Welcome to my new project!

So, as my life has been spinning out of control over the last few months I’ve REALLY been looking for a new creative outlet.



I had a comedian-buddy of mine say to me once, “Most people concentrate on what they don’t have working for them instead of what they do.”



I like to think that this idea was born out of trying to make my very limited time work for me.  My only goal with this new project is to get better at it and hopefully, be (at least a little bit) interesting.



Now, don’t worry, I’ve taken every precaution.  My camera is mounted and completely hands-free.  Other than that, enjoy a morning or several on my commute right along with me.








Hope you enjoy it. Look for a new one every Friday. Subscribe to my youtube channel and if you like, leave a comment.




18 thoughts on “Welcome to my new project!

  1. Allrighty, then! DMD Michelle on board and waiting to see where you are taking me next. I think Daisy should be with a “z”. Daizy…it sounds angrier. You could break into freaking rap at any second…

  2. Oh Ms. Daisy, you be careful now as you take us on your ride, k? Becks, this is funny. BTW, your skin is just glowing and your teeth are very white. I’m just saying, you’re a long way off from Ms. Daisy but you do have her sass. Bravo!

  3. I like your new idea and love the logo with the little girl in the pedal-car. I signed up to follow your adventures. Drive safe!

  4. You know I will come and follow you.

    I will follow you, wherever you will go (hear me singing!)

    I will be a DMD? That is so cool some people already think I am close to a WMD, my husband thinks this though I think he has another word for it, oh yeah.

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