it out.  So, the blogosphere may be talking tumblr, but I firmly believe if you are or want to be a writer, you need to go with wordpress.  What do you think?



Sweet Mother is updated daily.  If you’d like to receive an email with new content, simply press that “follow” link at the top of the blog.  A note to my commenters…I know I’ve been a touch remiss about commenting back lately.  Trust that now my freelance gig has come to an end, I’ll be able to chat with you more.  Why?  ‘Cause I love you.



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53 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Getting Freshly Pressed a Second Time

  1. I ‘think’ I’m supposed to say “Congratulations”…? Seriously, it IS good to hear your feelings about wordpress being the place for writers. I’d better get my act together and start writing. And maybe someday I’ll grow up to be a real writer…like you! (btw, that was a compliment; you know how sometimes one can read the wrong thing into something someone else writes so I just wanted to ‘remedy’ any misunderstanding, LOL!)

    1. loool, no misunderstanding, ramelles. it’s usually very hard to offend me. now, i truly believe wordpress is the place to write and to “find” yourself as a writer. because you CAN truly, start one blog, scrap it if you don’t like it, and start again. tumblr REALLY seems to cater to teenagers who post nothing, but photos and quotes all day long, which can be fun…BUT, i dare to say that most of us here are looking for something ‘meatier’ — so write away, you’re in the right joint. much love, sm

  2. I was freshly pressed for a post that recounted an argument over shrimp cocktail vs ceviche and what was appropriate for each dish, with my MIL. It was maybe that and the cross culture references (my being Canadian agruing with a Mexican-American). Who knows, I got about 1700 hits that day and picked up a few loyal readers, whom I adore of course!

    Congrats for FP#2 🙂

    1. it’s really interesting, isn’t it? the whole fp thing, i mean. i have no doubt that you were freshly pressed, chef, not only for appealing to their foodie category, but also for being the goddermned interesting blogger that you are. the loyal readers are the best and hugest gain from an fp, i think. as far as your views…i’m thinking around 1,000 is what to expect from an fp post… do you think that’s about right? much love, sm

      1. I think the day of the week you hit the #1 spot makes a huge difference, it seems Wednesdays are the best days, people are bored at work and go check what’s happening on WP, Sunday is the next best day but I don’t think FP is updated on Sundays? I think 1,000 hits is the average. I try to read most of the FP posts when I have a chance to catchup on reading. xoxo ~chef

    1. ahhhh, margarita, you are absolutely right. that has got to be another factor. the first fp was in march and i think we are ALL realizing that everyone blogs more in the sept-may months than in the ‘summer.’ so, i’d say that definitely was a factor too. very good point. xo, sm

  3. Sweet Mom congratulations again…you deserve it…if people do not read your blog because of Gay tag then they are missing alot… your blog is awesome and i read it even if im not blogging that day…
    the way you interact with your audience is also amazing… 🙂

    confession time…i will be honest i dont want to be FP..though its tempting…but i have a blog that’s all about my mess and even if somehow i ended up writing a piece that gets FP i will never be able to keep up the standards…
    hope it doesnt make me sound like a freak, i mean saying i dont want to get FP is crazy i guess 🙂

    1. no, not crazy at all. i would say if the blog is really personal or even a ‘private’ blog than you would NOT want to get fp’d. i also think that some people are off the charts funny, but their funny is crass – which lord knows mine can be too — but, my fp’d posts almost never are the crassier or dirtier posts…so, my guess is someone with that humor wouldn’t want to be fp’d either… i’m guessing. or they simply wouldn’t get fp’d because their humor is too dirty. i think that’s why i write some more crass pieces and some cleaner ones. actually i don’t think that’s a conscious decision, but it helps that i have some cleaner ones. xo, sm

  4. I’ve been a long time follower of your blog (before you were FP’d) and have read both of your posts that have been selected. Your post about Pistorius is, I think, one of your best posts yet and deserves the recognition. Thank you for providing the behind-the-scenes look at being FP’d.

    I personally do not strive to be FP’d– mostly because it seems random and subjective. Sometimes there are really good and provacative articles like yours, but many leave me scratching my head. Also, I write for my own pleasure, and angling for a spot on the FP board might change the tone of my work.

    Congrats on your selection!

