Meeting Bloggers in Real Life (Post 18)

Hello, wonderful people.  I’m back after a severe cold and a self-imposed computer break.  I’ve been having a grand ‘ole time pimping out my twitter, so be sure to connect with me over here too – click this link, you can do it!


As I plod and poke and groan towards 365 posts, I’m thinking about a lot of things over this year.  One thought is about all of the amazingly delightful people I’ve met on WordPress.  Real people.  Not internet slugs and trolls.  I think that’s sort of amazing.  Some of you have come to shows of mine…like fatheadfollies.  I love this girl and her super-cool friend who came and saw me perform in an itty bitty, North Hollywood, coffee shop where the espresso machine was louder than the laughter.


Then there’s the sneaky blogger who came to my show and yet, somehow I missed her because I’m clueless.  But, I am very, VERY flattered anyway.


And lastly there’s travellingmo – a superstar of a blogger and an ex-LA-er, cum San Francisco transplant.  I can only assume that the move to SF proves just how big her brain actually is.  Grandissimo, in case you were wondering.  Mo saw me in a legendary gay bar in SF over the summer, right around my berfday.  We were drunk.  The bar was loud.  I was pretty funny and we took looooots of pictures.  Enjoy them.


bloggers meetup

There’s me on the left w/ the blood pressure of a tomato & Mo on the right.

meeting a blogger

Me, on the left in a “tribute to Mrs. Roper” top and Mo in stunning blue on the right.


I thought in honor of these “real life” meetings I’d jot down the wonderful things I get from OTHER bloggers that I just didn’t quite expect.  I’m grateful for these things and hope that using the internet to forge real relationships is a trend that continues for me and Sweet Mother into the new year.


Gifts of the blogosphere:


A peek into your lives.  Transparency, authenticity.  These things are talked about all the time in social media circles, but I never totally understood the importance of them until my blogging experience here.  I’m so impressed by the raw humanness that I find in the posts of other bloggers and their genuine desire to reach out to others they have never met.


Hilarity.  There are so many funny bloggers on here.  Speaker, Carrie, Weebs, Jen and Tonic, Laments, Clownsy, Foster, but what’s been so fun is poking one another off this site.  Only take a look at my facebook and you can see the fun that Foster and I have on an almost daily basis.


Advice.  Time and again I find myself turning to Sweet Mother to try things out, ask questions, rant, and even – to seek answers.  I almost always get them.  Often I am told things that I didn’t quite expect, your comments, and answers force me to see things in a new way.  For someone who is big on experimenting, this is unbelievably valuable.


Regulars.  I can not tell you how nice it is to write something and know that a few kind souls will read it – even if it’s sh*t, even if it’s medium, even if it’s great.  The feedback that I’ve received in comedy over the years has been great, but it requires that I leave my house, wait around (sometimes for hours), and then get some feedback if there’s anyone left.  This doesn’t.  I can get feedback in my pajamas.  And you can give it to me in the same way.


Emotional resonance.  Not all the time, but every now and again I read something on someone’s blog that genuinely moves me.  We all know it’s very hard to write that way on a consistent basis, it’s very hard to be anything on a consistent basis, but moving is a really tough one.  Sometimes I stumble across these posts, sometimes you point me towards them.  Like good music, I can’t say what makes these posts sing to me, but when they do – I know it.  I suppose they hit some common chord we all have or they uniquely describe what it is to be human or a facet of humanity in a very specific way that rings true.  It’s like stumbling across a good book that you just can’t put down.  I’ve had that experience – at your blogs – again and again.


Those are just a few of the things that I get from you, just off the top of my head.  Another good one is just pure connection.  I enjoy saying ‘hello’ to meeks and undercover and artsy and all the others here, even if it’s just a written nod or a hug or an emoticon.  There’s something very virtual neighborhood about the whole thing.


In the upcoming year, I’ll be very interested to see how I can take these interactions and relationships and move them to another level.  I don’t even fully know what I mean by that, but I know that something is brewing.  I’ve been thinking a bit about “meetups” – you know, starting something online and then meeting in real life.


What about all of you?  Have you received more from blogging than you thought you would?  Have you ever attended a real life / blogger meetup?  Casual or organized?


