Dear Seriously Neglected Subscribers,

Hello.  How are you?  How many of you are still posting blogs?  There was a time, about 3 years ago now, that I posted on this blog every day.  Every.Single.Day.  It was fun.  I learned SO much about great content and writing from the heart.  I learned about community building.  I learned about all of you, your families, lives, desires and so much more.  So much so that a few of you even felt like family to me, as well.

But, here’s what I didn’t learn —

I didn’t learn a thing about SEO

I didn’t learn a thing about how to actually make money with a website.  (In fact, I’ve been struggling with that for years.)

I didn’t learn anything about backlinks or at least, I didn’t learn much.

I didn’t learn anything about keywords.

I didn’t learn much about social media.

I didn’t learn diddly about facebook advertising.

I didn’t learn much about email list building.


goody two shoes tshirt

“Just call me…”

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I know a lot now, you could say.  It doesn’t mean it always works.  It doesn’t mean I don’t fail.  Oh man, I’ve had some spectacular fails, but in the internet world (and undoubtedly, in life) that’s just my way.  My way is to fail.  Fail and learn.  Come back and build it better.

I think that’s what I’ve done most recently.  I’m working 24-7 on a project that might actually work.  So, check it out and if you like what you see, subscribe and if you don’t, don’t sweat it.  Either way, tell me about you in the comments section.  Your new blog, the new you or maybe just a little about what you’ve learned.


13 thoughts on “Dear Seriously Neglected Subscribers,

  1. Hey, Sweet Mother! How’s it goin’? So good to”see you” again! I haven’t been able to post as my h lately either… Unfortunately, I had to go back to work full-time because wasn’t able to work much while Nana lived with us (she’s in a nursing home inFlotlrida now if you didn’t see that post). And I lost all my freelance clients except a few. And now my battery on my phone is dying!! More later!!!😄

    1. hahaha! I love thinking of you somewhere writing this on your phone. that sounds like a lot and I hear you because my mother in law is living with us!! sigh. but, otherwise things are good. it’s so nice to hear from you, tenacious. things will calm down. you were meant to write it out…

      1. Thank you! I was actually at a Jane’s Addiction concert (a 15th anniversary gift to my husband and myself… I’m a big fan too) when I wrote that. At that point we’d been waiting over an hour since the 2nd crappy opening band had quit), and I was beginning to think Jane’s was going to be a no-show. To combat my boredom and frustration, I was tweeting and reading posts on here. And I Tweeted so much my phone was completely dead by the time Jane’s Addiction FINALLY started playing around 10:15 that night (EST time). So I didn’t get any photos, LOL. I’ll have to steal them from my hubby, LOL. Good luck cohabitating a/your mother-in-law!!!

  2. I blogged for a few years, and the biggest lesson I learned is I’m not a blogger! I still follow/am subscribed to a few blogs, but I haven’t actually posted in over a year. Ah, well. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, right?

    1. chrystal! indeed, we do. i have the benefit of being on the internet all day for my job anyway, so i figure why not build things as well. but, whatever you’re trying to do — there’s always struggle in it. stay well!

  3. Still around, still blogging though not as much because I found I have to satisfy not one single person but me. Of course, this will likely change with the election cycle in the upswing again we will see.

    So nice to see your name come across email. I will go check out your new project.

    1. vals, you know how I feel about you. you are the bees knees and seeing a comment from you always makes me feel like all is right with the world. indeed, we only have ourselves to satisfy. xoxoxo, sm

  4. Sweet mother–I have been surveying blogs about Canadian and American issues, and stumbled on yours. There’s stuff here I could really use for my new book, see at Also I could use a little advice on starting a blog, tentatively titled Canadians and Americans Together. I have a Canadian wife and investments in Canada. Your new site is interesting, not sure how it monetizes.
    I am also a DIY er, one of my projects is at Once did a stock watering tank hot tub, too, lifted up on concrete blocks so a 3 burner propane rig could heat it! We run a b&b in California. PLEASE contact me at and if you don’t want to waste time with emails, I’ll call you from here. THANKS! Bill Seavey

  5. I was a slacker and ditched out on my site for a couple years. Picked it back up a few weeks back though, and have done more since than I ever did in the previous 3 years. Was a pleasant surprise to get a new update from you!

    Digging your new project. I just DIY’d my freshman dorm crates, that had been collecting dust since the 90s, into some wall shelves. I’m a hoarder so will have to keep an eye out for some new ideas from you.

    1. haha, freshmen dorm crates! you are a hoarder, sean, because both of us are too old to have freshmen anything. lol. I think that’s supercool though. I kinda love re-purposing anything, but -you know- my dad was kind of a diy guy, which is maybe why i’m into more of that stuff. awesome about your blog. i’ll be sure to check it out.

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