    1. hello a, it’s good to see you here. i have read your blog as well and i like and agree with the reasons for why you blog. i do believe if you blog with the express desire or reason of being ‘freshly pressed,’ well, you’ll never get freshly pressed. i think you have to write with only one concept in mind – to write the best piece possible. i will say though, i wrote the ‘did my post suck today’ piece on whim, almost out of the frustration of being a new blogger. the oscar piece i REALLY thought about and it was more of a, ‘how in the heck to i express myself clearly about this topic and say all that i want to say.’ i think in the end i did that. i will say, before it got fp’d, i remember going, ‘i like this piece and i wish more people were going to read it.’ when it was fp’d, of course, more people did. but, i said that to myself because i post everyday, but lord knows the posts are NOT gems everyday. and sometimes i write the more solid posts – like the oscar piece – on a sunday and that’s a day when far fewer people read. but, i’m not in control of that. i have to write it, when i can write it. anyway, the whole process, writing that is, is an interesting one, isn’t it? thanks for the great commentary, a. you, without a doubt, blog for the right reasons and it’s good to have a reader like that. much love, sm

  5. I think your Oscar post was one of the few where I didn’t post a comment. I did read it though, I just couldn’t think of anything clever to say because me don’t no nuthin bout Lympics things. See now that sentence was clever. Congratulations on FP’dness.

    I was FP last August when I first started blogging. It was like taking heroin and I’m forever seeking that elusive first rush. Usually I don’t write with that in mind, but sometimes I try to go for the universal let’s-write-about-a-holiday-in-hopes-that-I’ll-get-FP, and my little writer heart gets stomped on but good.

    1. looooool, i know exactly what you mean, 7. once it happens once, you want it again. i sit here thinking like a child, “I’M WRITING A GOOD ONE WORDPRESS ARE YOU FECKIN’ WATCHING, RIGHT NOW? OR ARE YOU OUT THERE ONLY READING TRAVEL BLOGS??” honestly, there’s a spastic child part of me that thought, well, they looked at my blog once, they’ll never look at me again. you’ll get your second one, 7. there are very few people on here as funny as you. they’re just not going to publish your 50 Shades of Re-craps piece on “anal funnel cakes.” okay, you didn’t do that one, but you could have… loool. but, regardless, none of us want you to stop doing those. it is a weird mix though of what they like and don’t. i look through those fps from time to time and some of them i love and some of them cause me to blink uncontrollably. true dat. much love, sm

  6. Congratulations! I wasn’t sure you could get FP’d more than once. In that case, I better think of something stellar to post on, because it would be really convenient if I got FP’d again next month when my book is released. 😉

    You deserve any accolades that come your way, Sweet Mama. Your blog is awesome. But please don’t tell anyone I just used the word “awesome.”

      1. i use the word ‘awesome’ very often. when i was writing this award show script, i used the word, ‘celluloid’ and almost got laughed out of rehearsal. i had to explain that i was finding a way to say ‘film’ for the 57th time without saying, ‘film’ and they were all lucky i hadn’t used the word, ‘talkie.’ that got them laughing and back on my side, thankfully. truth be told though, i enjoy using words like, ‘ice box’ often… sssshhhhhh! lol

  7. I think it’s great when bloggers I read are FP’d, because they’re great writers and deserve the accolades. But it’s hard to understand what exactly the FP judges look for when they decide on posts to feature—some of the posts selected are fantastic, and others just seem incredibly bland and/or formulaic.

    Personally, I don’t think I’ll ever be FP’d because I use curse words a lot in my posts and in my comments. I do have some completely clean posts but I didn’t write them to be more FP-friendly, it just worked out that way.

    1. oooohhhh, i beg to differ. i think you will get fp’d. i think you’ll get fp’d for sure. you write great stuff. though i agree, some of the fp stuff i love and some of it i don’t get… xoxo, sm

  8. First of all, congrats. As a devoted follower, I get a little psyched to see one of the writers I follow get FP’ed, since it boosts your numbers and vindicates my incredible taste.

    As you may know, I have yet to be FP’ed. I alluded to that fact in today’s post. My post today was not all that funny or strong, but I was over-due to post something, so up it went. A couple of my bloggy buddies started saying they were going to campaign to have today’s post FP’ed and while I was happy to have the supporters, I’m quietly hoping it doesn’t happen.

    While the gods of FP seem to work in strange and mysterious ways, and while some of the stuff on FP doesn’t seem to have any business there (present company excepted), I don’t want my eventual contribution to be a sad example of my writing. Plus I have a post pretty much written which questions the taste of the FP editorial panel (do I know how to kiss ass or what?).

