This is a series of advice that I hope to give to my future child.  If I’m going to bring an ‘alternative’ family into this world, the least I can do is give it a well though out manual for living.  That and an occasional shopping spree at JC Penny.


Letters to Gayby – Start here


Friend or Follow?  Gayby Advice


Gayby, God Gave You Two Hands (I hope.)


HealthScary:  Gayby Advice


The Education of Gayby


Love is a Paranoid Dream-Cheater Cornucopia of Happiness


Boys vs. Girls:  Gayby Advice




Attack of the Jeans


Good Person, Bad Credit


That’s Not the Right Baby for You


World’s Most Annoying Lesbian Things List


Are Dad’s Funny?


Medical Diary of a Life


How to Fight


Are These Eggs Still Good?


My Cesar Milan-ish Guide to Training a Puppy, a Gayby, or a Drag Queen


My Suze Orman-ish Guide to Helping Gayby with His or Her Money


Messing Up Gayby


Raising a Champion



4 thoughts on “LTMG

  1. Thank you for following my blog! I look forward to reading more of your stuff–the little bit I’ve glanced at so far has put a big smile on my face, and I always enjoy good humor writing. I try to go for humor when I write, but for some reason it always seems to take a turn toward morose! Anyway, good stuff here!

    1. thank you for saying so! it is much appreciated. and it is my pleasure to follow your blog. morose is okay by me…i tend to like dark humor, i think. well sometimes shiny humor too, but i think at times my posts have a pound-cakey glow to its darkness…that doesn’t make sense. anyway, thank you for popping by and the great comment.

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