rainy day blues

A Post for a Rainy Day… (#333)

rain europe

rainy day play outside

rain india

rainy california road

On a rainy, beautiful, day one should enjoy…




tater tots

Except, except, except…






surf california

sunny california

Goddermn it, Goddermn it!!! When will Momma get a break…and learn to ICE GLIDE??!!


Not today.


But, I will be catching up on comments and reading your blogs…


Gawd, please make it rain.  😉



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can-feature, rain-europe, rain-window, rain-india, rain-cali-road


netflix, lovers, tater-tots, surf-hang10, surf-yellow


25 thoughts on “A Post for a Rainy Day… (#333)

  1. We’ve had freakishly warm weather here this winter. It’s hard to wish for it to be cold & crappy, but it’s setting up a dry, bleak summer. Plus… you know… seasons…

    1. seasons?! what are those? seasons?! we don’t speak that here. wait, you mean like one type of weather actually stops for a moment and changes into another??!!!!! i can’t take that. wouldn’t know what to do with it. okay, i would. see above. 😉 sm

  2. Ha ha ha I am singing in the rain. Come join me in beautiful gray Olympia Wa. I get to stay in bed and read magazines, err I mean Sweet Mother blogs.

  3. Okay, after trying to leave a comment three times from my iPad (and my comfy spot on the sofa) I decided to hoist myself up and come into the office to use the PC. Of course now I don’t remember what my comment was (it took me a while to decide to get up)…I think it was something about tater tots. Oh, and isn’t there a song about how it never rains in California? 😉

  4. It’s cold and gray here. I can literally feel the Vitamin D falling off my pale skin. I remember what it was like to live in a place where the sun shone nearly every day so I get your wanting a rainy day, becks. But I am SO READY for some spring.

    As long as it doesn’t freaking snow I’ll be okay.

  5. It rained here earlier this week – just enough to wash some of the salt off of my car. The salt was because of the snow. The snow didn’t stick around long though, and now all the unraked leaves in my yard are visible again. The daffodils and crocuses are popping up through the old dead leaves, and soon it will be spring, then summer, then we can pretend we live in Southern California for a few weeks before the leaves turn brown and fall again.

  6. re: Seasons

    SM just a gentle reminder, here in CA we have 4 seasons: mud, flood, fire and earthquake.

  7. I hear its raining buckets in Australia, does that help? I’ve never really wished for rain–one of the many reasons I live in SoCal–so I can’t really sympathise. Have you tried to close all the blinds and turn on the heat and pretend it’s raining?

  8. Ohh I shall send you some rain! It’s Holland after all, we get rain when we’re supposed to get sun. We get hail when we’re waiting for the sun. We get get snow while we’re waiting for the sun. I shall do a little rain dance for you!

    I loooved staring at the pictures 🙂

    (Okay, I slightly overreacted. We got sun today hehe)

  9. It never rains in California – girl don’t they warn ya – it pours, man it pours. I’m not sure when that happens – perhaps during the “monsoon” season in July.

  10. Love the houses in the top picture. Love the entire top series of photos. And then the bottom series. I was so cold all winter long that I would kill for some proper sun and heat.

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