So, Wifesy and I are having a weekend of utter enjoyment.  It involves a concert, a filmmaker’s fundraiser with booze and little, tiny, bits of food on crackers, a steak dinner at our lodge, a day of kayaking, and a birthday lunch.  We’ll be doing other things, in between those things, but those are none of your business.  (Hee, hee, who, who.)  We have decided to jam pack this weekend because -apparently- there’s no, “bumping into people” in Los Angeles.  You have to make plans, like real adults.  So, we’re doing a weekend filled with that.  I’m actually looking forward to it.  But, don’t worry – in keeping with my 365 posts, do or die, goal – I’ve pre-scheduled some things to “go live” for your wonderful eyes.  This is one.  I will also be checking in on your comments from my phone and other various technical devices that I have installed in and around my bat-mobile.

Without further ado, all of my past Reggie duties are paid out in full.  That means it’s time for another installment of…


The rules are simple.  Caption this photo with your best joke in the comments section.  Enter as many times as you like, by leaving as many jokes as you like.  The contest lasts for one week.  The top three winners are picked and announced.  The prizes are either – a Reggie post on my blog, entirely about your blog.  (It seems to be pretty good publicity -actually- and will probably get you a couple of followers.) Or – prize number two – my comedy CD, if you are shy and maybe want to keep your blog to yourself or just want to hear my feckin’ loud voice on some personal device of yours.  Either way, it’s a win, win.  Plus, the comments can be SO fun to read.

This is the picture:

And go…


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55 thoughts on “MOTHER OF A CAPTION CONTEST #3

  1. Are you taking votes? Cuz I totally vote for, “Mabel decided that she wasn’t, after all, a hat person.” by The Waiting.


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