Reggie Reader Profile #9 (Some might call it a blogroll with style…)

I have been a lazy blog reader this summer.  It’s not that I don’t like your blogs.  It is, quite simply, that almost keeping up with my own, is about all I can muster.  That’s why I LOVE that I’ve created this Reggie section because it makes me go and read my favorite blogger(s) all over again.  Truth be told, I’m always renewed and rejuvenated when I do.  So, it’s a really good thing…like juicing.


To show you how lazy I’ve become…


And I know there are others of you – out there – who have done this too…


I went to try and find the blog of my next Reggie.  Now, I know what her blog is called.  I’ve been there.  I’ve read it.  I’ve commented, even before this profile.  Why?  Because I really like her.  That’s why.  But, yet, I was so lazy that I refused to go to her site through one of the comments on my site (WordPress provides a handy link and yes, she reads the stuff written here) and instead I just click-clacked the keyboard filling the url bar with whatever site name I thought was close to hers.  This is what happened.



I love, LOVE, that wordpress wanted to know if I wanted to register that incorrect domain name.  They wanted to know if I wanted to become some sort of indirect, single, white, female, stalking version of MADAME WEEBS!


Which brings me to, Sweet Mother’s newest Reggie, presenting… THE ONE AND ONLY…


MADAME WEEBS (my nickname, sorry) OF FEAR NO WEEBLES

These are the items that Keep the Weebs Reggie. (Figure it out!)


No, WordPress.  No.  I do not want to become some parallel universe version of Madame Weebles, since she is doing such a great job herself.  Honestly, this woman…the real Weebs, the real McCoy, she lightens up the blogosphere.  She both lights it up and lightens it up.  That is my highest level of praise.


I’m giving her a Reggie profile, here, but she really doesn’t need it.  Her blog posts receive hundreds of comments already.  If she visits your blog, consider yourself honored, as I do.  Her writing is funny and insane and she is highly likely to post amusing videos of muppets.


As I refreshed my memory of the never endings talents of the WEEBS, I came across these gems:  A post on her tits.  Quite literally a post on the Wind Chimes of the Weebs.  (What is wrong with me?  Wind chimes?)  There is her weekly feature where she sees good looking dead people.  There’s the post where she talks about her insomnia.  And then another diamond-studded post where she discusses not wanting to display a picture of yourself all over the goddermned internet…and I mean, who, WHO can not relate to that?


Weebs is for sure one of the bloggers who I will meet.  There are some bloggers that I would like to meet and there are some who I know I will meet.  Weebles falls in the inevitable meeting and squealing over a cocktail category.  Just like it’s inevitable that you will follow her blog and that you will love it.  So, please, stop fecking around and go there now — JUST CLICK THIS AND FOLLOW.


You’re welcome.


With love,




Oh, and if you want to be a “Reggie” don’t be shy…just email me a pic of what keeps you “regular” to  And provide a url to your blog.  Yeah, you have to have a blog.  I’m not going to do a profile on your high school essay, so don’t be a j-hole.  Start a blog and email me with the above stuff and I’ll promote the dang thing.  See, it’s simple when you follow the instructions…


Sweet Mother is updated daily-ish.  If you’d like to receive an email with new content – never spam – simply click the “follow” link at the top of the blog page.


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Photo creds — me and the weebs.

31 thoughts on “Reggie Reader Profile #9 (Some might call it a blogroll with style…)

  1. Ah, Madame. Possibly *the* most talked about blogger in some circles recently, eh? All deserved.

    ps. I wonder if that screenshot of WP’s suggestion will actually make someone steal that domain… let’s hope not 😉

    1. i doubt it. besides, no one can compare!!! looool. and what’s more — this blog is called, ‘sweet mother,’ but it’s url is sweetmotherlover…why? because someone already owns SWEET MOTHER. NOOOOO. NOOOO, say it ain’t so. lool. anyway, the weebs is a gem and i’m glad she’s here. much love, work, much love. sm

  2. Shoot, I’ve been following the Weebs for centuries now, we visit each other regularly. We go way back and I so dig her all-knowing, big-busted glory and intelligent humor. She’s one cool chick, despite her proclivity toward talking to dead people.

    1. i can’t think about her ‘dead people’ tendencies without thinking of ‘sixth sense.’ so, there’s a part of her that’s bruce willis to me. looool. anyway, i’ve loved the weebs from jump. she’s a true ‘firestarter.’ i don’t know what that means, but it’s a very good thing when you’re cold. much love, sm

  3. SM,
    Madame Weebles, my partner in blogging crime. She’s the real deal for this clown. She can be crude, witty, forward, and she won’t bite her tongue. Fear the Weebles alright. Madame Weebles, you deserve all the praise and love that comes your way.
    Le Clown

      1. i third it. very awesomesauce is this girl and i’m honored every time she appears around my bloglandia. and her stuff has exploded… i think everything we’re all saying is the reason for that. and good writing. 😉 much love, sm

  4. What to say that hasn’t already been said? Madame Weebles is magnificent! I had my husband read one of her posts–he still refers back to it. And he never reads blogs. Probably not even mine.

    1. isn’t that a funny experience when you read another blogger’s blog to your significant other? i did that with speaker7’s. i read it out loud to wifesy. as a result, she thought we were both nuts. anyway, i think that’s the highest form of praise, when you take something off the computer and are inclined to read it to someone. weebs, where ever you are, you should be proud. xoxo, sm

    1. there is no doubt i’ll be back to new york at one point. and there is no doubt i will meet the weebs. it’s sort of like death and taxes, filled with certainty. loool. much love, ems, much love. xoxo, sm

  5. Awwwww, garsh, peeps!!! SM, thank you so much. I’ve never had my boobs referred to as wind chimes before, but I think I’ll refer to them that way myself from now. We will have cocktails one day for sure. I’m already trying to figure out what to wear when we do. Meanwhile, I wonder if anyone will take that WP blog name?? Maybe I should take it myself and pretend to be a Madame Weebles impostor. Much love, Momma, much love.

      1. is it a ‘windchimes frame’ of some sort she needs? i had this vest that was particularly low cut and this male comic friend of mine referred to it as ‘my tit frame,’ which i thought was endlessly funny. anyways, weebs, we will meet. i’m planning the menu as we speak. lool. and i don’t know. you could take that domain and hold it like a wordpress name hoarder or start a whole ‘nother blog, but that exhausts me just thinking about it. wait…i did start another blog. lool. much love, sm

  6. I am a recent introduction to the Weebs, and I look forward to a future where we all worship weebles in her likeness. Or Sophia Lauren, if she prefers. It won’t be long.

  7. I totally get you on the challenge of trying to keep up with blog reading!!! I very painfully have to skip older posts and only read new ones from my favorite bloggers so I don’t get trapped in some sort of black hole of blog reading doom.

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