This is a series of advice that I hope to give to my future child.  If I’m going to bring an ‘alternative’ family into this world, the least I can do is give it a well though out manual for living.  That and an occasional shopping spree at JC Penny.


Letters to Gayby – Start here


Friend or Follow?  Gayby Advice


Gayby, God Gave You Two Hands (I hope.)


HealthScary:  Gayby Advice


The Education of Gayby


Love is a Paranoid Dream-Cheater Cornucopia of Happiness


Boys vs. Girls:  Gayby Advice




Attack of the Jeans


Good Person, Bad Credit


That’s Not the Right Baby for You


World’s Most Annoying Lesbian Things List


Are Dad’s Funny?


Medical Diary of a Life


How to Fight


Are These Eggs Still Good?


My Cesar Milan-ish Guide to Training a Puppy, a Gayby, or a Drag Queen


My Suze Orman-ish Guide to Helping Gayby with His or Her Money


Messing Up Gayby


Raising a Champion