Much love, Mother



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66 thoughts on “Meeting Bloggers in Real Life (Post 18)

  1. I can access this blog in the lunch room but no longer from my desk. System has labeled it pornography. My own blog is also blocked as being pornography. Since the only thing even close it the gold painted Bond Girl, I don’t see how It can be so. Sorry Sweet mother, I may get really behind on reading your blogs.

  2. Weebs and I have been two hours away from each other once. That’s about as close a meeting as I’ve had. When I first started I was more interested in practicing writing vs. meeting folks. I never imagined that would be a huge part of it. Lo and behold, I find myself worrying about folks if they haven’t written in awhile. It’s a weird thing, we’re all here baring our souls to varying degrees and appreciating each other for it. It’s comforting.

    1. it IS comforting, now isn’t it, fishes? yep, in the beginning it was the writing that i did it for and now… same thing, i find myself going, ‘where is so and so…’ it’s so strange and cool all at once. xoxox, sm

  3. If I am ever in LA, I promise you this introvert, doesn’t-like-to-go-out-except-to-see-a-movie gal will seek out one of your shows. I would love that. And I will wear my big, black man shoes and take a photo of you and I, and then I’ll put it on my blog. Very happily. 🙂

    Thanks for the mention, by the way. And now I must find your Facebook page.

    1. here, let me make this sh*t easy: loool. seriously, you must, if you are ever out west, look me up! i am in awe of you and your doctor-ish/author-ish ways… also, got an odd comment the other day on your ‘interview w the rubes post’ – i’ll send it your way if i can find it. most likely spam, but it was such specific spam… ay yay yay. much love, sm

  4. I have gotten so much more out of blogging than I thought I would, and it’s hard to describe. I did not expect the sense of community I found (even though my gravatar says I that’s exactly what I was looking for). I guess I thought it would be me typing into a void and seeing if I got some self-reflection out of it, but it’s been so much more!

    1. me too. it’s been soooo much more for me. i started it as a way to carve out my second book idea, but man it has been so many more things. i’m surprised by it, daily. xoxo, sm

  5. Damn… I don’t think I can really put into words how much blogging means to me and how much it changed my life… Lots of love!
    India xx

    1. it’s big, isn’t it, works? funny thing is i had my own blog on my own url for a few months before this wp thing and it wasn’t nearly as satisfying. wp does it right, imho. xoxo, sm

    1. i know, it’s so weird, this ‘besties’ feeling that wp and blogging can give you. let’s just say the feeling is mutual, portia. much love to you and yours in the newbie year too. and i’ll do what’s right to smf, in your honor. loool. wait, was that gross? i’m not sure… xo, sm

  6. All of this is definitely not what I expected. Actually, I’m not really sure what I did expect…so all of the new friends are a pleasant surprise.

    I would love to meet some of these great people. I know a few of them personally, and eat dinner with them every once in a while…but that was sort of a “oh blog too?” type of thing. The closest person that I’ve met online would have to be The Girl in the Cat Frame Glasses. I think she lives about 45 minutes away from me.

    We do live in a very centralized part of the country….hint.

  7. I love reading your posts, because it always gives ME something to think about. I am looking forward to much more from you and more of this blog love that is such a happy byproduct of sitting in front of my keyboard pecking away my thoughts.
    Best to you, SM and your happy thoughts.

      1. Sweet Mother,

        I saw that you followed me on the old Tweet horn! Thank you. I don’t tweet much, so you won’t be dealing with a lot of traffic from me. But I like the connection too.
        I do know that people appreciate being told they are appreciated. You bet! I’ll tell you any time.


  8. I’ve been surprised at how fulfilling blogging has been for me. When I first started, it was to just get me writing since I would say “I want to be a writer” and then sit in front of the TV for hours. Thanks for including me in your hilarity round up, you would definitely be in my hilarity list.

