A blogger I adore, VyVy, came down to my LA show last night… Here’s how she felt about it. Vy, we love you back. SO MUCH. xoxoxo


Can I just say…holy motherfecking™ llamas dancing in the purple candy sky!!!!!! I just met Sweet Mother and Wifesylast night!!  I know y’all are jealous!! 😛

I cautiously entered the area known as Podshare for the Podcom last night, not knowing what to expect. I dragged 14 other unknowing fools along with me, promising them a great time and cupcakes. It was like out of a movie, I walked in and saw her.

Could that be…could that really be the famousSweet Mother who I’ve been stalking…*ahem*…following on WordPressfor some time now?!

I stared at her too long, she looked at me and asked, “Vyvy…?” I think I said yes but I can’t be sure because I started screaming in excitement and charged at her. Soon we were hugging and jumping up and down, I was so happy she was just as excited…

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      1. DO ITTT!! 🙂 The Podshare is also a hostel FYI if you’re ever in LA. I didn’t know this until this one guy was like “No that’s literally my bed, can I sit here?”

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