The Joys of Clearing Out My Facebook

I have this love / hate relationship with social media.  There are times that I hate it.  Back when Myspace was big, the biggest joy that I received from it was deleting the thing.  At first it was fun, but then it got to the point where you needed a graphic designer to trip out your page and I just wasn’t willing to go there.  Other times, I love all things social media.  There have been periods where it has forced me to be creative.  For example, for a while, after I almost got a job writing pop culture jokes for a celebrity, I said, “I should keep this joke writing thing up.”  So, I started a dedicated twitter feed for pop culture jokes.  I posted 3 to 4 a day and wrote far more of them than that.  On twitter, the short joke works.  People like them.  At another time, I was more focused on what I would call, “curating” my facebook page.  I would post incredibly interesting content usually that I had not produced in any way.  If I saw an amazing video say of a violinist re-doing lady gaga or an intriguing long form magazine piece on an adult man addicted to gaming – I’d post links to them on my feed.  The only requirement was that the content had to be good.  As a result, people were always coming by and saying things like, “Your facebook page is so interesting.”


A useful tool, but remember you still have to TALK to people…


But, since my creative process can be kind of cyclical, that kind of curating also came to an end.  Over the last 7 months or so I’ve done one thing and one thing only – I’ve promoted my blog to my social media platforms.  And it works.  I get readers, a lot of them, from outside of WordPress.


Regardless, I’m not totally happy with my current social media usage.  See, this is the second part of the hate part.  I find my facebook page -at the moment- to be a bit of a static (read – dead) space and I’m on this kick to re-vamp it.


There are the two fbs I currently work with:  a main and a second page.  (links provided below.)


As I see it, there are a couple of problems with my main page currently.


A)  It’s clogged with garbage.  Comedians are comedian collectors on social media sites.  So, if you are a comedian and another comedian sees you pop up in their people to add section, they will add you, whether they know you or not.  In some ways that can make for a cool sense of community.  The problem is most comedians only want to add you so they can promote their own sh*t.  This means – very little interaction.


My solution — I’m going to delete every comedian that I don’t know in some way, haven’t met personally, don’t know their work, or who hasn’t interacted with my page in a while.  I’m also going to delete all dead accounts (people who have left facebook, clearly, but their social profile still exists in the ether).  And lastly, if I don’t know the person and if the page is just not stuff I’m interested in, it goes.  Now, I’ll probably lose a bunch of “fans” who have seen me at shows this way, BUT the cool thing is that when you ‘unfriend’ it usually still allows the people to see your updates if they are ‘subscribed’.  So, it shouldn’t be much of a loss.  Plus, I have a bunch of ‘requests’ waiting in the queue.  All in all, I think it’s the best new angle to take.


B)  My content needs to evolve.  That’s step two.  I love promo’ing my blog, but -as they say- variety is the spice of life.  So, I want there to be time for curated content, a joke here and there, and my blog pieces.  Plus, an insight or two on the sandwich I’m eating at the moment.  Why not?  That’s interesting content, right?


I see the current “timeline” (or whatever it’s called) feature of facebook as a problem.  Even when I look at my own page, I find it more difficult to find things than I once did.


Solution – there’s not much I can do about that, when facebook changes something you kind of just have to go with the flow.  Mark Zuckerberg has us all by the cyber-balls, quite frankly.  But, knowing a problem exists is a good thing in terms of figuring out when and where to post.


C)  Lastly…My feed needs a scrubbing.  Lots of times, Wifesy will say to me, “Did you see so and so is doing so and so.”  And I’ve usually never seen it because my feed is so clogged with nonsense that I don’t get to see the ‘friends’ that I’d like to see more of.  In other words, there’s too much quantity and not enough quality.

Solution — cleaning up my ‘friends’ section should do that.


As far as the other social profiles that I update regularly – I use linkedin, 2 twitter accounts (1 & 2), 2 facebooks (a main and an auxiliary profile), and every now and again, Pinterest.  I think (for my purposes anyway) it’s easier and more productive to “collect” people on twitter, but I find it just clogs the system on facebook.


Add me, people, you just may see your blog promo’ed across these platforms…


I also use hootlet to “schedule” tweets.  So, I may not be tweeting right at the moment you see the tweet.  It might be something that I scheduled to post hours ago.