    1. 7s, i concur. i started it as a way to get feedback (maybe?) on my current thoughts for a book, but then it spiraled out of control into something else entirely. anyhoo, i’m glad it did. and you make me pee, constantly. xo, sm

  9. So glad you’re feeling better, SM. While colds are totally sucky, they’re also a great reminder to take care of ourselves! I feel like I’ve been living under a rock for a little while, withdrawn, not in a bad or creepy way, just in a Garbo “I vant to be alone” give me a break, way. When I began blogging, I had no expectations so I feel everything I’ve received has been a wonderful gift. I was lucky enough to meet a couple of fellow bloggers earlier this month and was so pleased that we could actually relate to one another, and carry on conversations with no awkward pauses, in person! I wrote about it in my Dec 20 Let’s Do Lunch post, should you be curious about the experience.

    A very happy, and healthy, new year to you and Wifesy, dear SM. I look forward to the continuing adventure together! xoxoM

    1. I’m so going to read that post, Margs. And i know what you mean about the need to “hole up for a while.” I’ve felt a bit of ‘hitting the speed bumps’ in my quest to get to 365. so, at times i feel a touch all over the place. nevermind that my canadica project has almost completely gone off the rails. ay yay yay, anyway, taking care of yourself and your health is of the utmost, isn’t it? if we don’t have that, we don’t have much. i’m with you, the ppl i’ve met who are bloggers, we continue the in person conversation without a hitch much like we were typing away, but in real life. and that IS a pleasant surprise. anyway, happy new year to you and yours as well. much love, sm

  10. I started blogging because of the need for a creative outlet, the need to process all the changes in my life, and the desire to connect with people. It’s been a year, and I feel like I’m starting to find a community. It’s a mixed bag, though, since it taps into a certain kind of compulsive need for constant feedback.

    1. Hello Kylie. Thank you for reading. I hear you on the ‘mixed bag’ tip. for me, at times, i feel chained to my blog because i committed to a fairly ambitious goal for myself. so, as i come to the end of it, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed and run over. but, all in all, my blogging has given me so much and i’m pleasantly surprised by it. plus, you can’t beat the honing of one’s writing chops that it gives you. much love, sm

      1. Absolutely agree!
        It’s pretty amazing how you turn out consistently high quality content every day.
        Thanks for writing 🙂

    1. totally amazing. my second surprise is how much i’m totally loving my twitter re-birth. it’s completely bizarre. i had written jokes on there before. but, i did NOT interact like i am now and i have to say, i’m loving it. time will tell if that continues, but so far so good. as for this blog, i love the ppl it has introduced me to. like YOU, for example. happy new year, nc. much love, sm

  11. The blog world has been completely unexpected. However, it seems to me that WP seems almost unique. The experience here is completely different than anything I’ve experienced on Twitter or FB. It’s so much more real.

    Much love, momma and Happy New Year to you and wifesy!

    BTW .. if you’re ever performing back on the East Coast give me a shout

    1. tinsy, i will 100% look you up if i head out back east. i’m with you about the wp experience being a unique one. i blogged for a few months before this under my own url and i hated the experience, mainly because there was 0 community and it felt like begging other comics to read my blog. now, it’s completely different and honestly, i feel enriched for it. i also LOVE how real people are on here too. prior to this project, i was feeling like the internet was full of trolls and disingenuous people trying to be a**holes. so, it was so nice to find real connection on here with ppl like YOU for example. happy new year to u and urs too, tinsy. much love, sm

  12. Thanks for the pingback and sharing our faces with your readership! That show was awesome, I had a great night and it was wonderful to meet you for realz. I completely agree with everything you’ve said in this post. In the year and a half or so that I’ve been on wordpress, it has really exceeded my expectations. I’m not sure what those were, but I certainly did not expect to find a community of talented, caring, REAL people out on the internet. It’s totally blown my mind. It’s amazing how addicting it is. It’s like when I first found myspace or facebook, but about 100 times more rewarding because everyone is awesome and not a whiny teenager. Thanks for the love!

    1. “because everyone is awesome and not a whiny teenager.” LMAO. ohhhhh, my sentiments, exactly. tumblr nearly made me want to check into an old folks home. myspace too. this, totally different. and thanks for being such a good sport about me sharing your mug all over the internet. well, not all over, but here. lol. i hate putting pix of myself up, but here it just seemed so necessary. anyway, it was a total blast meeting you and your super cool posse. i hope i get to see you again sometime in SF. i love that town. xo, sm

  13. Love this post! 2012 has been a giant leap from blog writing to blog friending for me. I let my readers plan my wedding (because I fail all things girly and matchy), and then got the chance to meet a dear blog friend for the first time on my wedding day. We spend an awful lot of time typing and reading and getting to know eachother through this crazy blog world, so it was really cool to meet some bloggers and think “YES! You are exactly who I thought you were”.

