Episode 2: Not So Kid Friendly

Hello friends and comrades,


Witness!  Another episode of the car vlog for your viewing pleasure.


That is all!  Happy Sunday.



20 thoughts on “Episode 2: Not So Kid Friendly

  1. You would have loved the restaurant we went to a couple months ago where a couple brought a toy basket along to entertain their toddlers. Good thinking, right? Unfortunately, the toy basket contained drums and a toy saxophone. I kid you not. As the toddlers jammed away one table over from us, my family looked at each other in speechlessness.

  2. Parents don’t understand this? Really? Well perhaps it is for the same reason parents don’t know when their babies aren’t beautiful, when in fact their babies look like the creature from the black lagoon, or an alien, or chimpanzee. They are not beautiful, no in fact they are barely human looking, but their parents don’t see it because if they did see it they wouldn’t have brought that baby home from the hospital.

    Maternal instinct is that built in something all mothers have to prevent them from eating their own young. It ensures the continuation of the race / breed. They cannot see the bad behavior of their off-spring.

    Whenever someone shoves a picture of an infant in my face and demands I admire it, no matter its actual appearance I have a couple of standard replies prepared:

    “Interesting child, I am sure he/she will be brilliant”.
    “He/She looks just like you”.

    By the way my grandson was both handsome and brilliant!

    Great VLog. I am so glad to see you back. I have missed you.

  3. DUDE. Loved this. For our anniversary this year, we went to the beach and took our daughter with us because, yknow, we like her. And on the evening of our anniversary we all went to a niceish family friendly seafood restaurant to celebrate. The seven-year-old kid at the table next to us playing the stupid video game with the sound on was louder and more disruptive than our freaking 15-month-old. Stop the insanity!

  4. It seems we’re all heading into the era of entitlement where the old rules of courtesy no longer apply. It’s all about our ‘rights’ and bugger everyone else.

    At some point there will be a backlash but not before things get a whole lot worse. 😦

  5. Thank you for sharing this important Public Service Announcement! Because, right??? So simple. My personal fave: the 4yo boy in a BAR at 8:30pm who wouldn’t stop kicking the booth. I politely asked the mother to ask him to stop. He didn’t stop, I asked again, and then she came around and showed her ass (not literally, with her dumb mouth). We had an unpleasant exchange, and I asked the manager to move to us the other side of the BAR so the little boy could continuing kicking furniture and generally being disgrace to humanity. Oh, and btw? The man with them said zero throughout. Between his mute father(?) and jackass mother, that poor kid doesn’t stand a chance. But he’ll be a helluva kickball player : ) Excellent post – thanks for telling it like it is!

  6. First: I think I might be Hellen Keller: The Early Years right now in my life. Second: If I had a kid-friendly restaurant, there would totally be boobies. That’s just another day in the Un(der)cover household. ❤ the Vlog!!

  7. I hate asshole kids. Most of the time, you look at the parents and think ‘You fucked your kid up.’
    Why is so hard to find a topless kid restaurant these days?

  8. Spot on. I’m with Mike, I just look at the parents’ and think, ‘you are a shitty parent’. Give that kid, a weekend at maggie’s bootcamp and that shit will end.

    Do you have a dog bed in your car?

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