Reggie Profile #11 (Mother of a Caption Winner!)

Before, I get started with my original post intention here, I want to make special note of someone.  Portia of AustralianPerfumeJunkies is also a Mother of a Caption winner with her killer joke, “I haven’t used one of these since I had my tits packed, Maria.  Thank God, we kept our c*cks.”  (It was so good, I needed to say it again.)  She opted to win my CD and not the Reggie profile, but I’d like to give her a mention, nonetheless.  Portia is a LOVE and feckin’ hilarious.  Every comment she leaves for me has me reeling with gales of laughter.  For example, did you know that in Australia sometimes they call the vag a MOOT??!!  No?  It gives the expression, “moot point,” a whole other delightful meaning!!  Well, Portia will inform you of such wisdom.  I am here to say that if Portia visits your blog, you are a lucky soul, indeed.  So, visit hers, if you dare and if you like Australian drag queens.  If you don’t, well then just unfollow me now because we don’t have much in common.  There, now on to the matter at hand…


Today’s Reggie is a very readable and witty writer.  If he were a liquor in a bar you’d have to pay more for him because he’d be a name brand, top shelf, type of booze.


So, if you’re like me and you like your writing like you like your liquor – both smooth and refreshing with little to no hangover than, you’ll love our next Reggie…




Do you know how expensive this sh*t is? It just might be more than your house…


Bharat has been blogging since 2008 and yes, I’ve gone back and read stuff of his from that early.  What’s amazing to me is how much he has grown as a writer.  It’s not that the stuff in 2008 wasn’t good, it was.  It is that NOW Bharat writes with a STYLE.  Writing with a certain style…it’s that illusive thing that’s akin to VOICE.  How many times do writers hear that?  Find your voice.  What is your voice, etc, etc.  Well, Bharat has found his and it is part (though not all) of what makes reading his writing so pleasurable.


The other thing that I like about Bharat’s blog is that he does what I do and that is…he makes his blog A WRITING EXPERIMENT!!  I think very few bloggers do this.  I do not know why.  Maybe it is a fear of failing?  Making mistakes?  Let me tell you something, very seldom do I write a post that doesn’t have a mistake in it.  Very often, I have to go back and fix it.  It’s not whether or not you make the mistakes, the bigger and deeper question is – do you take the time to find them AND do you fix them?  Now, on Bharat’s blog he does truly cool things like writing a truly interesting monologue entirely from a woman’s pov.  There’s also a poem that will leave you hanging with suspense just to find out the setting.  Is the main character in a porn shop?  At the doctor’s office trying to clear up a rash?  I’m not telling you, you need to go and read it.  Truth is, when Bharat experiments his end results are often far more successful than mine.


Today is a chill out day for most of you, I hope.  It’s a Sunday and Sunday is a great day to just kick back and read.  Take the time, go through Bharat’s stuff, it’s worth it.  I suggest you read his post on “man growth,” his story about eating out as a kid, and his piece on “heckling” in comedy clubs, which I happen to agree with.  Oh, and I have to add his piece on India’s (Bharat’s homeland) penchant towards male births.  But, really, any post of Bharat’s is worth running your eyes over.  He’s a good writer and isn’t that what most of us are here for?


I wonder sometimes why a guy like this doesn’t have more followers.  It could simply be that people haven’t found him yet and if that is the case, then let me introduce him to you.  Bharat of Bharat Writes – he is funny, he is intelligent, he is a thinker, and a strong writer.  I have no doubt that if I were still in New York, I’d probably even be hanging out with the guy.




Thank you and you’re welcome.


Much love,





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17 thoughts on “Reggie Profile #11 (Mother of a Caption Winner!)

  1. Thanks so much for the referral Mom. Will spend some of this gray Sunday reading Bharat’s posts… as I sniffle and think about my girl flying overseas for a year. Sniff, sniff. Every time I read one of your Reggies I think: Wow, this person is really cool, and how do you get to be on THAT list…. 😉 So many good blogs and so little time! Glad you’re there to shine a light on them. Enjoy your Sunday SM. xo

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