Meeting Bloggers in Real Life (Post 18)

Hello, wonderful people.  I’m back after a severe cold and a self-imposed computer break.  I’ve been having a grand ‘ole time pimping out my twitter, so be sure to connect with me over here too – click this link, you can do it!


As I plod and poke and groan towards 365 posts, I’m thinking about a lot of things over this year.  One thought is about all of the amazingly delightful people I’ve met on WordPress.  Real people.  Not internet slugs and trolls.  I think that’s sort of amazing.  Some of you have come to shows of mine…like fatheadfollies.  I love this girl and her super-cool friend who came and saw me perform in an itty bitty, North Hollywood, coffee shop where the espresso machine was louder than the laughter.


Then there’s the sneaky blogger who came to my show and yet, somehow I missed her because I’m clueless.  But, I am very, VERY flattered anyway.


And lastly there’s travellingmo – a superstar of a blogger and an ex-LA-er, cum San Francisco transplant.  I can only assume that the move to SF proves just how big her brain actually is.  Grandissimo, in case you were wondering.  Mo saw me in a legendary gay bar in SF over the summer, right around my berfday.  We were drunk.  The bar was loud.  I was pretty funny and we took looooots of pictures.  Enjoy them.


bloggers meetup

There’s me on the left w/ the blood pressure of a tomato & Mo on the right.

meeting a blogger

Me, on the left in a “tribute to Mrs. Roper” top and Mo in stunning blue on the right.


I thought in honor of these “real life” meetings I’d jot down the wonderful things I get from OTHER bloggers that I just didn’t quite expect.  I’m grateful for these things and hope that using the internet to forge real relationships is a trend that continues for me and Sweet Mother into the new year.


Gifts of the blogosphere:


A peek into your lives.  Transparency, authenticity.  These things are talked about all the time in social media circles, but I never totally understood the importance of them until my blogging experience here.  I’m so impressed by the raw humanness that I find in the posts of other bloggers and their genuine desire to reach out to others they have never met.


Hilarity.  There are so many funny bloggers on here.  Speaker, Carrie, Weebs, Jen and Tonic, Laments, Clownsy, Foster, but what’s been so fun is poking one another off this site.  Only take a look at my facebook and you can see the fun that Foster and I have on an almost daily basis.


Advice.  Time and again I find myself turning to Sweet Mother to try things out, ask questions, rant, and even – to seek answers.  I almost always get them.  Often I am told things that I didn’t quite expect, your comments, and answers force me to see things in a new way.  For someone who is big on experimenting, this is unbelievably valuable.


Regulars.  I can not tell you how nice it is to write something and know that a few kind souls will read it – even if it’s sh*t, even if it’s medium, even if it’s great.  The feedback that I’ve received in comedy over the years has been great, but it requires that I leave my house, wait around (sometimes for hours), and then get some feedback if there’s anyone left.  This doesn’t.  I can get feedback in my pajamas.  And you can give it to me in the same way.


Emotional resonance.  Not all the time, but every now and again I read something on someone’s blog that genuinely moves me.  We all know it’s very hard to write that way on a consistent basis, it’s very hard to be anything on a consistent basis, but moving is a really tough one.  Sometimes I stumble across these posts, sometimes you point me towards them.  Like good music, I can’t say what makes these posts sing to me, but when they do – I know it.  I suppose they hit some common chord we all have or they uniquely describe what it is to be human or a facet of humanity in a very specific way that rings true.  It’s like stumbling across a good book that you just can’t put down.  I’ve had that experience – at your blogs – again and again.


Those are just a few of the things that I get from you, just off the top of my head.  Another good one is just pure connection.  I enjoy saying ‘hello’ to meeks and undercover and artsy and all the others here, even if it’s just a written nod or a hug or an emoticon.  There’s something very virtual neighborhood about the whole thing.


In the upcoming year, I’ll be very interested to see how I can take these interactions and relationships and move them to another level.  I don’t even fully know what I mean by that, but I know that something is brewing.  I’ve been thinking a bit about “meetups” – you know, starting something online and then meeting in real life.


What about all of you?  Have you received more from blogging than you thought you would?  Have you ever attended a real life / blogger meetup?  Casual or organized?


Much love, Mother



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