Hot Beef Injection, Blog Re-Direction!

best lesbian website


Did that title reel you in?  Good.  Now for the Re-Direction.



I wrote my first pitch/ piece for a website called, “Autostraddle” yesterday.


Autostraddle, in my humble opinion, is the BEST lesbian website out there.


Hell, it’s just an interesting website regardless of who you bed with.


The posts are great.  The pictures are fantastic.  The contributors are cool.


They’re up for a GLAAD Award for feck sake AND they get something like 2.5 million pageviews per month.


I wrote a post about the owner of the space where I’m currently running an LA comedy show.  She’s an entrepreneur, young, and industrious as feck.


I think her space is HELLA (sorry, California word) interesting.


While my post is garnering lots of facebook likes and tweets, I’d love it to have more comments.  I’m not sure why it’s getting less than the others.  I believe it’s mainly because it’s an interview post that doesn’t really ask a question or inspire debate at its conclusion.  It’s purposefully written that way.  But, nonetheless, I’d like it to have more comments because -hell- I’d like to write for them again.


podshare podcom


So, if you feel like taking a moment today to read it and comment then please head over there.




Meanwhile, I’m going to spend the rest of my writing time today reading your blogs.  I’ll be back to regular blog programming tomorrow.


Oh and if you’re to Sweet Mother – perhaps you’ve come a visitin’ from Autostraddle – then here are my recommended Sweet Mother Must-Reads:


Did My Post Suck Today


It’s None of My Business If Your Baby Is Drunk


The Great Sleep Accord


8 Things Every Little Girl Should Know About Hillary’s Fat Face


Please continue.


Much love, Mother



25 thoughts on “Hot Beef Injection, Blog Re-Direction!

  1. Hey, Mother. I wouldn’t know where to start so I just won’t. But glad to see your excitement re: PodShare and AUTOSTRADDLE. Kind of makes me wish I was a 20-something Lesbian instead of a really old hetero with a sweet tooth for comedians. .

  2. loved loved loved your article. and i am a fellow autostraddle reader, easily the best lesbian site out there. do you have any other suggestions for lesbian sites/blogs.

    1. hmmmm, let me see if i can put a little list together for you. honestly, i think autostraddle is the best one, but after ellen is good too and there are some very good wordpressers… never contrary is one. sophist is another… let me see if i can find you links. and THANKS for finding me. i’m gonna follow you now. much love, sm aka rebecca

  3. Your title had me wondering what you may have been goin on with (sorry, been chatting with a Brit). I’m a bit confused: Will you be leaving us here, and going over to Autostaddle only? I’ll follow you, if that is the case. Now to get back to work on today’s blogpost.

  4. Okay the title did reel me in. Think of the hits if you had added ‘Kitten.’ Kitten Hot Beef Injection. Of course those self-righteous cretins at PETA would take offense. No wait. MORE hits!

    Love the piece and am off to check out Autostraddle. Thanks for stopping by (and following) YoYo-Dyne. Can hardly wait to take a dip in more of your satiric goodness.

  5. I read it when I got my ‘prize’ but I was being sick and whiny so didn’t comment. I think it is a totally cool idea and your article was totally cool too! 🙂

  6. I frequently have posts that don’t naturally invite comments. Sometimes I want to add some random thing at the end to spur them: “Toilet paper rolls: over or under? GO.”

    Side note: you were the first person I thought of when this whole Oscar P. thing broke.

  7. That was a great article! I hope there are more podshares next time I’m traveling! And just because people don’t comment doesn’t mean that they weren’t blown away by your writing 🙂

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