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I’m Alright! And the Britney Spears Incident. : Post 1

Good morning, my lovelies.  So, I’ve spent the Thanksgiving holiday re-grouping a bit before I embark on this last stretch towards 365 consecutive posts.  I’m at 290, but technically some of those were picture posts or “I’m not going to post today” posts.  I’m counting only the written pieces.  So, that brings me down to 279 with this post making it 280.  That’s another 85 posts to go and I’ve hit my target of 365.


Not bad.


This is not me. But, it is a man who did a self-portrait everyday for 365 days…


It means I should be “done” with this posting project about mid-February if I can keep them pretty steady until then.  From this point forward, you’ll see a post number next to my title.  That’s so you can all share the excitement with me or the pain or whatever it may be as I write for these last 85 miles.


I decided to take a break for a few days because I’ve been writing pretty consistently (at least 5 days per week or more with very few exceptions) since late January of 2012.  I want these last 85 to be quality posts.  So, it was time to get some perspective and to FEEL the need to write again.  Literally, yesterday, I woke up thinking, “I need to write” and so it was time to start again.


Some cool things you’ll see coming up as I wind down the last 85 posts:  a cool author interview with my published writer friend, Dan Curry, and a new weekly piece called, “Blogs of the Week.”  I’ll also be posting about how I failed or quit at NaNoWriMo, on purpose, because I got the chance to write for Joan Rivers.


This camel comes up when you do a flickr search for “failure.” I don’t think it’s right at all. This camel is a success!


I’ve also been missing out on my reading of other blogs.  So, once a week for the last 85 posts, I’m going to do a “write up” on 5 blog posts I particularly enjoyed reading that YOU have written.  Look out for that.


Lastly, as the title states, “I’m alright!”  And that’s a big shout out and a THANKS to the caring and sweet couple of peeps who asked me when I was going to start posting again and if I was okay.


Much as Madame Weebles has said, I’m constantly surprised by the community here on WordPress.  I was hoping for readers when I first started posting, but I had no idea I’d also procure real friends.  (What a cool thing that is.)


And now a post-script word or two about my Thanksgiving:


My ham was an utter hit.  I took a few days and headed out with Wifesy to my brother’s rental place in the desert to enjoy the pool.  There, a woman, single handedly, won a new holiday award…and I call that award…




It was not a member of my family.  (Thank God for small favors…)  It was the mother of a family friend.


Here’s what went down… Oh, but before I begin, it’s important to note that this woman was from the South.  She’s from the South and may also (for reasons unknown to me) feel insecure about it.  Anyway, here’s a transcript of what happened.


The son:  Britney Spears is such white trash.

Mother:  If Britney Spears is white trash and she’s from the South then you must be saying I’m white trash because I’m from the South.  Are you calling me white trash?

Son:  What?!  No.

Mother:  Shut the feck up.  You just called me white trash.

I’ll let you be the judge…

My brother steps in.

My brother:  Ah, ma’am.  No one was calling you white trash.  That’s not what he was saying.

Mother:  Shut the feck up!

My brother’s boyfriend:  Don’t tell him to shut the feck up!  You shut the feck up!

And then all hell breaks loose.  In true gorgeous, dramatic, style drinks were thrown!

Then my actual mother steps in.

(to the other mother)  My mother:  why don’t I take you into the bedroom for a lay down.  I think you’ve had too much to drink.


Thankfully, she did NOT tell my mother to shut the feck up or it would’ve become even more nasty.  Sweet Mother Fecker type ‘o nasty.


Oh, Thanksgiving.  Oh, holidays.  How you let the thinly veiled issues of those who haven’t worked through them shine through the holiday booze and spray themselves upon the innocent.  We are grateful to you, holidays, for the Shakespearian tragedies you paint upon our otherwise boring lives.  That’s my long winded way of saying, “I can’t wait for Christmas.”


And just to get it down on the official record… Britney Spears IS white trash.



Sweet Mother is on a quest to post 365 consecutive posts.  She is 84 posts shy.  She writes new content here, nearly, everyday.  If you’d like to follow this blog, you can do so by clicking the follow button at the top, right of the page.



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