A Web MD-ish Guide to Blog Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Blog Fatigue is a traumatic tiredness brought about by excessive posting, reading of blogs, commenting, and the general maintainence that is required to keep a readership growing.  If you blog anywhere between once a week and once a day, you could be suffering from CBF.  If you blog more than five times per day – please stop.


...better blogging


Symptoms include:

  • Waking up in the morning, turning over to see your spouse, and seeing a like button poised and pressed over her head.
  • Tender orbal lobes (some people call these eyes) from staring at a screen all day long.
  • A fat arse from cutting out exercise to blog more.
  • Joint pain because for some reason there is always joint pain.
  • Nausea because for some reason there is always nausea.
  • Painful nodes growing out of your thumbs due to excessive comment answering on your 4G.
  • Stats-icocis.  Self explanatory – that’s what your stats have turned you into an icocis, the worst kind.  No one likes a stats-icocis.


Please don't.



  • Dipping your motherboard in a deep fryer
  • Reading a book or talking to a real person
  • Reading things printed on stuff that was made from trees
  • Creating your own indoor electrical storm that causes you to “accidentally” break your circuits
  • Becoming a hippie and cancelling your wireless service
  • Moving to the moon
  • Living for one year as a neo-luddite  (Is there a colony for this?)
  • Slowing down your posting rate by amputating your limbs and typing with your face
  • Topical creams


As you can see, this is all Sweet Mother has within her today.  She will be taking comments for the rest of the day from bed like a blogging version of Debbie Reynolds.  Maybe it was all that red wine last night, maybe it’s because the muse has decided to leave her for a newer blogger, who knows.  It just is.


For non-bloggers:  This post is done.  You can stop reading now.


For bloggers:  This post has been decently ironed.  You can become decently ironed too, just read the bottom of this post.



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Photo creds:  wbmd, blogging-tee