With all of that said, I’m going to start doing some different stuff as far as my “Reggie” section and promoting other blogs.  So, keep commenting and stay tuned because YOU aren’t going to have to do a thing to get your blog talked about…other than visit me.


What about all of you?  What’s your social media “routine” like?



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54 thoughts on “The Joys of Clearing Out My Facebook

  1. I have joining Facebook on my to-do list–it’s just so hard to find the time with so many other marketing things to do. In fact, my post on Monday is in this vein and similar to some of what you’ve posted here. But you’ve taught me something. When I do get on Facebook, I’ll try to keep it from getting all “cluttered.” We’ll see how successful I am…

    1. you know, carrie, i think that’s literally the number one thing about facebook. i think other places, twitter for example, you can “collect” people more and vice-versa, but I truthfully think facebook works best if people really engage with eachother. i think that’s why they cap the limit at 5,000 which i’m at with the one account because that’s most often what happens, it gets cluttered, and useless. but, if you keep it in a realm that’s manageable and direct people you don’t know to your twitter… well, then i think you’ve got something. i could be wrong, but that’s my current feeling at the moment… much love, sm

  2. As in regular life, I feel socially awkward on social media. I feel like I just don’t get how to fully maximize its potential. I have surprised myself by liking Twitter much more than FB. I used to hate Twitter, but since FB has changed so much I am really hating it. I completely agree with your take on FB. Plus the new timeline feature makes navigating a page you’re following very hard.

    1. i couldn’t agree more. i used to like facebook more than twitter, but now i find them almost to be the same thing. and that’s because of fb’s timeline change. what do i know, but i think that’s a mistake for them. it makes ’em more myspace-ish. and that can’t be a good thing… lool. i think at one point – since there are so many of them – you have to pick and choose the social media stuff you are going to engage with. for example, instagram… i’m never gonna do it… xo, sm

  3. This is a post that leaves me thinking. I’m not doing anything beyond writing and enjoying the work of other bloggers. Which is why I have fewer than 100 followers! I like having an audience. No, the truth is I love having an audience, and the bigger the better. Maybe it’s time to investigate twitter…

    1. yeah, unfortunately it works. there are days where i may only have a dozen comments, but thank god, i have hundreds of views and that’s all from my social media stuff. they don’t usually comment as much, i find. if someone comes in from social media, it has to really move them to comment, but they’re reading and that makes me feel like i’m not writing into an abyss. i think you have to do it. fortunately or unfortunately, depending how you look at it. 😉 xo, sm

  4. I’ve recently hooked onto twitter and love it. The best thing about twitter is there’s no pressure. You write your stuff. Retweet some; respond to some really thought provoking ones. But, no courtesy likes, or Happy Birthday wishes to a person whose friend request you couldn’t reject. Facebook can get overwhelming at times, forcing you to detox!

    1. a facebook detox… that’s a great post idea. 21 ways to facebook detox… tag, you’re it. loool. seriously, tho, i hear you. far less pressure. and far less ‘busy’ looking. xo, sm

  5. I skipped MySpace and researched Facebook for a work project several years ago. I started a profile and used it to find old friends. I manage a few pages for my employer, filling up content, but I also have pages for my photography, my hiking club, an environmental local event, and even a fan page for my 99 year old neighbor. I follow more that I tweet on twitter but it does give me the platform to promote my blog. WordPress is my newest obsession – I opened an account when my brother moved his blog over so that I could follow along. He kept leaving snide remarks on my empty blog so I started a real one.

    As for my routine – I use FB daily to check in with friends – I clean out pages often to avoid clutter. I used to post photos there constantly, but was looking for more of a narrative album feel, so no WordPress is where I first put out photos. I write about 3 posts a week, all around photos. I use the publicize feature to send them out to FB, twitter, tumblr, and my FB photo page.

    Linked is about business connections – I belong to a group or two but use it mostly as a contact list.

    I don’t want any of it to overwhelm my time so most interactions are just snippets – I need to have actual life experiences to post about:)

    I am still learning the ins and outs. I wish I had understood more about how WordPress worked before I started posting, but at least I started.

