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Post 20: Sid & Mary

I’m going to tell you a story about Sid and Mary.  When I say the names, Sid and Mary, you might be thinking, “Sid and Nancy.”  That’s not who I’m talking about, but these two did rocker-in-a-hotel-room, thrash my life around in much the same way.  So, I suppose the mental connection is an apt one.


Sid was about my age and on my soccer team.  She was hard to get to know.  She was hard to make laugh, which is usually easy for me.  But, over time, I won over Sid.  She became a friend and I could tell she was loyal.  Sid was one of those girls that you find yourself looking at from afar, not because she’s particularly attractive or in possession of a magnetic personality like a natural politician, but more because she possessed some kind of ultra-femininity.  The kind of femininity a drag queen would kill for.  Sid was supplied with a heaping of girl, but piled on when a normal body would already be full.  She wasn’t particularly girly, Sid, that’s not what I mean.  What I mean is if you cut her hair, rolled her around in the dirt, and dressed her up as a boy – you still wouldn’t be able to wash the girl out of her.  It would be right there alongside her curves and shine and it would decidedly be the most obvious thing about her.


Mary was Sid’s older sister.  She looked just like Sid, but she was warmer and easier to know.  She had graduated from my school, but I knew of her before I even met her.  Mary was somewhat of a legend when it came to soccer.  She was a natural athlete.  The kind of player that goals and finesse and speed came easier for, while Sid and me and the rest of our team struggled towards something resembling prowess.  Mary was easily talked about amongst the number keeping heads hanging out in the stands.  “The offensive scoring record?  Well, Mary holds it, of course.”  “Highest number of steals?  Mary.”  “Assists?  Mary.”  “Captain 4 years in a row?  Mary.”  “All American?  Mary.  Olympian?  Mary.”  “Mary, Mary. Mary.”


us female soccer player


When I finally met her, I had heard that she was with a woman.  I met the woman too, but I found her to be nothing special.  She was a spiky-haired lesbo whose full-time existence seemed to revolve around all things gay.  I’ve never been into people like that.      I mean who and what you sleep with shouldn’t also be your hobby, right?  But, time has mellowed me.  Maybe these types of people simply dove in head-first to the deep end of the pool.  Mary, though, Mary was perfect, in my mind.  We warmed to each other right away and in an unguarded moment I told her that I couldn’t believe she was gay.  The truth was -hell- if she was gay, anyone could be gay.  Me, even.  Portia di Rossi, maybe.  I mean, she looked like every-girl and it surprised me.


But, guys liked Mary too.  In fact, I liked that about her.  She was appealing to everyone.  Mary had a close friend named Perry who followed her everywhere she went.  When Perry saw that Mary and I got along real well, Perry befriended me too.  Years later I’d realize that Perry liked Mary, but back then I was way too stupid to notice or get it.  Perry and Mary came over often, which should’ve been weird because both of them were out of school.  However, I suppose they were both just at that age where hanging around at your old school seems like the safest thing you can do.  There’s a shelf life to that.  You can hang around a college until you hit about 22 and then it starts to get creepy.  So, Perry and Mary must’ve been around that age and I was 19.  I liked them both a lot.  I’ve always loved older people.  Though 19 and 22 doesn’t seem that far apart now, then, it was ages apart.  After all, one of us was in school and the other two were graduated.  I mean how exotic is that?  At least, that’s what I must’ve thought.  Exotic.  Dangerous.  Fun.  They’d come over to my little college pad and we’d drink booze and hang out.  It was great.  I loved my nights with Perry and Mary.


female athlete soccer player


Sid lived down the row from me when Perry and Mary would come over and yet, Sid never joined us.  I almost always saw Mary and Sid separately.  I got the feeling, somehow, that Sid didn’t approve.  Maybe it was a little sister thing.  Maybe Sid was thinking, “Jesus, Mary, you’ve graduated.  Move on.”


…or maybe Sid thought Mary was up to something.


I never saw it coming.  Although, I did feel my stomach drop on the night I came home from a party to find Mary sitting on my steps alone.