    1. ok, tori, “i let my readers plan my wedding” is about the coolest and craziest statement i’ve heard on here yet. i mean that is just balls-out awesome. seriously. and the fact that you met a blogger on your wedding day! so, so, sooooo cool. in fact, it may be the best blogger story i’ve heard on this topic… have you written about the experience at your blog? i’m sure you have, but i’d love for you to leave here any links to those posts, as i find it fascinating. xo, sm

  14. The sense of community is great, but I think it is unique in WP. Meeting other bloggers does provide that additional sense of authenticity and connectivity. I will have to hook up to you Twitter to see what you are saying.

    Glad you are feeling better.

    1. i agree, val. i think it’s completely unique to wp. i had someone (a writer) tell me to join it YEARS ago, but i thought he meant start my own blog with the platform products, which i did and hated. what i did NOT know about was the community here. it’s better than anything i could have envisioned. and i agree. it’s completely unique to wp. i’m saying nasty things on twitter, but having fun doing it. loool. much love, val, and happy new year. sm

  15. You’re right and yes, I definitely received more from blogging than I thought I would. After a year, blogging has literally helped me decide who I want to be, where I want to live and who I want to marry. Crazy!

  16. Sweet Mom i think i found few amazing people through blogging…and some of them through your blog… i am just happy to be a part of your blog….i hope you continue blogging even when you are finished with 365 posts…reading your blog always brings a change in everyday’s routine..

    though i have never met any blogger in real life but i would love to…

    1. lil miss, your kind words often make my day. honestly. i will for sure continue it after 365, it just may continue slightly differently. it’s been a blast so far and i look forward to more. happy new year, luv. xo, sm

  17. I’m a regular right? You know I have read every single one of your posts… crap, medium, or great. I love getting a little bit of you on a page. Just enough to almost know you.

    It has been great ride and I look forward to celebrating number 365 with you.

    1. fabs, i am absolutely flattered and honored that you have done so. sincerely and through your commenting and the wonderful pix of your boys on your blog, i feel like i know you too. it’s so interesting, isn’t it? so lovely, actually. much love to you and dear wife and the boys and of course, happy new year. much love, sm

    1. UL, i can’t wait to meet you too. I wish I had known about you for that brief period i was landlocked in the IE. it would’ve been such a treat. wifesy and i were truly the only gays in the village there. loooool. regardless, we will make a meet up happen and god only knows what we will do to a pizza box. loool. xo, sm

      1. Hee, hee. I can imagine we would blow minds with a Sharpie and a pizza box. I just moved here in June, but it has been a pleasant move for us so far. Of course, we are quite the nuclear family (on the outside, bwahahaha! Really, we have a voodoo closet where we bleed chickens dry).

  18. How exciting!! I definitely have received more than I ever expected in the blogging life. I didn’t expect there to be such a great community via WordPress. I’m blown away and I fucking love it!!

    I think I would definitely be down for meet ups! I was so excited because Le Clown said that if I was ever in Montreal, I was invited to get some poutine with him and The Ringmistress!! That’s my first formal invitation! 😀 Pretty excited!

    Funny you should write a post about this because I was actually talking to one of my friends about bringing my volunteer group to see one of your shows. It would take a little bit of planning since it’d probably be a group of about 10 of us 😛 Though last time I brought a group to an improv event, I think we had more… Anyway, just trying to show my support! 🙂

  19. The only blogging friend I have met in real life so far is my brother – I guess he doesn’t count 🙂 I have been pleasantly surprised at the community that you can build here – I imagined a much more solitary experience and I’m so glad I was wrong. I would definitely come to a show if I were in LA – I bet your shows are a gas – your blog is funny, but it’s also so thoughtful.

  20. I wasn’t fully prepared for the sense of community either. Blogging felt so anonymous in the beginning, but it isn’t at all anymore. There are some really cool people out there blogging away.
    By the way, you are really good live. I will go see you again.

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