    1. goddermn, artsy. this is a hella interesting post. and yes, i only started saying hella when i moved to socal, but never fear i say it in an ironic way. loool. i think you are right, you can NOT let social media overwhelm you or it’s pointless. what it is very valuable for is reach. that’s what i’m trying to use it for, mainly. but, the fb, it needs a good scrubbing, like a dirty child. loool. much love, sm

      1. That’s one hella response:) I want to gain reach on WordPress, but that’s where I wish I had had more understanding earlier. My second post was FP’d and I had no clue what that meant – I was just being a smart ass for my bro. I didn’t make the most of it, I was just overwhelmed. It did make me realize that I needed to add content and push myself.
        I try to keep the FB scrubbed – it’s my own pond and I want it to be a good place.

      2. second post fb’d!! you’re not the first person who’s had that happen. my friend, cristy, of snarky pants – her FIRST post was fp’d. that can be too overwhelming, i think. wordpress is about commenting and reading and interacting. if you do that, everyone will read you. at least, i think so. loool. and i loved that line, ‘it’s my own pond, so i want it to be a good place.’ that’s what i think i’m going for on my fb now. it will take a while, but it will get there. xo, sm

  6. My social media routine? Hmm, being very careful. Back in secondary school I had like 600 friends on facebook. I think most of my school was added as a friend; teachers, school staff, my parents, and so on. I deleted my account when I was outed on it, and decided to be more careful. And I’ve been, generally.

    Focused. I think my wordpress and tumblr are the only social media I dedicate any time to. I have a twitter, but I rarely use it. I think it’s probably good to focus; that way people know where to find me.

    I don’t want all these pages just to “promote” things. I have nothing to promote anyway, and I’ve always felt it to be quite rude. It’s like going to a private party, and starting to hand out pamphlets about your product, and then only talk about the product.

    1. i thank god, everyday, that there wasn’t any social media when i started school. some email yes, but no one knew it would become THIS…this thing. i can only imagine how tough that can be. especially while you’re growing up, indeed, some things need to be kept a bit closer to the vest. as far as the promo thing, i think we are very different about it here in the us than you are in the uk. we’re a touch more salesy. simply because with way more people, there is more competition. but, i will say – i found that SO refreshing about britain that people weren’t shoving a sales pitch down your throat every 5 seconds. lastly, i think there’s a happy medium between promo and genuine interaction and that needs to happen, at least on my fb account. it used to and i want to get back to that place. xo, sm

  7. I used to be all over facebook. I would spend hours on there looking at people’s pictures, playing games, starting political/religious arguments, ect. It got so bad, I wasn’t writing. Finally, I decided to delete my old account, get my novel nearly finished (almost ready to be published), and start my blog. I opened another fb account and am basically using the im feature to chat with friends and use the rest for promotion of my work and my blog. I tend to forget twitter, and use linkedin for finding a standard J-O-B.

    1. author, i soooo hear you. it’s such a time-sucka for sure. myspace was like that for me and it was an awesome day for me (years ago) when i deleted it. refreshing is the word i would use. so, currently, i’m trying to get my fb back to the fresh place where it was originally, instead of the hairy monster it has become. anyway, thanks for commenting, new friend. i enjoyed your blog. all the best, sm

  8. Social media is so important but also a massive time suck! For now, Facebook is my personal page for family and a few friends (plus I’ve liked a few fellow bloggers’ pages). When my novels are closer to publication, I’ll breakdown and set up a “jmmcdowell” page, too. But right now, blogging is my social media presence for a wider audience. I can handle the “slower” growth in numbers with it. If nothing else, not too many people will see me fall on my face as I continue to “find my voice” for posts. 🙂

    1. loooool, so many have seen me fall on my face that i no longer care! that’s the one upside of putting your stuff everywhere. loool. i totally understand your approach tho. and we all have to do what makes us comfortable. 😉

  9. The only reason i use facebook is to stay in touch with a good friend who lives in USA…i dont have have any other social media account…only place i’m active is my bbm, my gtalk and my blog…
    Sweet Mom i think im one of those people who have no relationship with social media world… weird i know

  10. Facebook serves two purposes for me right now; I post links to my blog each time i post, and a few of my “friends” will actually re-post them on their walls if they like them. I can also count on FB to supply with material from time to time. The self absorbed folks in my circle of cyber friends are always eager to donate their inane facts of life for fodder.

