SweetMotherLover, also known as SweetMother in some fighting circles, is an Amazon warrior champion who won the right to return a CIA agent to “man’s land” from the Queen, Athena, on the island of Sapphos.  Once in “man’s land”, SweetMotherLover was to renounce her invisible plane and use her powers to fight evil…OOOOPS, that’s Wonder Woman’s bio.  Sorry, sometimes I get confused.


SweetMotherLover is a writer and some time comedian.  Here she writes.  In the nude.  We encourage you to read in whatever feels comfortable.


If you’d like to reach SweetMother, you can do so here – sweetmotherlover@gmail.com

111 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there,

    thank you so much for suscribing to my blog: It’s greatly appreciate it. I absolutely agree that their is no specific talent requiered to blog (as you might have been able to tell from my posts) 😉

    Hope to see you around,

    🙂 K.

  2. I love your style and however you came to follow my blog, I am glad that you did. If only because I got some good laughs this morning while reading yours. I tried reading nude and dressed, both equally as funny!

    1. …we could ride horses together and write in the evenings? The “if only…” felt as if I were supposed to fill-in, mad-libs style. I can assure you, I only follow blogs I find interesting, thus yours. So, I’ll be stopping by. Thank you for the very kind comment

    1. Yeah! I love an alliance! and I will never leave writing as good as yours, ala the Hunger Games. Which you MUST read, by the way, it’s one of mine and wifesy’s FAVORITE trilogies. So well written. You won’t be able to put it down. Thanks for writing such good stuff. It keeps me going with mine.

    1. Stacie, I am already a fan of yours, so thank you for the super nice comment. And I’m not sure you could ever be creepy, unless you wore a Donald trump mask….even then it would only be a maybe ! Lol. Thank u again for reading. Xo, me

  3. Thank you for subscribing to my blog, that makes me happy. Maybe I’ll start small and start writing in my underwear first. Don’t want to set myself up for failure now lol.

    1. it is my pleasure, shane. and yes, of course, write in whatever makes you feel comfortable. lol. i prefer renaissance wear myself, but it is a personal choice. 🙂 i look forward to your blog.

    1. hey there lady! yes, no seriousness here, if we can help it! thanks for stopping by. i really appreciate it. i’ll spring by your cyberhome as well. i appreciate it. and yes, any motorcycle reference is welcome here. so ride away! not away, oh, you know what i mean! lol.

  4. Lovin’ your style, SweetMother! Are you absolutely sure that you are not Wonder Woman, woken in suburbia with a severe case of amnesia, or M and M poisoning (those blue ones really are unnatural!)?

    1. it is quite possible, cauldrons. in fact, i have a hard time remembering yesterday…so, maybe you are on to something. thank you for stopping by here. i’m very grateful that you like it. 🙂

  5. I think you have hit a nice balance between honesty, humor and information you are trying to get across. I never know what i am going to read next in your blogs but when i do read it it is always one of those ‘oh yeah!” with a smile at my lips. I enjoy it. keep on!

    1. bananas, thank you for the kind words and the mazel. i’m originally a new yawker, so you’re speaking my language 🙂 seriously, THANK YOU. hope to see you again around here. – mother

    1. well, i definitely do NOT have over 5200 followers. maybe a couple a hundred since this got fp’d. for 5200 followers you probably need the marketing team behind coca-cola. is you’re seeing that for me, you’re probably seeing my facebook ‘friends’ added in and those i have because i’ve been a comedian in a past life, professionally, for WAY too many years. and full disclosure, i’ve only been blogging since january myself. in fact today i put up my 60th straight post. so, two months exactly. anyway, thank you for stopping by here. i don’t think there’s a secret, just A LOT of typing. lol. all the best, mother

      1. WOW! You mean to tell me you’re a newbie too! That’s amazing. I only post about twice a week. One new article on Wednesdays and a weekly news recap on Saturday/Sunday. You’re obviously doing something right. Keep up the good work!

  6. Sooooo super excited to have found your blog! *doing a dance similar, but not the same as, the “pee dance”* Thank you. Keep writing. I love your voice.

  7. I think it’s wonderful you are writing about your “gayby” and other equally wonderful and under represented topics. It’s important to spread the word and the more people understand about the GLBT community the less conservative BS people will have to deal with! I myself am straight BUT I have felt strongly about this for a long time and while planning my wedding I am going to focus on choosing only vendors that allow same-sex marriages. Ok cool. anyway, good luck to you, just discovered your blog today!

    1. ok, stephanie, you’re choosing vendors who “ONLY ALLOW SAME-SEX MARRIAGES”??!! honestly, your comment moved me. tears in my eyes, tears in my eyes, right now. much like the civil rights movement needed white people, the gay rights movement will NOT happen without straight people. we need allies in this. honestly, you have made me speechless. so, thank you for the tremendous and moving comment. sincerely, the fact that human beings like you exist is a wonderful and powerful thing, completely. so, thank YOU. okay, i’m going to stop now and compose myself. you have made my day, stephanie. honestly.
      – rebecca (and there you go, for that, you get my real name.) 🙂

    1. you rock for saying that and for me not having to pay you. THANK YOU. it is much obliged or something like that…sorry, i’m from new york, but i’m running out of ways to say thank you!! lol. – moms

  8. I used to write in the nude all the time. Unfortunately, the girls have shifted south and keep thwocking the space bar. You cracked me up today! Thanks for the giggles!

