Ay Yay Yay, Scalability… (#338)

I’m in the home stretch of this wonderful blog experience (or at least the post-as-many-days-in-a-row as I can experience) and it has me thinking about many things.  For one, I’ve started thinking in “past blog posts.”  (Lmao).  This, to me, is similar to when a blogger dreams about another blogger.  For me, it was an experience like Daylight Savings time on Sunday.  I immediately thought, “I wrote about Daylight Savings time last year.”  (This is the post.)


I started to think about that day (and post) a year ago and about how this year’s experience is different than last year’s.


There’s a part of me that wants to go through and read every single one of my 338 posts over again.  I think I’d learn something by doing that.  But, I also think it would take me another year to do so and I’m not sure I have time for that.


Time, is mainly what I’m thinking about lately.


Time and scalability.


Here’s the wiki definition of scalability:


In electronics (including hardwarecommunication and software), scalability is the ability of a system, network, or process to handle a growing amount of work in a capable manner or its ability to be enlarged to accommodate that growth.[1]


Basically a word that grew out of electronics and software creation.  When I hear the word, “scalability” I think, “Can this product or thing handle getting big?”


Now, I’m not saying I’m some big-wig.  I’m no bloggess.  Hell, I’m not even close.  But, what I am is a diligent (and hopefully creative) person who enjoys expanding my blog and online presence through the different social media platforms out there.


Yet, how does one keep it all up?  I’ve recently joined Google+ and though I LOVE IT and truly think it will one day usurp facebook, I am troubled about how to manage its existence in my life.  How do I keep new content posted there on a consistent basis, while I’m blogging and tweeting and everything else?


I like to think I’m an adept multi-tasker, but then again THIS didn’t work out so  well for me the other day:


laptop shelf for bike

Multi-taskers paradise…


Yep, I put the ironing board on top of the bike and the laptop on top of that.  All so I could TRY and get a workout in while commenting and reading blogs.  (Carrie Rubin, this is my version of what you do.  bwwwaaahhhhaaa.)  It was precarious to say the least.  I left the experiment thinking a couple of things – a) why don’t they make laptop shelves for stationary bikes?  and b) how do I best manage my online presence?  How do I keep the quality up while keeping the quantity high?


Without an extra set of hands, I’m not sure how it all gets done.


A lot of bloggers out there would say, “Cut back.”  “Cut back on this or that.  Tweet less, blog less.”  That would be THEIR answer.  Now, once I hit 365 posts, I will blog less.  However, THAT’S my goal and I’m sticking to it.  365 consecutive posts, as fast as I can.  Why it makes some people angry, I have no idea.  It’s my goal and not yours.  As it is, that goal has morphed.  In the very beginning of this blog, my goal was to post something EVERY SINGLE DAY.  That changed because it proved unsustainable for me without going insane.  Now it’s more like I post MOST days of the week.


All of that aside, the truth is I ENJOY this social media stuff.  So, there must be a way to find a balance with it.  And one less precarious then laptop on ironing board on bike.


What about all of you?  How do you manage it all?  As always, I love to hear your tricks, treats, and thoughts.



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42 thoughts on “Ay Yay Yay, Scalability… (#338)

  1. Talk about telepathy, Sweet Momma–you and I posted on pretty much the same topic today. I’ve realized I have to scale back too. I’m spending too much time on social media and not enough on my writing. It’s hard to find the right balance.

    I love that you gave working on your laptop while moving the old college try! And thank you for the mention. Maybe you need to develop a shelf for the stationary bike? Surely you have plenty of spare time to do that…

    1. lmao. maybe we could create one and market it together – the bike shelf. as soon as you create a way for us to clone ourselves. god, i’d get so much work done if i was a clone! looool. anyway, i totally hear you. it’s a balance. for now, i’m going to hit that magic #365, but it will probably be by posting around 4-5 times per week. then once i hit #365 i’m scaling back to 2-3x per week. i can’t manage more than that currently. and why doesn’t anyone make one of these for a bike? loool. xoxo, sm

    1. ok, i read this yesterday and it literally made me laugh out loud. LIKE HAVING SEX WITH A BADGER IN A TORNADO!!! christ, it should be on a t-shirt somewhere. and isn’t the ‘shelf’ ridiculous? so much so that i HAD to document it. loool. xoxo, sm

  2. I already don’t have time to write a blog. Just reading everyone else’s drains my time and emotion. Yet, on days when you don’t blog, I fuss and fret, never mind that Modern Philosopher has posted FOUR new frickin blogs to read! Actually, we have my three of my four faves on this page – Carrie. Honie and you, Beckster. Personally, I don’t know how the hell you three can spend the enormous amount of time you do in the world of Blog. I’m not working and I still have NO time. What’s that? Time management you say? Love you all. Bye.

