Binders Full of Women

Real progress is not a woman getting up in the audience and asking, “Romney and Obama, how in the fudge to we get more equity for women in the work place?”  That’s not real progress.  Real progress would be if a man asked the question.




Yep, at the old debates the other night, a woman got up and asked a question about improving wages and working conditions for women.  Likewise, an African-American man got up and asked Obama, “Why should my black ass vote for you?”  Okay, it wasn’t exactly phrased that way, but the intention was the same.


Obama responded by defending the right of women to do whatever in the hell they want with their vaginas.


I’ll take that because my vagina has a mind of her own.  She is an unwieldy, literate, vagina.


“Stop staring at me and get me my Kindle!”


Romney got up and spoke to the women question as well.  He said, “When I was running for office in Massachusetts, zero women applied for the jobs in my cabinet.  So, I said where are the women?  I turned to my staff and said, BRING ME THE BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN.”


Okay, that’s my paraphrase, so the text may not be verbatim, but the sentiment was the same.


Honestly, though, I was not initially offended by anything Romney said.  There was a dearth of women applying for these governmental positions, so he said, “go out and find the women.”  Nothing wrong with that.


Granted, “bring me binders full of women” sounds akin to “bring me those 72 virgins” or “bring me the eunuch!  The eunuch is always the funniest when I have to make a stressful decision.”  There’s something very “lord of the roman empire” about that turn of phrase, “binders full of women.”


I watched the debates and then minutes after, I turned to CNN for the re-cap.  That’s where you can witness the play by play.  The whole, “who won?”  “Who scored?”  CNN is the post game show, debate-wise, after all.  Right there, was the first time I saw it, “binders full of women.”  Romney had said it in answer to the “woman” question and CNN pulled it out of context.  I had to admit, it was funny.


What was not so funny was what Romney said after it.  It was something to the effect of, “Women need flexible schedules in the workplace, so they can come home and cook dinner for their kids, pick their kids up from school…”


There was something about that statement that sounded to me like, “Bring me a turkey pot pie.”


Yes, of course, women need daycare and flex schedules and time with their kids.  But, don’t fathers also?  Why is the question never addressed towards dudes?  Couldn’t we just as easily say, “Working fathers need time to make dinner for their families after work and time to take their kids to soccer practice.  So, we need to have better telecommuting or flex schedules for our working dads.”


But, alas, that’s never where the emphasis is put.  It’s always put on the moms.  I’m not sure that will change.  However, I’m happy to report that there is an upside.


There is a woman who wins in this “binders full of women” debacle.  She is the Brooklyn, NY woman who heard the Romney phrase and literally moments later had the magical idea of registering “binders full of women” through tumblr.


Genius.  Pure genius.


Of course, the site has gone viral.


Today, I submitted my own images for inclusion:


When one is given binder clips…make binder-ade? Copy credit: Sm, binder clip dress – kevin rolly, dress by – link below.

It could’ve been worse…


These are my lukewarm contributions to the conversation.  There are others on “binders full of women” that are even more brills.  (The featured “trap her, keep her” image above is one.)


I suggest you spend a few moment out of your glorious day over HERE today at BINDERS FULL OF BROADS.


It’s worth it to peruse the galleries before this all goes the way of “lesbians who look like justin beiber” or “paula deen riding things.”  I say get there while the binders are still hot.


To the creator of “binders full of women,” listed as Veronica on the tumblr site, I’d say – don’t worry about unemployment or which president will protect your vag the most – the social media job of your choice will be available to you once this meme winds down.


There are a lot of brilliant women out there in my experience – more than a manilla folder’s worth, more than a one-sheet document’s worth – my guess is a whole library full of binder after binder’s worth.  Now, if only we can get more kings to call for them.  Then we might be on to something.


Sweet Mother, signing out.



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