Behind My Youtube Experiment

Okay, so I’ve been jonesing to start a couple of Youtube projects.  I have a second, “live action,” one in mind that I’m waiting on a little money for.  So, I was looking for a second project that I do not have to appear in and that had very little start up cost.


I think I found it with “Trash Talkin’ Trash.”  The videos are decent and getting better.  I forwarded the first one, which some of you may have seen here, to a trusted performer friend of mine.  She gave me some great advice – shorter and way more over the top.  I’m hitting the way over the top.  What I’m still working on is the shorter.


I know the experiment for these videos is worth seeing through because the views are high.  As of my writing this – the views are at 959.  By the time this post goes up, they’ll be over 1,000.  That’s in 3 days and with very little pushing on my end.


So, why am I doing these?  Because I believe we should all (okay most of us, maybe not all) find a way to make money on the internet.  Other people are, so why not us.  There are two solid ways to make money online right now and they are – youtube and app creation.  I wouldn’t even know where in the hell to begin when it comes to app creation, but I think – maybe, just maybe – I have a shot at youtube.


As far as numbers go, I don’t think I’ll start making any money until the channel hits 50,000 views.  And there needs to be about 800-1,000 views per video.  Right now, the Kate Middleton video is bringing in the most traffic.  It’s not even the best video.  It may be, however, the most searched for phrase.  Undoubtedly, that’s what’s doing it.


For today’s post, while I enjoy my last day of mini-vaykay with Wifesy, I’m going to showcase the other 4 videos that are there so far.  I think they are better, as far as the writing.  My favorite is the Chick-Fil-A video.  Give them a view if you have a minute.  Oh, but also keep in mind – they are NSFW, nor kids!  So, put on headphones.  Lol.






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21 thoughts on “Behind My Youtube Experiment

    1. could be…but, they don’t get anywhere near the views that these get. specifically, the kate middleton ones. it’s all in the ‘keyword search’ my friend. all in the keyword search. xoxo

  1. I think it must be a demographic thing. While I’m willing to invest the time to read a 1000+-word post, I have no patience for video…and I’m at least a generation older than you. That said, I prefer the shorter stuff! xoM

    1. nah, it’s just a what you’re looking for sort of thing. and you’re looking to read. but, thankfully, this blog is now and will always be about 95% written content. it’s my place for that. so, i promise the next one will be readable. looool. much love, margarita, much love, sm

  2. Hi Mum 🙂 I really like the concept concept behind these video clips but could I make one suggestion? Subtitles! -blush- I found the accents funny but a bit hard to understand. And how on earth did you animate all those ‘objects’????

  3. My favorite is the Allison Pill one—great use of the broken phone with an accent! Like some have expressed before, I wonder how you do such effortless-looking animations!
    I think this venture has a lot of scope. Hope you rake in the moolah 🙂

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