    As for your numbers, there can be any number of reasons that there’s such a discrepancy. One is, that while many people might be inspired by Oscar, they’re over-exposed to the Olympics, especially the “feel good” stories which the networks are cramming down our throats. Your post did not really appear at first glance to be one which would be asking tough or theorhetical questions. Another possible reason is the WordPress site itself – after the last update, the site is tougher to negotiate your way through than it used to be.

    If I had any real answers, I wouldn’t be posting my whiney laments about not being FP’ed! In truth, as long as my readers read me, I’m happy.

  9. I like it when one of the blogs I consider well-written is fp’d, so congrats to a blogger well-deserved. Geez, how self-serving was that? I’d like to say I honestly don’t wanna be fp’d, but that wouldn’t be honest;-) However, I think my writing is too scattered and personal for most folks, And I don’t do it often enough, either. But again, because this is about YOU, congratulations to a very deserving blogger!

  10. Congratulations on the “Freshly Pressed” X2. Both those posts definitely deserved the attention. I can only hope that one day I will have written something clever enough to have the honour of being “Freshly Pressed”.

  11. Grats Mum – I found you from the first FP and through you I’ve found other lovely bloggers so this is a circle that keeps on giving. 😀

  12. Congratulations on the 2nd win! Somebody already beat me to the time of year for the lower numbers, though. Darn! It’s great to see bloggers I follow get recognized for their work, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see a number 3 in your future! 🙂

  13. Bravo Mom! You know I’ve followed you for a long time (long before either FP) and I know you work hard at this, so kudos… 🙂 I guess I have to admit that I’d like to be FP’ed again. It’s not greed. I just feel that the one they chose, shortly after I started all this, wasn’t as good as some I’ve written since (in my humble opinion) and I’d rather get some of that writing out there. That said, I’m ok with not being chosen as well. Congrats!

  14. I haven’t been FPed and I do want to be. I feel like I am trying to get over this hump in terms of getting a good following going, and I’d very much like a humping from the FP people.
    I also chose WP because it seemed more “legit” (for lack of a better word) than the other blogging sites. I’m glad you seem to think so, too.

  15. I want very much to be Freshly Pressed, though I really can’t say why. Validation? My inner child wanting recognition from the teacher? I don’t know. The thing is that I’m really not willing to change my subject matter or writing style to suit somebody else’s idea of excellence. And as someone said above, some of the things they choose are truly outstanding, like your Oscar piece, and others really are awfully formulaic. I’d love the increased traffic and exposure, but I don’t want to compromise what I’ve got for a prize that is so fleeting.

  16. First of all, congrats!!! I was fresh pressed recently, but it was on a Friday afternoon. And it was gone by noon the next day. So, it got between 1800-3000 views. (Who knows what people are reading from your homepage?)

    Also, I really think it’s the humor section that universally gets the most views. Actually, I may have just skipped over your Oscar piece in favor of your awesomely funny Johhny Depp post. So, I’m as guilty as anyone…

    In truth, I read a lot of awesome bloggers who’ve never been freshly pressed, but part of that is because WordPress seems to lean towards stuff that’s… optimistic and sentimental. And my favorite blogs are irreverent and not at all sentimental.

  17. Thanks for writing this. It was so illuminating.
    I cannot imagine getting 15, 927 views. Wow.

    A post of mine was Freshly Pressed yesterday (Friday afternoon), and I was thrilled. I wrote it in response to the Daily Post Challenge on finding meaning in the mundane.
    Earlier in the week, I had gotten up in the night, unable to sleep, and opened my laptop to WordPress. I happened to see the writing prompt, and went for it. The post was a joy to write, and when I was done with it, I just had a feeling it would get Freshly Pressed. I woke up at 6 the next morning and checked. Nothing.
    I checked my email later, during a really stressful day at work, and got the same email you did. I couldn’t believe it.
    It’s had 609 views so far. Usually, my posts get less than 100, so this is a big deal to me.
    I think my post hasn’t gotten as many views as yours because it looks, in the words of the above commenter, like it’s going to be optimistic and sentimental.
    At least one commenter “got” the piece, though.
    She commented on my actual writing, not just the content: “As far as technique is concerned, this should get a medal for “show don’t tell.” You articulated everything without “telling” a thing. I loved the structuring of it too–the way you slowly start at the toe nail and make it about so much more revealing more and more about yourself, your little girl, others and the situation.”
    I don’t quote that to be self-promoting, but to highlight how wonderful it felt to get a new reader who actually READS.
    I love writing, but I’ve always written very wonkish pieces for work. Blogging is entirely different, and I’m having a great time exploring different writing styles, learning the technical aspects (slowly, clumsily), and developing relationships with other bloggers.