    1. oh, jennifer, it’s such a shame when the girls go south for the winter. i keep catching mine somewhere down about my knees. lol. anyway, you made me chuckle and i love people who do that. thank you for coming by here and for the kind words. i hope to see you around here again. xo – sweet mother

  9. hello mother 🙂 I’m sure you get this all the time…I nominated you for The Sunshine Award. Congrats! You’ve brought the sunshine in with you! Your friend, Lweendo @luckyluwi

    1. lweendo, i’ll take any and all awards! so, thank you and i’ll do my best to do whatever i have to do for it, very soon! seriously, thank you. it is greatly appreciated. – mother

  10. I don’t really know how I managed to make it almost 8 months writing a blog and reading other blogs on WordPress and not find you. Your stuff is hilarious, which is good because laughter makes it easier for me to cope with my jealousy of your mad skills.

    1. wow, simon. thanks for that. you literally just made my day. am i following you? if not, i will be now. flattery will get you everywhere with sm, indeed, it will. looolll. xo, sweet mother

  11. sweetmother, i hope you are reading this in the nude. thanks for reading my Nugent piece – and leaving that wonderful, albeit cryptic, comment which i take as a good thing. i shall check you out. continue…

  12. Hi there! I have nominated you for both the Sunshine Award and the Genuine Blogger Award. I know these things are like chain mail and require “homework”, but I just want you to know that I enjoy what you write and that you deserve to be recognized for it. (Again.)

  13. Becky,
    That’s it. After watching most of your videos on YouTube tonight with my in-laws:

    1- You’re fucking funny;
    2- You have a fucking pottymouth;
    3- Emily Deschanel owes you money for looking like you.

    Your #1 fan,
    Le Sweet Motha Fucka Clown

  14. You are definitely hilarious — I caught the video Le Clown posted on his site today — it’s refreshing to see a comedian who’s actually funny because so many of them are not! AND — you write in the nude!? You’ve brought me out of my shame — I know now that I am not alone… I don’t think as clearly with clothes on!

    1. sword, you are awesome. and i’ve checked out your blog and i totes dig it. thanks for saying so about my comedy. i appreciate it, however, i am leaning more towards the writing these days…in the nude, of course. 😉 much love, mother

  15. Hey, I didn’t realize you were a comedian. I was a full-time comedian until the lifestyle… got to me. Now I’m part time and less edgy and cool and dark, but also less awful as a human.

    1. yep, even made a living from it at one point and a couple tv creds under my belt, but these days i am leaning more towards writer and even getting paid that way…tho i still do stand up from time to time. and i so KNOW what you mean when you say, ‘less awful as a human’. i so get you. am i following your blog, byronic? wtf? i should be if i’m not. i will go there now! mother

  16. Hello! I just wanted to let you know I’ve presented you with the Ask Me Anything Award. If you’d like to join in the fun, you can find the details at http://jmmcdowell.com/2012/06/19/awards-accepting-awkwardly/

    As always, there are no obligations to accept. I simply enjoy bringing potentially new blogs to readers who may not have seen them. 🙂

    This is, however, a brand-spanking-new award — I was one of the first awardees. So I hope you’ll help get it going!

  17. At the risk of sounding redundant, you’re hilarious (I don’t think many people mind being told how fabulous their fabulous qualities are, do they?) Anyways, so glad I stumbled upon your blog today…it’s always so refreshing to read sarcastic prose done right! Can’t wait to read more

    1. yeeeeeessss, no, i never tire of hearing it. it allows me to go on and do my are virtually penniless for yet another day!! lol. so, thank, completely, single dating mom, for saying so. it is truly appreciated and welcome aboard the mayhem. much love, sm

    1. you are very wonderful! and i am very terrible at blogger awards! but, that does not mean i am ungrateful. i am, indeed, very, very grateful. so, thank you, sweet friend. and thank you – from the bottom of my heart – for reading. much love, mother

  18. Linked thru to your site from Lame Adventures. Second time in past two days that I’ve run across “fecking.” As you use it, I see that it is not an iPhuckup, rather it is, I guess, your idiom–and possibly hundreds, nay, thousands of others heretofore unknown to me.

    I truly appreciated your “vertical smiles.” Of course that’s an appreciation of the imagery as opposed to your ACTUAL, ahem… I think you get the point.

    I haven’t figured out where I come down on the whole acronym-filled piece about persons who do whatever they do from home, except to say that I don’t get the self-defining thing so much. I let others attach labels cuz it’s easier for them to order their world or perception of said world. I’d rather just get on with my own shit.

    Finally, with respect to your writing in the nude…I assume your sitting and not standing. Just one question: Vinyl, leather or upholstery?

    Keep up your interesting stuff and I will be back to bother you again.

  19. I love that you took part in a Post A Day last year, and I love catching up on your articles. That’s why I nominated you for the Leibster Award! You can go to my page and check out the rules. Keep Blogging!

  20. I’m so new to your party – but You. Are. Hilarious.
    Watched all your vlogs. More, please?
    Do you blog elsewhere, or are you just too buys being a comedian to blog anymore? Now that I’ve found you, I don’t want the party to be over!!!

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