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Good morning all.  So, I’m sipping my coffee and waiting to drop Wifesy off at work as I write.  Today’s post will take us off the beaten path a bit.  (I promise, I’ll still end with a joke.)  As some of you know, I moonlight at another blog writing gig.  I write for a wonderful, little, publication produced by some very dynamic thinkers in Brooklyn called, It’s Conceivable Now.  The site is a hub for gay and lesbian parenting.  Want to know how much IVF costs?  Look no further than ICN.  Want to understand surrogacy?  ICN has got it covered.  Want some funny parenting advice from a childless Mommy blogger?  Look no further, because I write for them once a month.  (lol)  I love the site.  I think it’s a quality thing of great importance.  Their tag line is:  “The Path to Parenting Isn’t Always Straight.”  Indeed, indeed.


I never want to leave my readers hanging, so there is an original piece for today, it’s just living over there…at ICN.  The post is on whether or not your child should learn a second language.  So, to use a French word…without further adieu, here it is:




If you have a moment today, please head over there to leave a comment.  I’d be very grateful.  They are a great site and I want them to receive traffic, not to mention I want some readers for my humor bit!  The piece is an original and it’s even short.  Under 900 words.


I am going to spend the rest of my day slaving over my book.  Chiseling away the fat and beefing up the good stuff.  Whenever I do this, I end up sweating and I need to take breaks.  These are very frequent, blood pressure-lowering breaks.  My breaks will be spent reading YOUR blogs.  So, if you have a particular post you’d like me to read, don’t be shy about leaving a link to it in the comments section.


As always, I’m really grateful for my friends and readers here.  Thank you, darling thangs.  Sweet Mother is always humbled by her community and never fear, if you refuse to go anywhere other than wordpress, regular programming will resume tomorrow.


In the meantime, click on my ICN Gayby piece above, leave your work in the comments section here for me to read, and enjoy these PHOTOGRAPHIC MOMENTS OF HILARIOUS TRUTHS as my parting gift to you:


Enough said.


This is how I feel right before I do my taxes...


Much love,

Sweet Mother



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Photo credits:  Cat and Gay marriage Photo