We Interrupt this Regular Blog Broadcast…

Today, I’m going to take a blog break to organize my life.  In the meantime, I’d like to offer you these hilarious animal pics from the ‘Daily Dawdle.’



I tried to get my french bulldog to read with me this morning and she told me to, “Feck Off” with her eyes…

This may be the first time it’s acceptable to call a dog a, “slut.”


I will be catching up on your blogs this week, catching up on my comments section, preparing my birthday post, and some posts to be released while I’m away performing stand up in San Francisco.  Oh…and if you’re in San Fran, I’ll be at Harvey’s in the Castro on Tues, Aug 21st and I’ll be at the SF Punchline Comedy Club from August 23rd – 25th.  Please let me know if you’re coming.  I love meeting people from blog world and I enjoy saying, “hi” or having a cocktail and chatting.


Now, as I blog ketchup or catch-up (depending on your need to stick to the rules of English), I’ll be reading your blogs too.  So, if you have something you want me to read, please leave a link to it in the comments section and I can pretty much guarantee you I’ll visit.


Some other important things… Canadica is still under way.  Click the Canadica link here, if you want to know more about this project.  It is underway AND WE NEED BLOGGERS, specifically CANADIANS.  So, if you are American and want to blog about Canada or if you are Canadian and want to blog about America, let me know, by including your email below.  Hopefully, if I can get a full schedule booked, we’ll get this project going and post crazy, starting in September.  Please let me know if you’d like to participate.  All with active blogs are welcome.


That’s it for today, folks.  Many more exciting posts will be on their way over the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Sweet Mother is updated close to daily, in a quest to reach 365 posts.  If you’d like to follow this blog, click the “follow” button above.



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46 thoughts on “We Interrupt this Regular Blog Broadcast…

    1. yeeeeeessssssssss! thank you, michelle. how about the week of oct 22nd? could you do that week, specifically…it would be one post on the wed or thursday… xo, sm

      1. Sure…will have to mark it down somewhere, but at least I have some time to put something of quality (we’ll see about that) together that will make my country proud. 🙂

  1. Ok, as far as Canadica goes, I am already thinking of a post I could write about the time I spent Thanksgiving at a Canadian bar in Seoul. So maybe you’d give me a slot in November?

      1. Hell yes! Whichever, I’m easy. You know, in the ‘laid-back’ way, not in the ‘laid-down’ way. It’s a subtle distinction.

  2. Thanks for posting those pics from the Daily Dawdle! Loved the site but couldn’t find anywhere to ‘follow’. Added to Favourites anyway. 😀

  3. Re: San Francisco Comedy

    You might check out 142 Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley while you are here. Tuesday night is Mark Pitta & Friends and last week Robin Williams showed up to close out the night.

    1. interesting, i’ll ask my buddy up there about it. incidentally, last year when i was at the sf punchline, i met robin williams. he was there to watch louis ck perform, but caught my act too. and stopped to tell me i was funny. so, i’ll forever be a fan of his… 😉 thanks for the heads up, friend. i’ll def look into this… xo, sm

  4. Well, looky there… Prince Charming and I have date nights on Thursday, and here you will be in SF — only an hour away from us — on a Thursday. I think the planets have aligned. Oh, wait, we’re broke… Whatever, I think we’ll be there. :>

    1. wv, i know all about being broke. bummer, the tuesday one is free… the one at harvey’s… but, i know the sf punchline one costs. sigh, ain’t too much i can do about that… but, do let me know if you go. i always enjoy meeting a friendly blogger face. much love, sm

      1. We’ve been broke for 25 years… it’s never stopped us before. :>

        So I know I have the right show, are you opening for John Heffron?

      2. i am featuring for john heffron, yes. so, it goes an mc for a couple of minutes, me for a half an hour, and then john for an hour, approx. look forward to seeing you there! xo, sm

  5. I could use a literary cat. Mine just wants to lay down right across the book so I can’t see it and give him the attention I’m supposed to be lavishing upon his exaltedness.

  6. Holy bat tits! I know Harvey’s. I knew it when it was The Elephant Walk. My dad lived walking distance from there and I met my first drag queen at that place when I was still a naive, small town, white bread redneck. Changed my life…and me.
    Good luck at that show. I really wish I could be there.

    1. hello there, thank you for visiting. any friend of clown’s is a friend of this site. i will be in sf on the 21st at harveys in the castro and i will be at the punchline from the 23-25th, all in august. no september right now. all the best, sm

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