Things I Am Currently Avoiding:

Brussel Sprouts. I used to hate these as a child. Now I sort of like them if cooked in chicken broth. Maybe if I live long enough I’ll eventually enjoy doing my taxes?

My student loans

Blogging with passion


My book – though I’ve promised myself I will finish this week

My blog comments section – SORRY.  I promise I won’t avoid it today.

Seeking another job

The spec script I need to write

The shorts script I need to write for my new project – though I’ve promised myself I’ll also finish that this week

Taking an emory board to my finger nails – I can’t, so they’re staying shredded, but short enough to type

My next reggie profile – though I’ll finish it this week, me thinks

Everyone seeking advice – my advice desk is currently closed, but it will reopen shortly.  I won’t even charge 5 cents like Lucy does on Peanuts.

Reading other blogs – sorry.  I will start up again this week.

Dusting.  We live by a highway and dust is like air here.  In fact, it’s the same thing.

Baking.  I’ve always avoided baking.  I don’t like it, though I love to eat it.  Cooking, yes.  Baking, no.  Wifesy always says she’s going to bake for me, but I haven’t seen it yet.  Not even a cookie.  What the feck, Wifesy?  (Let’s see if she reads this.)

Dealing with my mom’s birthday.  It’s involved.  It’s her 70th.  My brother and I have to figure something out and our father is not being easy about it because he’s embarrassed of the gay.  I have grown weary of his embarrassment.

Making money.  I seem to have avoided that for most of my life, somehow.  Ha, ha.


So, that’s my list.  I thought I’d just put out there into the air, the things that I’m avoiding in an attempt to see if that will change whether or not I avoid them.  I suspect some things will get worked on and others won’t.


Now for the fun part, my dear, blogging friends:  JM, has nominated me for a new award.  In this award, your blog readers / friends / fellow writers ask you anything and you answer it in your next blog post.  So, ask away below in the comments section and I’ll do my best to answer truthfully and honestly.  And if I can’t do that I promise to at least be funny.


I’ll do my best to honor an award for once.


I promise not to avoid it.  😉



As always, your comments are lovingly appreciated.  And this time, I’ll answer anything you want like some kind of crazed party game for the stay-at-home, blogger-types.  😉 So, ask away, my lovelies.



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Photo credits:  brussel sprouts