10 Signs You’ve Hit Tech Overload

10.  You experience “PHANTOM MOUSE HAND” and begin to right click against your will!


phantom mouse hand


9.  You only let your dog have a playdate over Skype.


dog playdate skype


8.  You get jealous of the 10 year old with a better phone than you.


zack galafanakis phone


7.  DJ Roomba sounds like a productive idea.


dj roomba


6.  You start calling yourself a, “Social Media Guru.”


justin timberlake social network


5.  You attempt to hack your own pair of Google Glass.


hack google glass


4.  You take your computer to bed.


take your computer to bed


3.  You binge on Netflix until everything goes black.


house of cards gif


2.  You believe you’ve become a Cylon.  (As result of above Netflix binge.)


computer in you


1.  You’ve read this post.  Now, go outside!


awesome nature gif



Thank you for reading Sweet Mother today!  As always, your comments and thoughts about tech addictions and life in general are welcome below.


Photo/ Gif Credits:

nature-gif, computer-in-you, houseofcards, computer-love, google-glass-hack, socialnetwork, djroomba, phone-kick, dog-skype, phantom-hand

31 thoughts on “10 Signs You’ve Hit Tech Overload

    1. Ohhhhhh, I got a ticket for that recently. Seriously! Sm

      Sent from my HTC Inspire™ 4G on AT&T

  1. Thankfully it is raining today!

    Have missed you, where have you been. I thought it was just me going on holiday that caused the problem. Leaving all electronic devices behind.

    1. first of all, good for you leaving all electronics behind! an electronics free week or even day can be a great thing. though i seldom do it! lol. as for me, i’ve been working on this new house we bought and I’ve been so swamped this work that i’m trying to find a way to manage it all. trying to come up with a new blog schedule, so to speak. how are things by you? was the holiday nice? much love, sm

      1. Holiday was grand, swing by and check out the two posts (Paradise I and II) for pictures.

        Had no choice but to have a electronic free holiday there was no access!!

        House remodels are great fun, I love doing that stuff. I know, somewhat sick but still it is so cool to make something all your own. The payoff is wonderful.

  2. Or when you keep pushing the side of a book to turn the page and, embarrassingly, realize it’s not a Kindle but a REAL book.

  3. TOO funny! Love this post, and I was, in fact, jealous of a 12-year-old who has an I-Phone 5! She was standing in line in front of me with her mother. I REALLY want one, but it’s not in the budget…grumble, grumble…:). Thanks for sharing.

    Hope all is well in your world!


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