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Best Blog Reads of the Week

A) Why in the feck is it snowing everywhere I look on WordPress?  B) Enjoy my favorite blog reads of the week.  They are listed and linked below.


Festivus for the ‘Pressed of Us:  The Waiting in collaboration with Ashley (another blogging superstar from what I can tell) is throwing a blogger holiday party.  Literally.  In this post, linked HERE and in the title, Ems of the Waiting explains the holiday-bash-plan.  I am ever impressed with the way bloggers that I like on WordPress spark and stoke the community around them.  And if you’re looking for more readers, why not do something cool like this?  I know I’ll be reading and watching.


the waiting secret santa


Speaker7’s Post on the Humblebrag:  Here’s the skinny – there’s a phenom on twitter where people you’ve almost never heard of brag about how awesome their lives are, but in the gentlest way possible in the hopes that others won’t go, “Dude, you’re bragging in 142 characters or less.  That’s like biblically wrong and makes you a douche.”  If you don’t understand the premise clearly enough, read Speaker7’s amaze-sauce post about the practice.  Within it, she uses clearly illustrated humblebrag samples contrasted with her own attempts at a “humblebrag” and the read is damn worth it.  Exhibit A…




Why I liked Jen and Tonic from Jump:  Back when zero people read this blog, there were a few people who grabbed hold despite the tumbleweeds rolling through my stats page.  Jen and Tonic was one of those.  I liked her simply because her commentary was two things 1) totally authentic and 2) wildly funny.  I knew I would love reading her stuff.  I did.  My only complaint -ever- was that she didn’t write enough for my voracious blog-reading-tastes at the time.  That all changed in November.  In November, both Speaker7 (above) and J & T decided to blog everyday for the month.  With my current schedule, I’ve had a lot of trouble both maintaining my blog AND reading and commenting on other blogs.  I had to ease up on one of them and sadly it was the blog reading and commenting that I had to slow down on.  BUT, I was so intrigued by both Jen and 7 writing daily that I read 99% of their posts on my phone, in the toilet, or waiting on line, anywhere, really, truth be told, because I wanted to see the greatness they’d come up with.  I was NOT disappointed.  Sometimes a person writes a post that makes you go – I knew it, THAT’S exactly who you are and why I liked you.  For me, it was Live Long and Prosper, by Jen and Tonic.  (Click here to read.)  My only hope, now, is that one day my car ends up behind hers in the Starbucks drive-thru line.


i love starbucks

J & T bought me this. I scribbled out the warning and left it as a note to myself. I consider it a real-time “humblebrag.”


Self-Publishing, Foster, and Beginnings in Writing:  I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Every now and again I go to the WordPress ‘tags’ section and scour tags I like for blogs with potential.  I do this because I think once your blog is established for a while your community can become a little stagnant.  New blood jolts the community in a good way.  I also do it because I remember how good it felt to get a new follower when I didn’t have that many.  So, every now and again I troll for new stuff I like to connect with.  I found Foster that way.  His blog, in my humble opinion, is a must read for writers on WP.  He does a ton of author profiles and a lot of times talks about the self-publishing process with others who have gone through it.  He also highlights his own writing and chronicles his thoughts in general.  I like him.  I think you will too.  Particularly, I like the guest post featured on Beginnings by R.S. Guthrie.  It really takes the self-publishing conversation that I started and picks it up where I left off.  I think it’s a must read.  Click here to do so.

The Constant Commenter:  I feckin’ love Honie Briggs.  I just feckin’ do.  There are some people that when you read their comments your heart lights up because the comment is either extremely insightful, intelligent, supportive, or devilishly funny.  Honie manages to all of those things regularly here.  Whenever I read her blog, I like and tend to agree, vehemently, with the person (Honie) who wrote it.  I don’t know why, but with Honie I have the distinct feeling that if someone slighted her, I’d get into a fistfight on her behalf.  I can’t say that I’d do that for many people, but I do have that type of “I’ve got your back” warmth for Honie.  Her writing evokes that feeling in you.  I challenge you to read her post on “Being a Constant Commenter” (click the title) because once you do, you’ll do everything in your power to get Honie to comment on your blog.  She’s that important around here, in my humble opinion.



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