    I joined Twitter, but so far it has only served to show me that several celebrities if follow are incredibly busy on the site – churning out 140 character witticisms at a blistering rate. To the best of my knowledge, no one on Twitter has ever read anything I’ve written, except the followers there who already follow me here. I’d be tempted to just drop it, but I’m eager to see the next hilarious thing Patton Oswalt has to tweet.

    I have a severely under-visited Linked In account, largely because it’s mostly professional contacts, very few of whom need to read my blog.

    I do have an email list of 80 people or so to whom I mass email a link each time I post.

    Sadly, there are a few people who are actually on every one of my lists, so they are notified multiple times when I write something. I’m pretty sure once is plenty.

    1. i have that same issue…several people on several of the same lists. i don’t know how they don’t kill me. particularly my wifesy who is on every goddermned one. maybe that’s what they meant by, ‘you always hurt the ones you love…’ i deleted hundreds of comics from my fb today and i have to say it was extremely gratifying. ;0 xo, sm

  11. Twitter is just there to re-post blog posts and whatever I write on FB. Really it’s just an alternative to subscribing to my blog. I was late to Twitter (and really don’t see why so many people use it), mine is also clogged with too many things and I don’t really get why I added all that sh*t to begin with. G+ is still new to me but I try to post my blog and other interesting articles on it. Summary: social media is a time suck.

    1. i admit. i am utterly lost on G+. i started to investigate it and then i got tired, oh so very tired. loool. and i do the same with twitter. it’s for blog posting. but, fb, i like more interaction. xo, sm

  12. I also have two twitter accounts and two Facebook’s, my main Facebook profile and my Facebook page for my blog. My blog is somewhat of a religious one at times so I decided I didn’t want to force anything on my friends, that’s why I created the Facebook page, and the blog twitter account also. Any normal everyday stuff goes on the regular twitter account or the regular Facebook. I’m also on tumbler and LinkedIn, but I think those are just automatic updates for when a post goes up.

    When I upload a blog it automatically goes onto my Facebook page, and that then automatically sends out a tweet.

    I have my regular Twitter set up to automatically post onto my regular Facebook page each tweet, unless it’s a message towards someone else.

    I’m not sure if that’s confusing enough. I think I need to add some other stuff in there.

    1. i do the same. anything i post to my twitter, automatically also goes to my main facebook. hootlet i absolutely love though. i can schedule tweets and spread them through out the day. and you can post to up to 5 platforms with it. it’s hootsuite, the hootlet is a bookmarklet that goes right in your browser bar. you should try it, you might like it. ox, sm

  13. I use Facebook to share interesting articles and videos. And every time someone shares some asinine “share this if you’re…” crap, I thank them silently and hit the unfriend button. Good to prune your friend list now and then.
    I post links to my blog posts on Twitter and Facebook. I think I should use twitter more, but often I don’t quite know what to say in 140 characters.
    I do think of just burning the whole thing down—deleting my Facebook, twitter, and wordpress accounts to start afresh. But I’m such a chicken! And I’ve worked too hard for the few followers I have now. I don’t wanna lose them!

    1. oh, bharat, you echo so many of my sentiments here… “i often think of burning the whole thing down…” i think of that often, VERY often. loool. and then of course, i loved, “good to prune your friend list now and then.” i think i’ve become addicted to pruning my friend’s list. it’s great. so glad i started doing it… xo, sm

  14. I’m in the low point of my Facebook cycle and probably as you point out my feed is cluttered with useless stuff, like ecards, some of which are truly funny, but they seem to breed. Also the quality of some of my “friends” is questionable. I think the way to go with Facebook “friends” is only to add people you know and trust, but I suppose it depends on the content you share. I’m engaging more with Twitter at the moment because it seems to be regarded more as a promotion tool and I am not as intimately connected to my Twitter audience, so I think there’s a bit more leeway with what I can post there. I use Pinterest purely for pleasure and to avoid swamping my facebook friends with useless stuff :).

