21 thoughts on “Post 3: Spam City

  1. Wonderful post, as always, Donohue.

    I see you’re numbering upwards. Is it easier to keep track of, or were you worried that you would start counting downward, then mid-way through, Wifesy would make you laugh, sending milk out your nose, and when you saw post 57, think you were due to post number 58?

    1. foster, you are always a joy. actually, i have no idea why i did it that way and now that you say it, a countdown to 1 would’ve been more dramatic, but, alas, i can barely keep my pants on these days. wait…that’s not right. or is it? loool. xo, sm

      1. -grin- apparently not, or they figure we’ll buy it for the guys in our lives. “Look dear, see what I bought you for xmas!”

  2. Dear Momma,

    Thank you for teaching me something new about myself. Before I tell you what it is, I must admit the I am meant to be on permanent hiatus from WordPress because I said mean things about my husband’s ex and she threatened to sue. (Hence me being Undercover.) So being that I am meant to be grounded, WP is a secret that I keep from my husband.

    Tonight I read your post while in bed next to my husband. (Playing with fire, I am. It’s like having sex downstairs while your mom is upstairs making meatloaf… I am guessing.)

    I learned I can laugh hard enough to cry without making a noise or wetting myself. I blamed the stomach contractions on flatulence.


  3. Your people should definitely talk to Paula’s people. I think she’d be a fabulous Percocet spokesperson!

    Very funny post! Have a great week.

  4. You have the most entertaining spam. You could make these form letters and then send them to whomever. Send the South Beach Diet the Airlines response and make them wonder.

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