  18. Oh, also… getting Freshly Pressed with a picture of my daughter in a bathing suit resulted in my blog getting a bunch of links from porn sites. Every silver lining has its cloud.

  19. Ah, sorry I’m coming to the party so late, but I have some thoughts! 1, my numbers for my second FP were far less than my first one. The first time, I got 9,000+ views the first day and 4,000 the next day. Second time, I got 3,500 the first day and 1,000 the next. 2, my husband has been featured on the Tumblr Spotlight (is this the same as Tumblr radar?) for his poetry blog for about a month. He still doesn’t know how he managed to swing it. He likes Tumblr for what he dos bc his poetry is a bit on the avant garde side and his audience is more the Tumblr crowd; he tried to expand to WordPress but just didn’t see much of a point to it. But WordPress is the place for me and I will likely never leave it as long as it continues to be so awesome. I mean, I found you because of it! It’s clearly a happening place!

    Congrats again on your Freshly Pressed, Moms! Nothing makes me happier than to see my blogging pals getting recognition. Except maybe hearing C laugh 😉

  20. Congratulations SM! You deserve it! I got FPd not too long ago and it was great and odd all at once. I got 3,000 views each day for two days. The feedback was very supportive, but it was hard to keep up with all the comments. I got a small taste of having so much traffic you lose the ability to be close to your readers. I also think it’s funny that a few posts before it happened I wrote a piece about how I would never be FPd. 🙂

  21. Congratulations on your second FP Mum! Well deserved.

    I always thought only new blogs got FP’d, you know to help drive some ‘business’ their way, which is a little ironical, because in the early days most people are still finding their “voice”.

    I’m going to go against the grain and hope that I’m never ever ever FP’d (even for my travel blog – that most elusive category to crack). Why? I write for me and have a small band of followers that are interested in the topic and like my style, and even though I have 4 blogs, I do not have four times the followers 🙂

    While I try and intereact with every poster that comes along, real life gets in the way sometimes. I tip my hat to you for doing such a great job keeping up with us all! Bravo 🙂

  22. SM,
    The shit that happens when I go away on vacay… Congrats, my dear friend. You deserve it all! I raise my glass to a third time!!
    Le Clown

  23. Obviously, I need to insert the word “suck” into my title. That may be my only chance. Or maybe “nipples”… yeah…nipples. Nipples are universal too, right? Well, nearly.
    In short, you rock. You are my blogging mentor. Word to your mother, mother.

  24. I definitely think that if you are a writer, WordPress is the place to be. I really value the talent and sense of community that I get with WordPress. As far as the Freshly Pressed feature, I go back and forth. I really want to be FP’ed because I’ve seen how much traffic it can get to your blog (that is, after all, how I began reading your work, Sweet Mother) but sometimes when I check out the FP page I feel like the quality of work that I see there is not the quality that I choose to surround myself with. In other words, I feel like I am a fairly good writer who has never been FP’ed, but am confused by the amount of stuff I see there that is downright boring and not very good. If this makes me sound like a bitch, so be it. I’m just telling it like I see it. I do understand that they go for stuff that has universal appeal, so maybe what I find appealing is more specific than the selection on the home page.

  25. I’m very happy with WordPress and I would gladly take a freshly press post (shoot, I’d take freshly pressed pants for that matter) because any boost in viewership is welcome and ironing sucks.
    Congratulations, by the way! I do like when it happens to blogs that I already read because I get to feel vaguely superior and hip.

  26. How did I miss this? Probably because I’ve been MIA all summer with the kids home. Super-super-super congratulations. You are one of my favorite people/bloggers out there. I can’t think of anyone more than myself I’d rather see get FP’d a second time. =p


  27. Congrats on the freshly pressed. I never thought I would want to get “pressed” by anything. The first thing that comes to mind when I think about it is a mammogram. But now that I’ve started blogging I, of course, desperately want to be freshly pressed. It’s funny. I couldn’t imagine ever having that many views! Honestly, the thing I really want more than anything is to know I’ve entertained somebody the way many blogs have entertained me. At times these blogs are all that keep me sane.

    1. i hear you, alice. i don’t think being ‘freshly pressed’ is the end all, be all, but it definitely helps to gain readers. and i couldn’t agree more about wordpress and the blogs here. i love them. it’s a great little community. speaking of which, thank you for visiting my blog and reading. it is much appreciated. xo, sm

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