Mother of a Caption Contest, Part 2

Well, Part 1 of my Caption the Photo contest was so successful, it’s time to do it again.


The rules are simple.


* Caption the photo included in this post in the comments section.


* You have 1 week and you can “caption” it as many times as you like by leaving more comment-entries.


* I will pick 3.  Those three selected bloggers get the choice of either their blog profiled in a Reggie post –here’s a sample– or a downloadable copy of my comedy CD.


Simple and easy-peasy publicity for your blog.  All you have to do is write a good joke.


Here’s the picture:


Now, fire away in the comments section.  I look forward to reading them!



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104 thoughts on “Mother of a Caption Contest, Part 2

  1. Why should I get one of those creepy tiger body-tats when I can just do it myself? Now where did you put my self-tanner? I’m about to pass the hell out.

  2. Bob’s passive-aggressive stationery theft allowed him a momentary escape from his job as a call centre consultant.

  3. “Are you sure I don’t need anesthetic, Doc?”. No, no, no, if you start to feel the pain just snap one of the elastics and you will forget all about it.

  4. Subject: Rubberband Fun 101 (making kitten friendly toys)
    Tutor: Heartless Helga
    Student: Eric Everyman
    Comments: Eric scores points for creativity and thinking outside the box, unfortunately he loses points for failing to follow the instruction ‘make a ball from rubber bands at hand’.
    Grade: Fail

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