    1. Thank you, He Who! So nice of you to include me; I’m honored. And this is yet another reason why it’s difficult for me to limit my blogging time. So much great interaction! (At least I hope I was the Carrie you were referring to. If not, please ignore this response…)

      1. Awww. He Who, you made my day. (I am the Honie you were referring to, right?)~~I had to copy Carrie~~(assuming she’s the Carrie) HA!
        This is the happiest place on earth Sweet Mother. I have to ask though, did you and Carrie plan to have the same vibe going on today? (see Carrie’s post Online Blues) I didn’t get the memo.

      2. I’m actually a droid. A droid who manages hundreds of blogs. Everything I said about not having enough time is bull. As a droid, time has no meaning to me.

        And I’m sorry, Sweet Mother for planting my seed all over your comment section. I don’t want to be one of ‘those’ people–er, droids. So I’ll leave now.

      3. Of course you are “The Carrie” I spoke of. And yes, responding to replies may take more time in the blogging process than the actual writing. And you, as a doctor, probably have a subconscious need to answer fully and empathetically. I, on the other hand, might just want to chat! Also, I love your hat. It reminds me of Slip Mahoney’s in The Bowery Boys, a TV program that you are much too young to remember.

      4. Yay! There actually exists a TV show I’m too young to remember. Now you’ve really made my day. As for the hat, I never wear them in real life. I am the opposite of stylish. Just ask Sweet Momma–she’s seen my man shoes. But the hat called to me for a Gravatar pic…

    2. he who, thank you for saying so. i am very flattered. as for the time, sigh, i don’t know. hopefully, i’ll be able to keep it up for a while, but i’m not 100% sure. hopefully things will work themselves out. and thankfully, i didn’t bust my laptop on that crazy contraption! reading blogs is the thing i’m looking forward to getting back to once i cut down my blogging pace. xoxo, sm

  3. But who is complaining? Has someone actually complained? You said people got angry 0_o

    Keep blogging, dammit. Cut back on everything else *when you really need to*. But you’re way too brilliant not to share a bit of that with those of us who can’t see you live 😉

    love and kisses from across the pond xx

    1. pixie, you are a sweet ray of sunshine!! and yes, ppl HAVE complained. can’t understand why ppl would do that. i mean it’s not the complainer’s blog for feck’s sake! but, complain ppl have. a minority, but a few here and there. mostly, i’m fine if they fall off. means they weren’t right for the space anyway. i will continue blogging, somehow. just working it all out. 😉 xoxo, sm

      1. I guess that’s what you get when you have such an awesome and popular blog as you do – you get the established community *as well as* more random readers who don’t really care about you personally (and I do! I REALLY DO!).

        Was it you who ranted about people sending them nasty e-mails? Or maybe it was Carrie. Anyway that is beyond me as well.

        NO to assholes!

  4. Your bike setup looks awesome! Add some duct tape, and I’d buy it.

    So my therapist brain was piqued…
    My thought – everyone has a limit. Not to sound offensive, but maybe you’ve reached yours? There just has to be a point where a person’s maximum quantity and quality has hit the top, at least for the time being. And maybe thinking about goals in smaller time chunks might help. For me, if I don’t blog in a day, that’s fine – sometimes my balance for that day is just to get to work and back. Other days I can balance much more. And both is fine.

    1. indeed, on the personal limits. for me, tho, if i don’t reach that 365 goal in my own way, on my own terms, i’ll go crazy… so i’ve got to hit it and then i’m going to scale back. that said, my blog has still been scaled back a bit in terms of posting. oh, and i got your awesome online wedding email. i JUST started a new job. but, i WILL check it out by the weekend. hopefully that’s not too late! xoxo, sm

  5. I write everyday but I am unemployed and wake up before the rest of the world- so I have lots of time. I also have a limited audience so far and people don’t comment much yet so it’s not like I am bogged down by tons of conversation. I have graduated to Twitter – I still don’t get it. I have a pretty cool FB page too. I haven’t started with the 100 other social media sites yet I figure one at a time for now. Which reminds me, I should update my LinkedIn account…

    1. one at a time is truly the way to go with social media. i did it that way. blog first. then twitter. now google plus, etc. it’s the only way you can truly figure them out/ master them. and don’t worry, your tidal wave of fans is coming… you’re too good. they’ll find you. xoxo, sm

  6. I thought I was going to cry when I finally signed up for Twitter. The terrifying idea of trying to do more put up a healthy fight against the potential gains of a Twitterfeed for a long time. It still is in some ways.