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34 thoughts on “Post 20: Sid & Mary

  1. Great story! Perry and Mary is a bit of a mouthful when you say it fast enough. Perhaps Sid was just well jel? (A very English term for being jealous, straight out of Essex!) 😉

    1. “well jel”?????? i feckin’ loved that and now plan on using it. no idea what was going on there, but fun to write about at least… i’m now having to mine my ‘herstory’ from 20 feckin’ years ago… as i get to post 365. loool. glad to see you here around blog world, ged. have a great nye. xo, sm

      1. I know right?! I use it all the time and I’m not even from Essex! Haha! Well jel away dear momma! 😉 Happy New Year and all the best for 2013! 🙂

      1. Noo, not dreary! It’s just that your foreshadowing doesn’t exactly suggest a Pollyanna in Paradise type of story. 😉 A Happy New Year to you, too!

  2. Hello Sweet Mother,

    I wish to send you my greetings. Been following your blog for a bit now. Since the ever-helpful Mr. Foster sent me this way sometime ago. I must commend you for your most delightfully droll posts. I do so enjoy them. Reading your missives truly is a most tolerable way to spend time.

    Now that we have observed the civilities, I must draw your attention to my comment below:

    A cliffhanger, Sweet Mother? Really? You will continue the story tomorrow, right?

    Thank you for your patience and kind attention. I look forward to your next post.
    Best wishes,
    Fab 🙂

    1. dear fab, let me formally welcome you to the mayhem. any friend of foster is a friend of mine. thank you for saying those kind thing about my site/ writing. i truly appreciate them. as for the cliffhanger… i am a new year’s eve JERK. looool. i promise you there will be a conclusion. shortly, shortly, but that’s all i’m saying. much love, sm

    1. wow. that means a lot. thks, jon. i never know when i write these things. i still felt this one was a bit clunky, but sometimes the best policy is to ‘publish and let go’ at least if i’m going to get to the end of this 365 posts thingy. lool. anyway, thank you for stopping by and saying so. have a great new year’s, jon. much love, sm

  3. A cliffhanger? On [my] New Year’s Eve? -cries- Please tell me you’re going to finish this story tomorrow. As Jmmcdowell said “your foreshadowing doesn’t exactly suggest a Pollyanna in Paradise type of story”. -hugs- Meeks

    1. it’s a dreary cliffhanger, it seems. i promise i will finish/ end it/ conclude it somehow at some point soon. is that vague enough! love, love, you, meeks. thanks for making my blogging 2012 incredibly awesome. have a great nye. much love, sm

      1. -huge hugs-

        Hope you had a great New Year’s Eve! Once the hangover wears off you can start planning where SM will take us in 2013. When you’re on a good thing, stick to it!

    1. val, you warm the cockles of momma’s heart. can i say that? it seems i just did. sigh. lol. anyway, thanks for saying so. much love and have a stupdendous new year’s eve. xoxox, sm

    1. a grain or two or three of truth in there and then exaggerated like most of the things i seem to do on here. ;0 glad you enjoyed. more to come. I PROMISE! and sorry about the cliff hanger…i.just.couldn’t.help.me.self. loool. xo, sm

    1. faaaaaaabs, i literally thought of you once i hit ‘pubish’ and my thought for some reason was, ‘i hope fabs reads this one.’ literally. don’t know why. i promise you i’ll wrap it up in some kind of nice bow, in some kinda way, very soon. loool. xo, sm

      1. You thought of me Moms. Really? Aw shucks. Now I’m left hanging waiting for a conclusion, any conclusion. If you don’t give me something soon I’ll assume that immediately after they we left sitting at the front door some freak accident took them both out and there is no more story. Something fiery and tragic like the concord crash or a run away school bus or something.

        Damn you SM, damn you!


    1. cliffhangers are the very definition of LOVE/HATE, now aren’t they? loool. also, got your note/ comment about a show. you should come to the jan 12th podcom…in la, sat, jan 12th 8pm. it’s my show and eric andre from the eric andre show on cartoon network’s adult swim will be on, along with me, and a few writers from conan o’brien. i promise you, it’s a night you will remember. anyhoo, if you want more info email me over the coming week and i’ll get you on the ‘cheapie’ list – beckydonohue@me.com — much love, vy, and have a great new year’s eve. xoxo, sm

      1. They definitely are!

        Thank you for the info! I’m going to try to rally my group on my end and will hopefully email you in the next few days. Thanks so much Sweet Mother! 🙂

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