    1. i’m so with you. i think twitter is the way to go as far as “people collecting” and solid promotion. you can promote to fb too, but it really does work best if you know AND are interested in the people who you are connected with. as you know, it can get cluttered so easily, and that truly defeats the purpose… oh, and those ecards, they truly do breed. you had me really laughing at that one. lool. xo, sm

  15. Facebook, I have one account in my real life name and it is currently clogged with crap, oh now I just called my friends and family a bad name. Shame on me. I also host a political / social discussion group there but I am slowly trying to kill it. I play a couple of games and through that I ended up with thousands of ‘friends’ of which I am currently in the process of killing off.

    I also have another profile in this name and a fan page. Slowly I am trying to migrate to these. Yes, I know Facebook doesn’t like us to have two profiles, tough nuggies.

    I am slowly trying to get over to Twitter. Pintrest also. I love StumbleUpon.

    The process of defriending in Facebook is painful, why oh why do they make it so hard?

    1. there’s a trick to defriending on facebook… i’ll try to summarize it here. you go to your profile, and then hit friends. all of your friends will show up with a mini icon of their profile pic. then you need to hover over their name with your cursor. once you do that, a list will come up including how they are connected to you. scroll to the bottom of it and hit unfriend. now, this is the important part… another box will show up that says, ‘are you sure you want to unfriend this person…’ something like that. do NOT hit it with your cursor/ mouse. simply click ‘return’ – that will remove the friend and NOT refresh the page. because i know, i was doing this in the beginning and the page was refreshing every time and i was going bananas… anyhoo, hope that helps. xo, sm

  16. I have a problem with social media – I just don’t get it. I love blogging but FB and Twitter just baffle me. Which is weird as some of my RL friends spend half their lives on FB. -shrug-

  17. Ugh, I am all over FB, all the time. I am definitely addicted and at some point will need to tackle it. I’ve never used it to market my blog though, which is an interesting idea – I guess I’d have to start a new account for that.

    Twitter, on the other hand, is beyond me. You can’t possibly stay on top of it if you’re following a lot of people? Does that not frustrate you? Or maybe I’m just OCD… 😉

  18. I’m with you – total love/hate. Unfortunately, I can’t think of any other organic way of growing a website, aside from going door to door, or handing out fliers.
    I had a ‘beer rule’ with Facebook friends – if we could have a beer together, we’re friends, if not, then buh-byes.
    Unfortunately this bit me in the ass in starting a blog….whoops

  19. I’m late reading this post because my Facebook is indeed squeezing my computer time. I only joined 2 months ago, and am glad I did, but there are problems. You have helped me with some of my social anxiety not wanting to accept every friend. The rule in the mentioned before me is good…if I wouldn’t have a beer with them, forget it. Mine is that I at least have to recognize them enough to smile and say hello. I have two requests I’ve ignored. In one case, it’s a friend of a friend I have never even met or heard of, and another is a friend of several of my writing friends, and it’s possible she has read my work in the small Minnesota zine it was published in. The problem with adding everyone is, as you say, it becomes overwhelming and there’s no time to get past the people who post 20 political cartoons a day. (How on earth do they find the time?) Anyway, I’m still feeling my way through it.

  20. I am right there with you mother! I have the biggest love/hate relationship with social media ever. I’m not very technologically inclined to begin with. My phone has a slide-out keypad. I prefer to shoot film pictures. Etc.
    I also felt that my biggest joy in Myspace was when I deleted it. But at the time I was involved in UCLA theater, and realized that I was missing out on all of the shows and parties because I was not on Facebook, so I got one. My feelings about it are meh. It’s a good way to have access to a lot of people who are in my life but I don’t see everyday. Timeline is really stupid and confuses me. I feel like Facebook used to be a good place for self-promotion and making events, but now it sucks because everyone is so into promoting themselves that they don’t even notice others anymore.
    I feel like WordPress is actually one of the best social media forums that I’ve found, and I didn’t even realize that it would be. The sense of community and support that I’ve found here is far greater than anything that I get from Facebook. I should probably join LinkedIn, but to do that I think I need to figure out what I want to do with my life first, and I haven’t quite gotten there yet.

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