LOVE & The Newlywed Game! | Pet Project | Ep. 5

For this Valentine’s day we talk about…ANAL GLANDS. Okay, doggy anal glands, but awesome nonetheless. We play the newlywed game and we brush some canines. What more could you ask for?

6 thoughts on “LOVE & The Newlywed Game! | Pet Project | Ep. 5

  1. Silence of the Lambs, huh? I hope you don’t have any skin masks lying around. But upon hearing that Jillian Michaels is your favorite fitness instructor, I’m worried that maybe you do…

  2. You two crack me up! My “wifesy” used to work at a vet clinic as a tech, so she knows how to take care of those nasty anal glands. And yet, we still take them to the vet – her attitude is “I’m not getting paid to do this. Let someone else do the dirty work!” My question for you is in regards to the Newlywed Game – if the 1st song you danced to was early enough to not be Lady Gaga, but recent enough to be Beyonce, how long have you been together? We just celebrated 20 years in January!

    1. ok, you two are amazeballs! 20 years??!! what did you meet when you were both 5? wifesy and i have been together for 6 glorious years come this august. which i had 1,000 more with my sweet and awesome girl. thanks for watching, chrystal. we really appreciate it. xo, sm

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