  7. I have the same problem. I think the only way I can write books and hang on to my blogging friends is to accept that I other forms of social media are just not for me. I only tweet a tiny amount in comparison to most other people but even that little bit eats into my very finite time and energy, especially energy. So I am going to indulge myself by only doing those things I enjoy doing, when I enjoy doing them. -shrug- Life is too short for waste.

    p.s. Mum – apologies, I’ve just found about 5 or 6 of your posts that got lost over the last couple of months. I think this summer has fried my brains, or my eye-sight. 😦

    1. hey meeks, don’t sweat it – you are so good to me and my blog. if you miss a few, you miss a few. i’ll always be here when you get back. and i’m with you on the energy. that’s what i’m trying to find and manage now. not easy. not easy at all. xo, sm

      1. It’s a weird thing but our cool change came through about an hour ago after a record heatwave and suddenly I feel so much better. Seems bizarre to think something so simple and natural can have such an affect. For you though, I think you’re just trying to do too much. Slow down and smell the humus. 🙂

  8. I think those who have the imagination and commitment to blog everyday are blog heroes. I can barely read everyday! Those I love (you among them) I never delete, I simply keep them in my email and get there so I don’t miss any of their brilliance.

    Me? I post when I have something to say. Whether it is about the world as I see it, my strangeazzed family, or a bit of flash fiction. It isn’t I don’t have something to say usually everyday, usually I do. It is the time, that 24 hour span that makes up the day doesn’t expand for all the silly things I must include in it. You know, clients (demanding), home management (demanding), drive time (sometimes 1.5 hours each way), reading others, other family, other commitments….and so on and on and on and on. Oh yeah, sleep I do that.

    So, I just go along. If people read me that makes me ecstatic. If they comment and like what I have to say, I do little happy dances which makes unseemly parts jiggle just a little and spurs me to do more. But you know, mostly well it is the community of others I have found that keeps me coming back for more. People like you, Carrie, Honie and so many others who inspire me and lift me up. Make me smile, think and see the world through new eyes. So whether you blog every single day or less often, just don’t stop; I would miss you.

    1. i understand everything you’re saying, val. there are only 24 hours in a day. period. and sometimes i have to spend a moment with the wifesy! loool. i also started a new day gig. so, it has me thinking a lot about time management and how to move forward and expand what i’m doing without losing my mind. anyway, your comments often make my day. so, i’m flattered and honored that you still read me. truly. much love, sm

  9. It is hard to keep up. I’ve been on g+ from the beginning and I still forget to check it sometimes. I also have one colleague who will only communicate with me through g+. You probably have noticed that I am sporadic with my personal blog but I write blogs for other people. They pay me. I write theirs first. I also manage facebook accounts for the same clients. Of course my page gets neglected but again, they pay me. I do enjoy twitter and I don’t do that for anyone else so I have no excuse when I’m not active.

    Now here’s a question for you. How the heck did I not make it on He-Who’s list of favourite bloggers? I’m afraid I have lost him forever to you Becks, Carrie and Honie. Good luck with that! 😉

    1. bwwwaaaahhhhhhhaaaa, mg. that is hilarious. he who is a gem, as are you. who knew. i think you coaxed him out of the blogging closet and then maybe we lit his a** on fire. i’m not sure. but, he’s writing and -like yours- his stuff is good. lawd, sometimes i get my inspiration from tmz! so, if honie, carrie, myself, and YOU are his fireplace stokers, well, he could do worse. 😉 and of course YOU are in there. the YOU is implied. notice wifesy has NEVER commented on this blog. but, she reads them and lawd knows without her it wouldn’t exist. and i hear you about managing it all. near impossible. but, i’m going to work out a system if it’s the last thing i do. lool. xoxo, sm

  10. Manage all of what? I spend way too much damned time of WordPress because it actually makes me believe that I am interacting with other adults, as opposed to… say… a three year old bitch all day. (I love her, my Princess Red Chief, but she is a demanding, demeaning, genius bitch. She frowns so much I am giving her Botox for her fifth birthday.) I don’t get most of anything done. I pretend like everything takes forever, when really, the biggest part of me says, “Feck the dishes and the laundry. I want to see how REAL people live. I am going to go on a blog hunt.” I hate myself a little for it. LOL

    Saw “End of Watch” last week. I hated the ending. I know it’s real-life stuff and all, but real life kinda sucks and I wish I could pretend it doesn’t. Sorry, having one of those days. 😉


  11. I just touched 400 posts… probably because i cant stop blogging…i thin its because i take my blog as my diary so i write anytime…since i have wordpress on my phone i write even i dont feel like working at office… 😛 dont tell my boss Sweet Mom… 😉
    so much of blogging and im not even B of bloggess 😀

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